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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 25 Recap

Grandma Ou cried bitterly after learning that Ou Xiaojian was caught and imprisoned. She couldn’t accept this fact. Ma Xiaoxiao originally wanted to visit Ou Xiaojian in prison, but was told that it was not her relatives that could not visit prison, and that she did not comply with the rules of visiting prison because she had no documents. Ma Xiaoxiao returned to Mayang Street with disappointment. It happened to be raining. Yi Dongdong was waiting for her at the bus stop holding an umbrella. But Ma Xiaoxiao’s expression can’t deceive Yi Dongdong. Looking at Ma Xiaoxiao’s desperate back, he also feels distressed. He has been trying to get close to Ma Xiaoxiao, but he has no alternative.

Ma Xiaoxiao wanted to go to Beijing with Ou Xiaojian, but this idea suddenly fell apart. Ma Xiaoxiao decided to abandon Peking University and plan to stay in Guangzhou to apply for a school. After hearing this, Madada did not agree, thinking that it is not easy to get Beijing. She vowed that she would work hard to earn money to support her family.

Ma Xiaoxiao frightened Madada, earning money will make her hands rough, and she supports Madada to break through and realize her dream. Madada was very moved. She knew that Ma Xiaoxiao had been letting her since she was a child. This time she was willing to give up her dream to protect Ma Xiaoxiao.

Aunt Niu came back from the hospital suddenly, Ma Xiaoxiao was very anxious, not assured that Ma Yingjun was in the hospital alone, and quarreled with Aunt Niu. Aunt Niu was reluctant to own the shop and accused Ma Xiaoxiao of not understanding her family. Ma Xiaoxiao was very angry when she heard that, and rushed out to the hospital to take care of Ma Yingjun. Madada hesitated and told Aunt Niu that Ma Xiaoxiao had given up on Peking University. Aunt Niu was a little surprised.

Yi Dongdong is going to Beijing to study, and Yi Shengli gives him a suit. Yi Dongdong told Yi Shengli that he didn’t want to go to Beijing, but wanted to stay in Guangzhou to study. In fact, he knew that Ma Xiaoxiao was going to stay in Guangzhou and he didn’t want to leave. Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao met to change their volunteers, Hao Pushi still hoped that Yi Dongdong would think about it again. When changing his choice, Ma Xiaoxiao forgot to bring his pen, and changed his choice after hesitating for a while.

Lin Jiahao made a flower cake for Liang Xiaobao, and Liang Xiaobao quietly sent it to Zeng Hao. Zeng Hao was playing the piano, but he was worried. Grandma Zeng cut some good articles she found into a book and gave it to Zeng Hao, thinking that this is spiritual food that can enhance the connotation. Zeng Hao ate Liang Xiaobao’s flower cake and was very happy. The two talked and laughed.

Ma Xiaoxiao looked through the Beijing map manual. Aunt Niu suddenly came in and complained to Ma Xiaoxiao about Ma Yingjun. She complained that she didn’t have time to cook for Ma Yingjun, because there were still shops to take care of very busy. She hoped that Ma Xiaoxiao would send the food in the future. Ma Xiaoxiao expressed understanding, but felt that Aunt Niu shouldn’t take care of Ma Yingjun just because he was busy. Aunt Niu decided to divide the work with Ma Xiaoxiao and take turns to give Ma Yingjun food to take care of him.

Chen Lili turned out a gold necklace and planned to find a daughter-in-law for Sun Yan. Sun Benyan rushed to Chen Lili’s thoughts to be inexplicable, thinking that everything must be done step by step. Sun Yan has already burnt a lot of incense when he can go to college, so he thinks about marrying a wife when he has time. The two disagreed, and quarreled a few words.

Yi Qianqian gave her pocket money as a gift to Yi Dongdong. She heard that the school cafeteria was not well served, so Yi Dongdong could go to the surrounding area to improve food. Yi Nannan had no pocket money, but gave Yi Dongdong a letter of guarantee, which made Yi Dongdong laugh and cry but was very moved.

Zeng Hao was going to study in Shanghai. Grandma Zeng was very reluctant, and she cried when she said goodbye. Liang Xiaobao also reluctantly bought a lot of snacks for Zeng Hao and almost cried. Both Ma Xiaoxiao and Madada came to send Zeng Hao, hoping that she would tell herself that Shanghai is delicious and fun. Yi Dongdong knew that Zeng Hao was going to Shanghai to pursue her music dream, and at the same location, he also sent away Sun Wei and Liang Xiaobao who were going to study in Shenzhen.

Yi Dongdong and Ma Xiaoxiao are also about to start a new life in Guangzhou. They often buy vegetables together, and they see the old couple who love each other. Yi Dongdong felt the envy of Ma Xiaoxiao’s eyes. He had an idea. He bought a unique flower for Ma Xiaoxiao while he was buying fish for a while. Ma Xiaoxiao felt too ugly to see that it was cauliflower. When returning home, Yi Dongdong helped to wipe Ma Yingjun’s body and take care of his meals. Ma Yingjun could not take care of himself after the operation and needed someone to take care of him. Ma Xiaoxiao has always thanked Yi Dongdong for his selfless care.

Ou Xiaojian was released from prison and wanted to find Ma Xiaoxiao, but was stopped by Yi Dongdong. He didn’t want Ma Xiaoxiao to be sad, and confessed to Ou Xiaojian that he liked Ma Xiaoxiao’s things, and would work hard no matter what the result was. Yi Nannan failed the college entrance examination, but he still does not have a long memory and did not review well, so he chose to play games.

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