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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 16 Recap

Fang Ning, who was about to escape, was caught by Ling Rui. Fang Ning had nothing to do, so he could only lower his face and madly refused Ling Rui’s request to discuss business matters. Ling Rui looked at Fang Ning who kept shaking his head in front of him, feeling extremely cute in his heart. He mentioned the idea of ​​wanting to fall in love with Fang Ning, and was shocked by Ling Rui’s words. Fang Ning stayed on the spot, stammering and speechless.

Ling Rui took Fang Ning’s hand and told me the true emotions that he had always denied, but now, those likes have overflowed and can’t hide it anymore. Listening to Ling Rui’s confession, Lu Fang Ningdi Once choked and speechless, when Ling Rui asked back, Lu Fangning didn’t say affirmative, but clung to Ling Rui tightly, for fear that Ling Rui wanted to regret it. After understanding Fang Ning’s intentions, Ling Rui smiled relievedly. A couple who had been married for a few months, only officially showed their love to each other on this ordinary night.

Distressed about how to start from getting married and fall in love again. Fang Ning and Ling Rui simply started from their avatars, and changed everything into a couple pairing. Just like the most common and sweetest couple, the two were so reluctant to say goodnight to each other. By the next day, the two people living in the same room began to send text messages to express their concern before they got up. On the first morning as a formal couple, the two went to work together, but when Ling Rui was sent away, Fang Ning forgot to send a goodbye kiss, and pursued the hospital aggressively, leaving a sweet kiss on Ling Rui’s cheek in public. , Ling Rui was happy and ashamed, and the sweetness in his heart couldn’t help but gush out.

Nourished by love, both Ling Rui and Lu Fangning’s work efficiency improved by leaps and bounds. Under the bombardment of repeated work, Ling Rui and Lu Fangning collapsed on their chairs tiredly, but they could see themselves when they thought of going home. The faces of the two people were full of motivation again. As soon as they got home, the two tired people showed bright smiles to each other, but at this time Lu Fangning had forgotten his promise to cook, and wanted to help Ling Rui cook a bowl of instant noodles, thoughtful Ling Rui Still couldn’t bear to make Lu Fangning work harder and show off his cooking skills personally.

Seeing Lu Fangning’s satisfied smile, Ling Rui also felt exhausted. No longer able to go out on a date, the two chose to stay on the sofa at home to continue their sweet date. Even though the scene was a bit crude, the two remained sweet. Before he recovered from the sweetness, Fang Ning couldn’t wait to ask Ling Rui’s next date plan. Who knew Ling Rui had other arrangements. When he sent Ling Rui away, he wanted to call Cai Siyu to spend time with him, but Xiao The classmate also had a date plan, and Fang Ning had to dance alone with music at home.

It just so happened that Ling Rui, who rushed home at this time, saw everything, holding back a smile, Ling Rui invited Lu Fangning to the dinner together. Originally thought that he was going to be empty and lonely on the second day of becoming a couple, Lu Fangning was excited when he heard Ling Rui’s mouth, he immediately changed into an intellectual beauty and went to a party with Ling Rui.

When coming to the party, in addition to colleagues, friends, and mentors, Lu Fangning was carrying the image of a considerate and beautiful wife, but he vaguely felt strange: I didn’t know that Ling Rui loved to drink black tea and watched Ling Rui give it to him. The female colleague poured water, only Ling Rui’s little habit that Lu Fangning didn’t know. Everything seemed to remind Lu Fangning of the strangeness between Ling Rui and Lu Fangning. He came to the toilet with a smile on his face. Lu Fangning’s violent temper couldn’t help venting out in the unmanned toilet, but for Ling Rui and keeping his own Elegantly set, Lu Fangning decided to grit his teeth and insist…

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