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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 5 Recap

Xiyin was in prison telling his true feelings for Wuguli. Li Hu knew that Wuguli was the only one who could save them now, so he also praised Wuguli and entrusted Xiyin to Wuguli. At this time, King Taiping came to prison. He took Li Hu away and wanted Li Hu to confess. Li Hu sneered. He not only confessed completely, but also framed other provinces.

Xiao Hunian asked Hugh, Da Lin, and Han Derang to come to the mansion to discuss matters. The group decided to intercept the secret letter from King Taiping first, and then went to Youzhou to notify Xiao Siwen. Xiao Yanyan mentioned the speed of the dark clouds and covered snow, and she voluntarily asked to intercept the secret letter, but Xiao Huyan disagreed without saying anything, and asked Xiao Yanyan to go back to her room to rest. No matter where Xiao Yanyan was a person who could sit still, she decisively left a letter and rode dark clouds and snow to intercept the letter by herself. Xiao Hunian couldn’t help but blame Xiao Yanyan when she heard the news. She was worried in her heart, and Han De decided to pursue Xiao Yanyan without saying a word.

Xiao Yanyan saw the person who sent the secret letter at the post house. She wanted to intercept the secret letter, but she was shocked. Not only was she injured, but she did not intercept the secret letter. Fortunately, Han Deran arrived in time and saved Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan was injured, and Hande asked Wuxin to chase the secret letter. He wanted to take Xiao Yanyan to Youzhou first, and wait until Youzhou to find a way.

The two of them were staying in the wild, Han Derang wanted to give up the only tent to Xiao Yanyan, but Xiao Yanyan asked Han Derang to go into the tent with her to keep warm. It was against morals for them to sleep together, but Han Derang could not help Xiao Yanyan, so he had to follow Xiao Yanyan entered the tent together. Before going to bed, Xiao Yanyan asked about Han Derang’s favorite object, and Han Derang told Xiao Yanyan frankly that he likes a brave woman like Xiao Yanyan, and only hopes that Xiao Yanyan will learn to protect herself and stop being impulsive like this time in the future.

Xiao Hunian set foot on the Taiping Palace for the black bones, she begged the Taiping King for the black bones, even if she sacrificed herself willingly. Seeing Hu Nian who was gloomy and weeping in front of him, King Taiping was heartbroken. He mentioned his life. He has lived alone for five years since the death of his original wife, the princess. He wants Hu Nian to be his woman, hope Hu Nian was able to give him half of the sincerity in the black bones.

As long as Hu Nian was willing to agree, he promised that no one in the world could hurt Princess Taiping’s relatives. In order to make Hu Nian feel at ease, King Taiping asked Hu Nian to see the side of the black bone. Hu Nian felt sorry for the black bone, but the black bone was still concealed by Xi Yin. Gang, only angrily walked out of the cell. When he left Taiping Palace, King Taiping asked Hu Nian to consider it carefully before making a decision. He didn’t want Hu Nian to regret it. Hu Nian only kept his bracelet and gave it to King Taiping.

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