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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 8 Recap

King Taiping accepted Hu Nian’s injury medicine, he held Hu Nian’s hand, thinking that his injury was not in vain, at least he could let Hu Nian come to see him, at least he knew that Hu Nian was not ruthless to him. The Taiping king power was overwhelmed by the world, and women in the world admired it. Hu Nian didn’t understand why the Taiping king didn’t pretend to be an infatuated man.

Although there are thousands of beauties in the world, it is not as good as Hu Nian, the King of Taiping gave Hu Nian a pair of pearl earrings and decided to go to the Xiao family to propose marriage. Hu Nian did not reject King Taiping from the bottom of her heart, but she also put her words down, and sincerely wanted to exchange it. If King Taiping hadn’t paid her sincerely, she would never give King Taiping any sincerity.

When Hu Nian returned home, he happened to ran into Han Derang and sent Xiao Yanyan back. Today, Han Mansion was overjoyed, Hu Nian watched the small fight between Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan. He also congratulated Han Deran for the congratulation of Han Mansion’s being the king. Then he went back to the room unhappy. Xiao Yanyan learned that Hu Nian went to visit. King Taiping, she was a little surprised. Seeing the pearl earrings that King Taiping gave to her sister, Yanyan believed that Hu Nian had a hard time telling her sister not to wrong herself, but Hu Nian sent Xiao Yanyan away upset.

Xiyin went to ask the elder house king who was most respected by the royal family, and promised to really like Wu Gu Li, not because Wu Gu Li was the daughter of the descendants, and finally invited the house king to come forward. The House King Dai Xiyin came to Xiao Mansion to propose marriage. The House King was Xiao Siwen’s most respected elder. Since he personally came to Xiao Mansion, Xiao Siwen had to change his previous tough attitude, saying that he would give more consideration to this matter.

After that, King Taiping came to see Hu Nian and drank the milk tea made by Hu Nian himself. He saw that Hu Nian did not wear the pair of pearl earrings, and clearly told Hu Nian that the woman he liked could only belong to him. If Hu Nian had a different heart If he belongs to, he will cut the little thief who stole his unreasonable heart a thousand times. Seeing Hu Nian’s dignified face, King Taiping only told Hu Nian not to think about it. He would come to propose a marriage another day. After meeting with King Taiping, Hu Nian took out the pair of pearl earrings on the way back home. She put on the earrings for herself personally, and decided her beloved for the rest of her life for the overall situation.

The Lord came to Taiping Palace. He agreed with the marriage between King Taiping and Hu Nian. He also said that the 20 major battles were for the Taiping King to chase Hu Nian. The 20 major battles did not suffer for a beloved woman. The King Taiping also explained It is said that the reason why he let Xi Yin go is not only because of Hu Nian, but also because Xi Yin is a descendant of the three branches of the Taizu line.

If they kill the other two descendants of Taizu, the fifth and sixth departments and the descendants will eventually have opinions. Misfortune is not for the children and grandchildren, the Lord assured King Taiping that he will not touch Xiyin, nor will he touch the two branches of Yelvxian. At the same time, he also mentioned Yelvxian’s resignation list and recommended the female li to serve. He originally wanted to let him The King Taiping resumed his position, but the King Taiping didn’t care about this position, and only let the female Li temporarily hold it.

King Taiping shot down the wild goose, he came to Xiao Mansion to propose marriage, and also took out the bracelet Hu Nian gave him that day as a token. Xiao Siwen did not agree with the matter. King Taiping left the wild goose to make Xiao Siwen think about it. Xiao Siwen asked about Hu Nian afterwards. Hu Nian told her about her request for help from the Taiping Palace. She had to agree to the King Taiping to save her sister. . Xiao Siwen respects Hu Nian’s decision.

If Hu Nian is unwilling to marry, he will refuse the marriage for Hu Nian and bear all the consequences. Hu Yan shook her head. She knew that the Lord was tyrannical. If she refused to marry this time, the Xiao family would never have peace, and the King of Taiping still treated her with some sincerity. She is the eldest daughter of the family and she must marry the royal family in the future. Therefore, she is willing to marry King Taiping.

Ye Luxian learned that the second daughter of the Xiao family was about to get married. He couldn’t help but miss Xiao Yanyan’s frown and smile. He sat at the desk all night and drew a portrait of Xiao Yanyan. The next day, Diligu found Yelvxian who was asleep at the desk. Yelvxian was weak, and his sleepless night made him weaker. Han De asked to come to visit Yelvxian. He asked about Yelvxian’s concern, Yelvxian. Xian did not mention Xiao Yanyan, only that he wanted to see Xiao Simwen. Now that the Xiao family is married to Xiyin and King Taiping, Xiao Siwen has decided to stand on their side before. At this time, Xiao Siwen is really embarrassed when he is caught in the middle. Ye Luxian wants to see Xiao Siwen, and Han De lets him go and ask Ye Luxian to come. The Xiao family sees Xiao Siwen.

Ye Luxian came to see Xiao Siwen. He knew Xiao Siwen’s current dilemma, so he asked Xiao Siwen to agree to these two marriages. He was willing to support Xiao Siwen, and he didn’t want the two marriages to make the two of them feel uneasy. After Yelvxian’s words, Xiao Siwen relieved his heart and admired Yelvxian’s courage. Back in the palace, Ye Luxian remembered the back of Xiao Yanyan he had seen in Xiao’s house. The agile back made him miss day and night, and he asked him to mount the portrait he had previously painted.

The wedding was approaching, Xiao Hunian sat in the courtyard full of thoughts, Xiao Siwen did not come to talk with Xiao Hunian in his heart, he blamed himself in his heart, if it were not for his negligence in discipline, he would not have broken so much. Misfortune, Xiao Hunian will solve it for her. Xiao Hunian didn’t blame Wuguli, she knew that even if it wasn’t Wuguli, King Taiping would find other reasons to come to propose marriage.

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