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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 6 Recap

Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan came to Youzhou. As soon as they stepped into Youzhou, they heard the news that the Lord was drinking and having fun, and that many innocent soldiers died in vain in order to find medicine. The secret letter was not cut off. Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan came to meet Xiao Siwen and Kuang Si first. The two informed them. Kuang Si asked Han Derang to live with his friend Li Jizhong. Xiao Yanyan had to stay with him even if he didn’t say anything. Xiao Siwen had no choice but to let the young girl. Let her live with Han Deren.

Miss Li Jia admires Handejang, and Mrs. Li Jia also loves Handejang, and she intends to decide the marriage of the two. Xiao Yanyan heard Ms. Li’s family mentioning marriage with Han Derang outside the door. Before Han Derang could answer, Xiao Yanyan ran away alone, and Han Derang hurried forward to chase her. Han Derang couldn’t find Xiao Yanyan.

Xiao Yanyan met Xiao Gu, who had been killed in a desperate way. She followed and sneaked into Xiao Gu’s residence. Xiao Yanyan wanted to kill Xiao Gu, but when she heard the Lord asked Xiao Gu to enter the palace, she thought My heart came and tied Xiao Gu in one place, and he pretended to be Xiao Gu and entered the palace.

Xiao Yanyan wanted to enter the palace to steal the secret letter, but before the secret letter was received, the Lord had already woken up. Xiao Yanyan had to leave in a hurry. At this time, Xiao Gu had already woke up and she decided to enter the palace to expose Xiao Yanyan’s true face. In the palace, Xiao Siwen and Han Kuangsi wanted to stop the secret letter, but the Lord opened the secret letter in front of the two and learned about Li Hu’s rebellion.

The two of them were shocked and feared that they would not be able to escape today, but the King of Taiping did not mention the Xiao family in the letter, which made the two of them relieved. Unexpectedly, Xiao Siwen summoned Xiao Gu, who was pretending to be Xiao Yanyan, and he had already noticed the strangeness of “Xiao Gu”.

Xiao Yanyan had no choice but to agitate the Lord with words, and the Lord had a murderous heart, causing Xiao Gu to be executed. The room was in chaos and the Lord fainted. Han Derang quickly took Xiao Yanyan away. As long as Xiao Yanyan was out of the palace, he would be safe. At this time, Xiao Gu entered the palace. Han Derang hid Xiao Yanyan in the side room and brought the real Xiao Gu to justice. Law, Xiao Siwen ordered Xiao Gu to be sentenced to trampling on a horse.

Xiao Siwen asked Han Derang to take Xiao Yanyan to leave Youzhou first, and Han Derang came to take Xiao Yanyan away, and confessed his love to Xiao Yanyan. He and Ms. Li have only family friendships and no other affection. Later, after the two expressed their intentions, they boarded Yan Yuntai together and looked at Youzhou, where the flames were so fierce. Xiao Yanyan was ready to stay with Han Deran for a lifetime, and wanted to accompany him to guard the sixteen states of Youzhou.

After experiencing the things of Xiao Gu, the Lord regained his trust in Kuang Si and named Kuang Si the King of Yan. Handejang was very surprised by King Taiping concealing Wuguli and Xiyin, and he could not figure out King Taiping’s thoughts. Throwing things aside, Handerang mentioned to his father that he wanted to marry Yanyan after the great cause. Yanyan is the daughter of the descendants. Although the two identities do not match, Handerang still wants to fight again.

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