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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 4 Recap

Han Derang sat on the grassland with Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan’s words caused Han Derang to see a different Xiao Yanyan, and he changed his mind about Xiao Yanyan. After Nabo was over, the group set off to return to Beijing. King Taiping tempted Yelvxian on the carriage. Fortunately, Yelvxian dodged it skillfully. However, there was a sensation outside the carriage. Shang even asked the maid beside him to act as a human target for him to block arrows, and in order to gain the trust of the Lord, he blocked the sword at the critical moment.

Han Kuangsi treated the wounds for Ye Luxian. Ye Luxian mentioned the situation at that time. The assassin not only wanted to kill the Lord, but also wanted to kill him. He had no choice but to take advantage of the situation and blocked the Lord. There are three members of the Taizu family, one is Yelvxian, one is Lord, and the other is Li Hu. Only Li Hu wants to get rid of the two at the same time. Li Hu knew the danger after the incident was revealed, and the Lord would definitely doubt him for the first time. He asked Xi Yin to ask the House King for help in order to get a chance.

The concubine Xiao Pu Ge and Xiao Qili came to visit Yelvxian. Yelvxian asked about his jade pendant after sending them away. That jade pendant was not someone else’s thing, it was exactly what Xiao Yanyan left when he left, Yelvxian. Always carry it with you. The body-conscious woman took out the jade pendant. The jade pendant was broken into two pieces. It was because of the cover of this jade pendant that Ye Luxian was saved from trouble. At this time, Han De asked to come to visit Yelvxian. He brought news that Xiyin was approaching the Xiao family’s daughters, thinking that they must help. If Xiyin caused Xiao Siwen to be suspected by the Lord, it would be a big disadvantage to them. . After that, Ye Luxian deliberately mentioned the closeness of Handejang to the daughter of the Xiao family. He wanted to know if Handejean liked the daughter of the Xiao family. Handejean only said that his great cause was unsuccessful, why he is home. He did not want to harm any good girl, but Ye Luxian suddenly asked. , Han De made his mind unexpectedly puzzled, but Ye Luxian never mentioned his thoughts on Xiao Yanyan.

Yelv Xiyin brought Wu Guli to the Great King Wuzhi, and he came to ask the Great King Wuzhi for help. Not only did the King Wuzhi not see Wu Guli, he refused Yelu Xiyin’s request. Yelv Xiyin couldn’t, so she had no choice but to ask Wu Guli to persuade Xiao Siwen for help. Wu Guli was pure and simple. She agreed to Xiyin, but Xiao Siwen was unwilling to see Wu Guli, and made Wu Guli not to mention Xiyin Mansion Things.

The lord was drunk in the palace, and the Taiping king was always by his side. The lord mentioned his years of panic and boredom, and deliberately passed the throne to the Taiping king. The frontier was in a hurry, and the southern army attacked Hedong, but the lord was so drunk, Xiao Siwen and Hu Gu shouted at ridiculousness, and their soldiers were fast. The King of Taiping knew the importance of this matter, and he made up his mind, apart from anything else, that the lord who was immediately drunk sent him to the carriage and went to the border, while he had to stay and sit in Beijing.

Wu Guli didn’t know that Xiyin had nothing but to take advantage of her. She loved Xiyin deeply, and when Xiao Siwen sent troops to the border, she stole the customs clearance token at home and gave it to Xiyin. The two were caught by King Taiping on the spot. King Taiping saw the pass token of Beifu, and his face was quite unexpected, and it was even more bluntly that she brought the token. The innocence in the black bones made King Taiping sighed and shook his head. Her move not only harmed herself, but also the entire Xiao Mansion. The Xiao family and Li Hu murdered the master together. This is the crime of the nine clans.

The Taiping Palace sent a letter in which it mentioned the stealing of the border token from Wuguli. Xiao Huyan was shocked when he saw the letter. He did not expect that Wuguli would cause such a catastrophic disaster, but Xiao Yanyan clearly ran into the black bone. He didn’t stop her when he left the house.

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