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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 2 Recap

Mo Buyu thought that it couldn’t be a coincidence to take a sneak shot on the road, move to his house next door, etc., so he told Xia Xiaoning that she had been fired, but Xia Xiaoning was unwilling to leave like this, and saw it with Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu took three months to prove it to himself. Xia Xiaoning followed Mr. Gu and watched him work hard and wrote down the content of the dubbing. When Xia Xiaoning saw that Mr. Zhang Lei who dubbed Nezha was very excited and wanted to sign, he was stopped by Mr. Gu. Afterwards Mr. Gu criticized her for doing it.

What an assistant should do. They came to the recording studio and told Mr. Gu to give Xia Xiaoning a chance to learn. Mr. Gu taught Xia Xiaoning a lot of issues that need to be paid attention to when recording. The attitude towards Xia Xiaoning was not good.

Mr. Gu asked Xia Xiaoning to go to Mr. Xie to sign, but when Mr. Xie was here, Mr. Xie asked her to ask Mr. Gu to sign before he signed. When Xia Xiaoning came back to Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu ignored the conditions put forward by Mr. Xie and just tossed back and forth. Xia Xiaoning. When it was time for dinner, Xia Xiaoning went to ask Yanran, who had hired her at the time. Yanran answered Xia Xiaoning’s doubts and happened to run into Mr. Xie. Xia Xiaoning was determined to attack Mr. Xie first. After a long time, Mr. Xie was moved.

The meeting between the two presidents hurt each other for a while. Mr. Xie wanted Mr. Gu to quit Xia Xiaoning. Of course Mr. Gu would not let him quit so easily. Mr. Xie finally came to Xia Xiaoning with the signed document, and asked about Xia Xiaoning’s plan. Xia Xiaoning said in a few words and gave him a paper plan. In the evening, Mr. Gu returned to the office and saw the documents signed by Mr. Xie on the table, and a complicated feeling arose.

The next day Mr. Xie came to Mr. Xia Xiaoning to plan, but Mr. Xia Xiaoning pretended to be stupid. Then Mr. Gu called Mr. Xia Xiaoning to the office to warn her to be careful. When he left, Mr. Xia Xiaoning recommended Mobuyu to Mr. Gu, saying that Mobuyu is very good. Popular, Gu always feels that Xia Xiaoning knows that he is a matter of nonsense.

During the meeting, Mr. Xie appeared very impatient, and they had no choice but to end the meeting. Then Mr. Xie said that he would invite the newly recruited colleagues to dinner, and Xia Xiaoning was the protagonist and asked her to be there. Mr. Xie satirized Xia Xiaoning at the dinner, saying that she contributed to the Wangchuan project by herself, and that she wanted Xia Xiaoning to drink. She said that she could not drink, but she was still forced to drink 3 glasses.

Mr. Xie played a video to show Mr. Gu that Xia Xiaoning was persuaded by his colleagues to drink, but while drinking, everyone fell down, but Xia Xiaoning can still respect Mr. Xie, Mr. Gu called and asked Xia Xiaoning to arrive within half an hour. Recording studio.

They were in the recording studio. Xia Xiaoning said that Mr. Gu looked down on him and said that he would go into the studio to show him how good she was, but because he was too drunk, he almost nodded and hit the door. Fortunately, Mr. Gu reached out to help cushion her. Xia Xiaoning’s head was caught in his half arm by Mr. Gu. Xia Xiaoning thought Mr. Gu was playing tricks on him. Mr. Gu asked her to try the words of the heroine in Wangchuan, and they fell into the plot. , As a result, Xia Xiaoning did not come out of the plot for a while, so he stepped forward and hugged Mr. Gu by the neck and kissed him.

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