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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 1 Recap

In the recording studio, the girls moved their mouths, checked the desk, carefully understood the feelings of the characters, and then dubbed them affectionately. The screen was pulled outside the recording studio. The teacher praised the girls for their outstanding performance, and others praised the girls for their excellence. She smiled and laughed but suddenly heard someone calling her. It turned out that everything just now was just her fantasy. The person in front of her asked which role she was in. She said it was Maid Yun, but other people’s books did not have this.

During the stage of the play, the girl asked the director why there were no guards on her desk, but the director told her that the play had long been replaced. At this time, Brother Liu, who was sitting next to the director, recognized the girl and called the girl out and said that she had forgotten Tell her that the script has been changed, but the girl has been preparing for this role for a long time, but the sixth brother said that the role of Maid Yun is only one sentence, and whether it is the same or not, then kicked the girl out.

The girl walked on the road thinking that she was about to meet with the male god. At this moment, she saw her shoelace opened, she put her bag on the car next to her, bent over and tied her shoelace. She saw the car moving and started chasing. The owner of the car stopped by the water beach. The girl’s bag fell off and the photos were scattered. The car owner mistakenly thought that the girl was taking pictures with the car, so she coldly snatched her phone Come, delete the photos inside and tear up her photos. Before I left, I gave the girl a business card, and if I asked for money, I called the phone above. The girl is very. pissed off.

At this time, the previous owner got into the nanny car, changed clothes and put on sunglasses, and went to the fan meeting. At this time, the girl was also very active in the interaction. At this time, we came to the interactive session with fans. The girl was called to the stage actively. The girl was called Xia Xiaoning, who was a loyal fan of Mobuyu for four years. They affectionately reproduce the classic fragments of Mobuyu that year.

After the fan meeting, Mobuyu Jinchan wandered around in the parking lot. He happened to run into Xia Xiaoning again. At this time, Xia Xiaoning asked him to apologize and listed all his evil deeds. At this time, a boy came by and Mobuyu hurriedly took Xia Xiaoning’s He covered his mouth and pulled it to the corner. After seeing the boy go, he dropped Xia Xiaoning and left. After that, Xia Xiaoning and screenwriter Jin Yao had dinner and moved to her after the interview. After Mobuyu had finished swimming, he asked Mr. Xie to sign the contract quickly, but Mr. Xie said that he went to the Mobuyu fan meeting today.

Xia Xiaoning came to the interview place the next day and prepared for the interview. Mobuyu came to a bar and stopped the two people who were about to fight. The name of the bar was Steven, which was the place on the business card given to Xia Xiaoning yesterday. Xia Xiaoning was selected as an assistant because she was the worst one in the interview. After moving home, I was sending a video to my mother to look at the environment of the new home. When I took the photo to the balcony, I saw Mobuyu. Mobuyu thought that Xia Xiaoning was taking pictures of him secretly. The two chattered and broke up.

The next day Xia Xiaoning went to work enthusiastically, and met Mobuyu on the elevator. Mobuyu thought that Xia Xiaoning was following him. Xia Xiaoning stepped out of the elevator before him, but found a group of people calling at the elevator door: Good Mr. Gu. The person next to him was still telling Mo Buyu that Xia Xiaoning was his new assistant.

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