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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 9 Recap

Xiao Yanyan came to Han Derang, she knew that Han Derang and Xiao Hu Nian had known each other since childhood, and wanted Han Derang to persuade Hu Nian to dispel her thoughts. The wedding date has gradually approached, and Xiao Hunian has no room for regrets. In addition, Xiao Hunian is mature and stable. Han Dejang thinks that Hunian must know what he is doing in his heart. He cheered Xiao Yanyan up and sent his two sisters to marry with a smile. One wouldn’t want to see Xiao Yanyan crying.

Xiao Yanyan returned to the room in Wuguli. She and Wuguli were reconciled. The sisters cried and laughed and slept together. After Xiao Huyan came over, watching the two sleeping in the same bed, only the bottom of his eyes gently let people take the quilt. Here, the three sisters slept in the same bed for the last time. Marrying into the royal family is the mission of the daughter of their descendants. If they have no choice, Xiao Siwen only hopes that the three sisters can trust each other, always remember their sisterhood, and not get involved in political disputes.

On the day of the wedding, King Taiping and Xi Yin came together to pick him up. King Taiping changed his mouth and called Xiao Siwen his father-in-law. He and Hu Nian offered Xiao Siwen a glass of wine. Xiyin and Wu Guli also respected Xiao Siwen a glass of wine. King Taiping only hoped that the two would treat his daughter well. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of complexity in his heart as he watched the two couples slowly leave the Xiao family. Two couples came out of the gate of Xiao’s family. King Taiping and Xiyin gave wine and rewards.

The gift from King Taiping was robbed and emptied. On the contrary, it was Xiyin’s gift that no one came forward to take it. Darin solved Xiyin. Embarrassed, stepped forward to receive all the gifts. The two couples left in two directions. Xiao Yanyan refused to give up her sister. She stood at the gate of Xiao Mansion and looked left and right, hoping that God would bless them. Even if the sisters were separated, they would be the best sisters in the world.

The marriage between King Taiping and Xiyin is a contrast. Everyone who has weight in the court and field will go to congratulate King Taiping. Taiping King’s side is very lively, and the cheers of silk and bamboo are endless, while Xiyin’s side is deserted and desolate. When a banquet was present, Wuguli was distressed by Xiyin. She told Xiyin in tears when she was in the bridal chamber that she must help Xiyin to regain everything, so that no one could despise Xiyin. Xiyin thinks that the fight is a man’s business. He may be in his bones, and all the grievances of today will be returned soon.

After the banquet in the palace was gone, King Taiping came to the room. He watched Hu Nian dodge, knowing that Hu Nian was not willing, he was willing to wait for Hu Nian. Hu Nian looked at the figure of King Taiping who was about to leave. She still held King Taiping. King Taiping held Hu Nian tightly and kept calling her name. Although he is the King of Taiping, he has always wanted to marry a woman who takes family affection as his priority. Even when he is frustrated, he will not leave him. Hu Nian is such a woman. He will cherish Hu Nian forever and treat him well. Nian.

Xiao Yanyan is worried today because of her sister’s marriage. She has gone from being carefree in the past to now recognizing reality. The master is good at killing suspicions, and Xiao Siwen has a time to be slaughtered. Handerang was by Xiao Yanyan’s side. Xiao Yanyan was always smart. She had guessed that Xiao Siwen and Handerang were plotting big things, and the new master they recommended would be the only one who did not share Yelvxian. Handerang could not tell Xiao Yanyan about these things for the time being, so she just told her not to mention it to anyone, just keep it in her heart.

The next day, Ye Luxian came to return the Pisces jade pendant. He followed Xiao Yanyan from the city to the outside of the city. Xiao Yanyan almost mistakenly made Yeluxian an enemy. Ye Luxian quickly revealed her identity. Xiao Yanyan knew that she was saving Yelu from the haystack that day. Xian, today’s prince Xian.

The second daughter of the Xiao family was married, and only the young girl was still in her boudoir. The prince didn’t come to see Xiao Siwen. He wanted to marry Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Siwen knew what she was thinking, so she only declined because of Xiao Yanyan’s young age. The handmaid An only listened to the conversation between the two. An Zhi was angry and disappointed in her heart, and he had never made a tender vow to her.

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