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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 21 Recap

Xu Jin walked down the street with two lotus stamens, and traveled where he and Fu Rong used to be. The little table for fortune-telling was still there. Fu Rong used to tell her fortunes here, saying that he was a rich man. The fate of Hou Baixiang must be sealed. Xu Jin came to the Ruyi Tower and remembered the night rain. He stayed here temporarily. Fu Rong talked with him and helped him. The umbrella was turned around by them, conveying the friendship between them. But now he can only sit in the star-gazing building holding two jars of wine. He once shared this secret base with Fu Rong, and now he is the only one sitting alone.

Fu Rong also left the house, and he said all the words of He Li. At this time, he was in the same room with Xu Jin and couldn’t help but feel tired of seeing each other. She came to Ruyi Tower, where every flower and tree reveals Liu Ruyi’s figure, especially the cabinet pattern embedded on the wall. In her memory, Liu Ruyi once pressed the button in the center of the pattern, which she felt strange. , As if there was a secret that she hadn’t noticed suddenly appeared, and it was about to surface.

The button drove the organ to open a door, and the secret room in Ruyi Building was right in front of you. There was nothing in dozens of cabinets for storing files. There was a letter in the ledger on the table, which was Liu Ruyi’s masterpiece. She wrote to Fu Rong that her mistakes and misfortunes will end in a thousand catastrophes, but she will end in suicide. She hopes that Fu Rong will not harbor hatred in her heart, not be entangled in her death, and live a good life. Gu Yuan’s tears flowed silently while Fu Rong was reading the letter on the side.

Before Liu Ruyi committed suicide, Xu Jin was repeatedly misunderstood by Fu Rong, and she immediately returned to the house. The first thing she saw was the He Li Shu written by Xu Jin. She burned and left the book and came to Xu Jin, who was drunk. Xu Jin was silly and crying like a child. She obviously relied on Fu Rong in everything, but she just didn’t believe him. She was so cruel to him. Xu Jin was wronged at this moment. It’s big, no matter how hard it is to cry. Fu Rong stroked Xu Jin’s cheek lightly, He Lishu in the fire was turned to ashes, Fu Rong quietly accompanied Xu Jin to fall asleep.

Xu Jin woke up in the morning and Fu Rong presented Liu Ruyi’s letter. She no longer doubted Xu Jin. But how could Xu Jin be easily forgiven after being wronged for so long for no reason? Heli still had to think about it. Fu Rong scolded him for being stingy behind his back. So she decided to cook a table of dishes for Xu Jin herself. In the kitchen, the chickens were beaten with eggs, and she did not allow Lanxiang Gu Yuan to help. After a while, Fu Rong’s hands became red. At lunch, Xu Jin saw her hand. Although he didn’t pay much attention to it, he felt distressed after all. Just about to start eating, Ge Chuan suddenly reported it, so Xu Jin was called to the palace in the next moment.

Wu Baiqi went to see Concubine Duan in the palace, but was turned away. Now Concubine Duan is estranged from him, and even used the high-sounding reason that it is inconvenient for men with foreign surnames to meet. Originally, there was still a trace of luck in Wu Baiqi’s heart, but now it seems that Feng Laiyi’s affairs are the same as Duan’s concubine.

Qiu Nan quietly informed Xihe County lord what he had seen in King Su’s Mansion. Xu Jin and Fu Rong were indifferent to each other. They quarreled and left the house last night. It’s strange that Xu Jin didn’t feel sorry for Fu Rongshang’s death before, but she was left in the cold when he got married. There must be something unknown in the process. The lord of Xihe County ordered Qiu Nan to continue to listen, and Qiu Nan’s elder brother obtained fame and fame from her. In her hand, Qiu Nan didn’t dare to stop her meaning. In addition, Qiu Nan also heard Xu Jin and Ge Chuan discussing the election of the concubine, and when he talked about the concubine Xihe County, she was very cheerful.

Fu Rong sat on the tree in the courtyard. Xu Jin passed by underneath. After asking her, she learned that Fu Rong couldn’t put herself on the tree because he wanted to send a bird back to the nest. When Ge Chuan saw that the situation was wrong, he pulled Xu Jia, who had no vision, and left the field quickly. At this moment, only Xu Jin and Fu Rong were left. He flew up and stood beside Fu Rong. By coincidence, the bird’s nest that had just been here was gone.

Forget it, let’s take her down. Xu Jin didn’t care about these details at all, pulled Fu Rong to her feet, she couldn’t stand her feet and fell out of the air. Xu Jin quickly dragged her back into her arms. After coming down, Fu Rong found that Xu Jin’s arm was flowing with blood. The old wounds were not healed and new ones were added. The Xu Jin wounds that she inflicted torn after the new wounds did not heal. She felt very guilty when she bandaged the wounds for Xu Jin. She blamed her for stabbing him on the wedding night indiscriminately. The words happened to be heard by Qiu Nan outside the door.

