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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 40 Recap

Shan Leng and Duan Zhenpeng asked Zheng Dejiang to replace the eleven passengers originally aboard the Victoria with the people they chose, and those people would be killed. Chi Tiecheng suddenly announced that he would stop assassinating Qin Henian, but Shan Leng and Duan Zhenpeng were puzzled. These eleven people are all the staff assigned by Songjiang Station to the shipping industry. Principal Fang was puzzled by Chi Tiecheng’s actions, but the resumption of the office seat was to let them listen to Chi Tiecheng’s arrangements.

Ouyang Xiangling monitors Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng will definitely do something if they really want to find them, so Ouyang Xiangling did not take their own hands. Xiaoxue used the name of playing a slingshot to see if there were any kites in the sky, and the drum followed him, making Xiaoxue a little bored.

Su Wenqian did not wait for Chi Tiecheng for a long time, and decided to go to the Public Security Bureau to remind them that Chi Tiecheng would kill people. At this time, Chi Tiecheng suddenly came and said that he would give his gun and championship ring to Su Wenqian, indicating that he would quit the jellyfish. The team is no longer a killer. Dad didn’t believe it at all, how could Chi Tiecheng not attack. Chi Tiecheng said that he has been thinking about some things these days.

He lost the woman who loved him so much and lost the opportunity to meet his daughter. These were all because of the task, and he only got a bunch of cold medals and false names. All you get is loneliness. Chi Tiecheng said that although he disbanded the jellyfish group, the Bureau of Secrets would not let him go. Su Wenqian could protect Qin Henian with this gun. Chi Tiecheng seemed to regret it.

He didn’t know until yesterday that Xiaoxue was his daughter and that Su Wenqian was with Xiaoxue. He had no right to take Xiaoxue away from Su Wenqian. Qin Zishu might not forgive him. He left to their mother and daughter. It is the fairest decision. Su Wenqian didn’t want Chi Tiecheng to leave, after all, Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue had waited for him for nine years. Su Wenqian asked Chi Tiecheng, if Xiaoxue could recognize his father, he would not leave, it was too late for his father to stop him.

Xiaoxue has been playing the slingshot for more than an hour, but there is no movement. Eleven people selected by the jellyfish group to monitor the three people on board are Qin Henian, Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue. The commander decided to go to Hengzhou to meet with Liao Jie and have a showdown with him. Dagu was always by Xiaoxue’s side. Xiaoxue was a little annoyed. At this moment, she suddenly saw the butterfly kite rising up in the sky. She was so happy that she quickly moved back to Qin’s house with Qin Zishu. Ouyang Xiangling hurriedly informed everyone to stand by. Qin Zishu asked Ouyang Xiangling to help them order a rickshaw, and Ouyang Xiangling agreed.

Duan Zhenpeng, Leng Qiao and others were preparing to board the ship at night. After Qin Zishu set off, Ouyang Xiangling also began to send people to protect them. Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter went into a small alley in a rickshaw and drove away the people from the Public Security Bureau, Ouyang Xiangling and others. People began to search with all their strength, but in fact only Ouyang Xiangling was waiting at the exit. Command of the Tenth Corps.

He Zhenbang escaped and was captured on the spot, asking Liao Jie to decide what to do with him. Liao Jie scolded him for being greedy for life and fear of death, but He Zhenbang was very emotional. He had been evading bullets for decades, but he was unwilling to suffer here. Angrily, watching the painstaking efforts of Chu Jun’s history have been ruined, this party-state is not worth his efforts! The Communist Army sent representatives into the city to negotiate, and Liao Jie had to let He Zhenbang be locked up first.

Ouyang Xiangling knew that Su Wenqian would definitely join Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, but they didn’t expect them to stop until they reached the outskirts. Ouyang Xiangling followed them and had lost contact with the army, but they could only choose to continue. . Liao Jie kept hiding from Staff Lu and refused to meet. Staff Qian came out to deal with it. Staff Lu persuaded them to stop fighting and resist. They will not end well if they continue to carry on.

Ouyang Xiangling followed Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter all the way to the outskirts but found that they were not Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue at all, she was fooled.

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