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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 7 Recap

The southern lord retired, and the lord moved back with Xiao Siwen. On this day, the Lord was drunk and went to court, the King Taiping submitted a list of conspiracy, and the Lord ordered all those who conspired to be sentenced to death. Li Hu knew that he would not survive today. He knew that Xiao Siwen was back, and Xiao Siwen would definitely rescue the black bones, so he deepened the relationship between the two and let the black bones go out with Xiyin. Xiyin promised to Li Hu that he would live to seize power in the future, and the black bones would accompany Xiyin to the death.

The King of Taiping came to see Li Hu for the last time. Xiyin and Wuguli watched Li Hu die after drinking poisoned wine. The two cried and hugged each other tightly. Accompanying Xi Yin. It’s not a misfortune for his descendants, not to mention that King Taiping had his own plan. He unexpectedly let Xiyin go, because he knew that Xiyin would definitely propose marriage to the Xiao family, so he wanted to wait for Xiyin to propose marriage. When Xiao Siwen came to propose marriage, Xiao Siwen had no reason to shirk, and he could marry a beautiful woman.

Wuguli and Xiyin were released. Hu Nian took Xiao Yanyan to pick up Wuguli, but Wuguli was unwilling to follow them back. She wanted to go with Xiyin. Hu Nian was so angry with Wu Gu Li, and finally Xi Yin asked Wu Gu Li to go back with his family first. In the future, he will marry Wu Gu Li at the main entrance of the hall. Going home from the black bone, Xiao Siwen can meet any requirement of the black bone, the only thing that cannot be satisfied is Xi Yin. Wu Guli knelt down and cried and pleaded, Xiao Siwen made up his mind that he must be responsible for Wu Guli’s life, so he refused to let Wu Guli stay and rest in the house.

Han Derang and Ye Luxian already knew about King Taiping’s plan. King Taiping went to Hu Nian, and the two of them set up a plan to inform the Lord of the matter between Xiyin and Wuguli, and wanted the Lord to turn against King Taiping. After the master heard the news, he first blamed King Taiping Twenty, and even deprived him of the position of commander of the Guards, and passed the position to Yelvxian. Yelvxian was delighted when he got this position, but this position is related to military power.

The master was suspicious. After thinking twice, Han Hurang asked Yelvxian to resign. If the master trusted Yelvxian, he would definitely be appointed again, otherwise this The time bomb will kill Yelvxian. Yelvxian knows the meaning of Han Derang’s words, so he listened to what he said and went to the list.

Hu Nian learned that King Taiping had been beaten with a stick because of her, and she felt sorry for her. She still cared about King Taiping and came to visit King Taiping with her wounds. Taiping King was so distressed to win Hu Nian’s heart, she played in front of Hu Nian. The drama of selling miserables even made people send away the maidservants who were sent to them through the back door, for fear that Hu Nian might misunderstand them.

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