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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 15 Recap

Curly looked at Ling Rui, who behaved strangely today, and couldn’t help feeling puzzled, but after hearing Ling Rui’s explanation of the status quo of his “own friend”, he realized that it turned out to be a matter of a young couple holding his breath, and Curly did not pursue it. The truth of “friends from nowhere” is to give Ling Rui tips, tricks, surprises, etc. Although Ling Rui has repeatedly emphasized that this is not his own business, he still thinks silently in his heart.

On Fang Ning’s birthday, Ling Rui, who has always been poor in speech and slow behavior, started to think carefully. Not only did he bring home the decorations from the hospital, he also ran to the dessert shop and made a cake with his face printed on it. When writing his true words on the greeting card, Ling Rui’s thoughts kept surging. Will such meticulous preparation make Fang Ning recall his childhood and thus remember himself?

Looking at the colorful bars and balloons in the house, Ling Rui held the doll’s headgear, and finally waited for Lu Fangning back. Ling Rui took Fang Ning’s hand and brought it to the cake, facing the warm candlelight, Ling Rui sang softly By the birthday song, unlike Ling Rui’s gentle expression, Fang Ning looked at everything in front of him, but only constantly recalled the dark side of his memory, the bright face, the falling blood drops, and the overturned vehicle. Ling Rui shyly and surely gave the gifts he prepared by himself, but the erratic candlelight made Fang Ning uneasy.

Frightened that could not be suppressed, Fang Ning had to take the gift in a hurry and fled in a hurry. When Ling Rui called and asked Lu Fangyu, he knew the truth behind this weird birthday scene: Fang Ning’s birthday was the day when her elder sister passed away. So far no one has celebrated Fang Ning’s birthday, just to stop letting him Fang Ning looked back at this nightmare, Lu Fangyu’s words were still babbling on the phone, but Ling Rui had no intention of listening any more, grabbing his coat and going out to find Fang Ning.

Fang Ning didn’t go far when he seized the door. She just wanted to escape the birthday atmosphere. After waiting outside the door, Fang Ning felt guilty for her leaving without saying goodbye. The thought of Ling Rui’s preparations for herself was lost. I was ruined, and guilt came to my heart. Fang Ning opened the gift box, but a playground game coin appeared. Before Fang Ning could think about it, a sneeze caused Fang Ning to miss the coin and throw it away.

After going out, thinking that he could not let Ling Rui’s heart down, Fang Ning looked down for a while, but couldn’t find it again. The figure Fang Ning was looking for happened to be seen by Ling Rui. The weather turned cold and Ling Rui couldn’t bear to let it go. Fang Ning continued to suffer from the cold, and could only persuade Fang Ning to go home first.

After an embarrassing and speechless birthday party, Ling Rui and Fang Ning were speechless, but Ling Rui knew that Fang Ning Qiang had endured the pain of memories and still thanked him. He still had warmth in his heart and waited until Fang Ning. After falling asleep, Ling Rui repeatedly thought about how to make further requests to Fang Ning. With the words kept in black, Ling Rui still didn’t know where to start, so he had to leave pictures similar to stock trends on the computer.

Fang Ning woke up early in the morning, but did not see Ling Rui’s figure, and accidentally glanced at the picture on the computer desk. Fang Ning mistakenly thought it was Ling Rui’s investment income icon. From this point of view, Ling Rui’s income grew. Will soon leave the contract with himself. Thinking that her husband was about to run out of his palms, Lu Fangning decided to cherish it, starting with retrieving the gifts. The domineering Lu Fangning actually exhausted the swimming pool and found it. Before the alarm was lifted, Fang Ning received another tipping letter from Curly.

Ling Rui said that he would “start over again”. In addition, Fang Ning found only a few words written by Ling Rui in the waste paper basket, and Fang Ning concluded. Ling Rui is looking for an opportunity to break with him. Who knows that Ling Rui just happened to want to fall in love with Fang Ning again, and the two people who understood exactly the opposite, chased one after another, and started a “pursuing war.”

The underground love affair between Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao began. Cai Siyu, who was addicted to the plot of the novel, turned into the heroine of the idol drama. He tried every means to confess to Lu Yiyao, covering up all kinds of ways and leaking loopholes. Watching the “pig teammates” drop the line, Lu Yi Yao was distressed. After get off work, Lu Yiyao, who was waiting in the parking lot, watched Cai Siyu’s cautious hiding action, and found it interesting for a while.

Cai Siyu feared that the secret would leak, which would implicate Lu Yiyao’s work future. When he thought of this, Lu Yiyao Speechless, when talking about dating, Lu Yiyao is still an old-fashioned dating routine, which makes Cai Siyu boring. Instead, Cai Siyu took Lu Yiyao to the pet shop. After interacting with cute pets, Cai Siyu and Lu Yi The relationship between Yao and Yao has also risen invisibly.

Lu Fangning, who also works in the company, was blocked by Ling Rui. Lu Fangning, who was really helpless, could only work as an excuse to start delaying. However, Ling Rui was also patient and wanted to catch Lu Fangning. In the same room but each had their own ghosts, Lu Fangning decided to make excuses and run for the best…

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