Wu Baiqi came to the backyard of Fu Mansion again, but this time he was not in a good mood. He came to Fu Xuan for a drink because of his concubine Duan. He thinks he can trust the concubine Duan who can talk about family affection with him. Driven by interests, he also becomes profiteering in an attempt to completely ignore family affection. Fu Xuan couldn’t see that he could use wine to dissolve his sorrows, and stopped the wine he picked up to clarify the cause for him. The problem cannot be avoided. Instead of drinking boring wine here, it is better to think about how to solve it early.

There are two choices now, either choose family affection, or deal with the two-tier relationship between Feng Laiyi and Duanfei quickly. Wu Baiqi looked at Fu Xuan, she was his lamp. After talking with Fu Xuan, Wu Baiqi was in a better mood. Wu Baiqi tricked her into taking a sip of wine, which burned her throat. Fu Xuan was full of anger after being fooled, but this was very cute in Wu Baiqi’s eyes. He approached her and wanted to kiss her. The kindly Baozhu suddenly came to see his own lady at this moment, and the ambiguity that was about to come suddenly disappeared. See you next time.

The news that Fu Rong stabbed Xu Jin immediately reached the ears of the emperor and concubine Shu. In the eyes of the emperor, Fu Rong was impolite and stubborn. He wanted to choose a calm and steady princess for Xu Jin. Xu Jin couldn’t stop him. , But he asked the emperor to choose the princess himself. The emperor had no objection and sent someone to send the portraits of the young ladies of the famous families to the Su Wang Mansion.

Fu Rong was embroidering mandarin ducks, and he couldn’t sit still when he heard that Xu Jin wanted to choose a portrait. There were a bunch of portraits of women on Xu Jin’s desk, but he ignored them and read the book until Fu Rong sent the white fungus soup, and he hurriedly looked at the portraits carefully. Fu Rong sipped the vinegar and poured a picture of the soup, but Xu Jin didn’t need to look at the picture at all, he had already thought about it. Fu Rong pretended not to be curious at all, and Xu Jin just wanted to tell her that he had a look at He Yunxue, He Taifu’s daughter. After that, Xu Jin looked at Fu Rong’s question and answer with interest, and he was sure that Fu Rong must have him in her heart.

Fu Rong was jealous and deliberately soiled the portrait of Xiu GirlImage copyright
When he woke up, the mandarin duck that Fu Rong had put by his pillow was gone, and he was embarrassed to ask Xu Jin, so he asked about other things, so many women, why did he choose He Yunxue? Xu Jin heard that He Yunxue seldom goes out to take care of her sister who suffers from measles. He is a virtuous and virtuous person. But what Fu Rong heard was that Taifu He valued the eldest daughter, how could he let him take care of his concubine. The other Xu Jin didn’t know, but they knew they were in the Huichuntang for the medicine.

Before the Shanhe Painting Workshop, Wu Baiqi waited for Fu Xuan for a long time. Fu Xuan heard that King Su was going to marry the concubine. Wu Baiqi could not say anything else, but please rest assured that Fu Xuan was absolutely single-minded about Fu Rong. They bet on this matter, if the last thing is not as negative as Fu Xuan thought, then Fu Xuan will have to come to see Wu Baiqi in the martial arts conference.

Fu Rong went to the Huichun Hall several times in the past few days. The second lady of the He family seemed to be suffering from measles. It seemed that what they took was not measles medicine at all, but tuberculosis medicine. Xu Jin pretended to behave, and he had to check it out tomorrow. So when the day came, why did the Taifu not come to deliver the medicine but Xu Jin? This marriage is 80% impossible. Sure enough, after Xu Jin returned from entering the palace, the marriage contract was canceled, and Fu Rong’s hand gripping his sleeves naturally loosened, but the next second Xu Jin directly blew up a message that He Taifu’s daughter could not be married, so he changed it. Becoming Yao Yushi’s daughter, Fu Rong gave up struggling directly. Without He Yunxue, a girl Yao came, and she was about to marry a concubine to hold her down.

Fu Rong decided to give up preventing Xu Jin from marrying his concubineImage copyright
That night Fu Rong followed Xu Jin all the way to Yao Mansion. According to the matchmaker’s parents, Yao girl and Zhang Sheng fell in love with each other, but the emperor’s fate was hard to violate. They eloped overnight and they happened to be caught by Xu Jin. Xu Jin gave Zhang Sheng a recommendation essay to help him get fame and fame, so this Yao girl Xu Jin could not marry, which means that Xu Jin was still Fu Rong’s, and she smiled unconsciously.

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