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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 41 Recap

Su Wenqian pretended to be a driver and brought Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue back home. The more dangerous the place was, the safer it was. Chi Tiecheng prepared a surprise for Xiaoxue. Seeing the dolls and swings all over the house, Xiaoxue couldn’t help herself. Chi Tiecheng suddenly appeared with a single edge. Xiaoxue still called them Uncle Cake and Aunt Cake, Qin Zishu was very sad. Chi Tiecheng told Xiaoxue that there would be no cake aunts from now on, and they were pretending boy and girl friends. Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to call Master Qin Zishu, and also carried Xiaoxue on his shoulders. This was the way they agreed to meet.

Ouyang Xiangling rushed back to tell Section Chief Cao that he had made a mistake in his plan. Section Chief Cao felt that Su Wenqian should take Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter to an impossible place. Chi Tiecheng made a cake for Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue habitually called him Uncle Cake. Chi Tiecheng and Qin Zishu asked her to call her father. Xiaoxue couldn’t say anything.

Chi Tiecheng insisted that Xiaoxue call her father, Su Wenqian and Qin Zishu both persuaded him to slow down, but Chi Tiecheng’s tone became more and more severe. Why was he still dissatisfied that he had done what she asked for! Xiaoxue broke free and ran, Su Wenqian was even more dissatisfied with Chi Tiecheng’s attitude.

Xiaoxue shut herself in the room, and Su Wenqian knocked on the door before Xiaoxue agreed to let him in. Su Wenqian patiently persuaded Xiaoxue to take her out to recognize the father of Chi Tiecheng, but Xiaoxue refused. Su Wenqian didn’t understand what Xiaoxue was hesitating, Xiaoxue cried and said if she called Chi Tiecheng’s father, what should Su Wenqian do. Su Wenqian reluctantly told Xiaoxue that Chi Tiecheng would take care of them in the future.

The title Su’s father is only temporary. Since Chi Tiecheng is back, this title is no longer needed. Xiaoxue burst into tears, and Su Wenqian reluctantly told Xiaoxue not to call Papa Su again. She had been helping Chi Tiecheng to take care of her for three years. Su Wenqian screamed at Xiaoxue and asked her to call her father Chi Tiecheng. Qin Zishu was taken aback by Su Wenqian, while Chi Tiecheng took the sobbing Xiaoxue into his arms.

Staff Qian told Liao Jie that the most important thing now is to rectify the people’s minds, and he also helped him write a speech. After reading it, Liao Jie was very angry. He should use a gun to kill the enemy instead of speaking. Staff Qian hurriedly blocked him, saying that it is what a commander like him should do to excite people. The specific action plan will be drawn up by him. Staff Qian also issued a secret order, regardless of whether Liao Jie is willing to implement the secret order. No choice, because this is the only way to help the Tenth Corps.

We did not know that the Telecommunications Office of the Tenth Corps was under the control of Staff Officer Qian, and learned that Liao Jie was about to deliver a speech for the whole army. Mayor Wen quickly called Qin Henian. Soon Qin Henian learned another news, Qin Zishu Xiaoxue disappeared, and she couldn’t accept it for a while.

Ouyang Xiangling found out that the mother and daughter were fake, and they and the coachman should have been hired by Su Wenqian. Liao Jie found a master who had studied in the Department of Water Conservancy of Tsinghua University and was eager to repair the Hengjiang embankment. At this time, we are facing a century-old flood. If the Hengjiang dyke bursts, it will not only kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Staff Officer Qian learned that Liao Jie had disappeared and was so anxious that it was almost time to speak. The master told Liao Jie that once the Hengjiang Dike, the densest and densely populated area in China, will be destroyed, but he can guarantee that there is absolutely no danger of breaking the Dike for a century. Liao Jie is relieved. Liao Jie went to see Zhuang Tingfeng, who scolded Liao Jie.

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