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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 26 Recap

Yi Nannan didn’t study well. He knew how to play games every day after he failed the college entrance examination. He also learned to use games to gamble. He lost money when playing games with others, but he was not reconciled and continued to borrow money from the game hall owner. To turn over, but still lost. In desperation, Yi Nannan returned home and started stealing money from the house. In order to prevent Hao Pushi from discovering it, he even pretended to be a thief entering the house.

Yi Nannan took the stolen money to the owner of the game hall, but found out that Sun Yan and Liang Xiaobao were also playing games. He was worried that he would be found stolen by the family. After Sun Hao went back, he told Yi Dongdong about Yi Nannan’s going to the game hall to play games, but Yi Dongdong didn’t believe it, and he was sure that he had sent Yi Nannan to the cram school personally. He couldn’t play games.

After returning home, Hao Pushi found a mess and the money had been stolen, so he hurried to call the police. After Sun Benyan came with the police, he assured Hao Pushi that the case would be solved, and he also learned about their family members, and then inspected the situation on the scene, and found that no matter fingerprints or footprints, they are very similar to Yi Nannan. relationship. Sun Benyan didn’t tell Hao Pushi about the matter for the time being. He found Yi Dongdong and told him that the evidence speaks louder than words. This is a burglary. I hope Yi Dongdong will be more concerned about Yi Nannan’s situation from the side.

Aunt Niu was very happy because Chen Lili wanted to go to the store to help them work together, so that it would be easier. It turned out that Chen Lili wanted to help Sun Fal find a job, which required a lot of money, so she asked Aunt Niu for help. Yi Qianqian watched Hao Pushi absent-mindedly and couldn’t eat because she was very anxious about the theft of her home.

Yi Nannan was afraid of being blamed when he went home, and when he walked to the door, he was dragged away by Yi Dongdong. Yi Dongdong asked him whether the theft of his home was related to him, and asked him why he did not go to the cram school for four days. Yi Nannan showed that he didn’t care. He didn’t want to go to school anyway. After hearing this, Yi Dongdong beat Yi Nannan and reprimanded him for recklessness. In order to provide for them to study and save money, Hao Pushi and Yi Shengli told Yi Nannan that Yi Shengli was blackmailed and beaten by car, how hard it was for the family. Yi Dongdong hopes that Yi Nannan should be worthy of his parents and not worry his family. Yi Nannan was frightened. He heard that stealing money would go to jail and kneel down to ask Yi Dongdong for help.

Yi Dongdong was also very uncomfortable. He returned home and told Hao Pushi about the theft. It was because he was obsessed with games that he stole money. Yi Dongdong disappointed Hao Pushi, and Hao Pushi took a kitchen knife to drive him out of the house in a fit of anger, but Yi Nannan never confessed to Hao Pushi.

Yi Dongdong, who was kicked out of the house, sat in the courtyard and bumped into Ou Xiaojian. He wanted to know what it was like to be in prison, but he didn’t know what to do. Ou Xiaojian asked him to surrender quickly, but the fact is that the fingerprint is not his. Yi Dongdong had to tell Ou Xiaojian about helping Yi Nan Nan to commit the crime. Ou Xiaojian believes that this is a family matter and will not go to jail. If he is his own brother, he will not blame him, but will accompany him to be beaten. Ou Xiaojian stayed at Yi Dongdong for one night, and Yi Dongdong saw the book “A Tale of Two Cities”.

Chen Lili looked at Yi Qianqian and her eyes were red, thinking that she was bullying her, so Yi Qianqian told Chen Lili about Yi Dongdong. Chen Lili was very angry when she heard it, and she came back to tell Sun Benyan that she wanted Sun Xuan to make friends. Sun Benyan knew about Yi Dongdong’s crime and wanted to quietly tear up the report record, but was stopped by his colleagues.

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