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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 16 Recap

After successfully entering the group, I happily walked into a group of classrooms to report. As soon as Hong He whispered a few words with him, he was punished to stand by the big-eyed teacher behind him. One day the teacher announced his test results. Time saw that he got a zero score and was very disappointed. He didn’t even eat any food and stayed alone in the classroom to practice chess. Hong He brought him something to eat and told him that he would have strength after eating. Practice chess.

Chu Ying let time not be impatient, he had just entered the group and had to adapt. Time feels that the time left for him in the Cubs is running out. Chu Ying believes that to win, he does not necessarily have to be superior. He glanced at the game table and analyzed the strength of everyone. Time found that he only had to win nine wins and wanted to make one. The top eight in the group is not impossible.

Lin Li wanted to see time this day, so Hong He took him to the teacher’s house. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the teacher set the chess and waited for them. Lin Li left a question on the chessboard for Hong He to solve. Hong He saw that it was too simple, but Chu Ying felt that it was not that simple. So let time remind him that the chessboard is big and has a broad vision, and let him think again. Hong He adjusted his mind and re-solved the problem. Lin Li came back and looked at the chessboard and praised that he had solved it so quickly, which was quite basic.

Hong He happily talked about being his apprentice again, but Lin Li said that he would talk about accepting apprentices later, but he could go to his own seminar next week. Hong He was very happy to hear it. Lin Li asked whether the problem of time was solved, and time said it was solved. Lin Li asked them to go back after the game of chess.

Hong He praised time that the idea just now was quite unique, and time proudly said that time will carve him the way he should be. Suddenly, Hong He felt that these words were familiar. He hurried into the room pretending to have a stomachache and asked Lin Li’s daughter Cancan to borrow a computer. He landed on Weida Net with his own screen name Braised Shrimp, and found that Chu Ying had also said to him what time said earlier.

Then he began to tentatively ask Shiguang whether he played chess on, Shiguang said vaguely that he had played all of them, but he asked Shiguang account but was told he had forgotten. He asked Shiguang if he knew that the number one player was Chu Ying. Shiguang said that everyone who played Go knew it. Hong He grabbed him to look at his eyes, and asked him if Chu won. Shi Xiao laughed and said that his chess was so stinky, how could it be Chu won.

When Hong He thought about it, he was full of doubts. He told Time that he and Chu Ying had played against him. Chu Ying also said that time will carve him the way he should be. Time then realized that he had accidentally missed the words in Lin Li’s house. He told Hong He that this sentence was very common in many places.

Hong He still suspected that time is Chu Ying. He played against Shi Shi and found that the tricks he used were also used by Chu Ying, so he made a plan and deliberately said that he knew that time was not Chu Ying. Shi Shi asked him how he figured it out. He said that recently he watched the forum, Chu Ying, went online every day, found chess friends to cheat money to charge up the phone bill, and even set up a children’s cram school to cheat children’s money.

Shi Shi thought that someone had stolen Chu Ying’s account to cheat money, so he hurried to find an Internet cafe to log in to Chu Ying’s account but found that there was no problem. He was surprised that Shi Honghe suddenly broke in. Shi looked at him in surprise, and it was too late to cover the computer. Seeing Chu Ying’s name on the computer, Hong He couldn’t help bowing respectfully to time.

He felt that time was very hard. He pretended to lose chess to them every day. He didn’t expect to see Chu Ying’s true body in his life. Shi Shi explained that he was not Chu Ying but knew Chu Ying, and he was by his side. Chu Ying wanted to stop him from speaking, but Time didn’t want to bear this secret anymore. He told Hong He that Chu Ying was his grandfather.

That day, time took Hong He to see Grandpa, and when he reached the door, he said that he would go in and give an announcement. After entering the house, he told his grandfather that the guy outside was a bit sad lately and wanted his grandfather to play the role of the god of Go, the God of Go, Chu Ying, who would not see the end of the dragon and comfort him. Grandpa readily agreed. After Hong He went in, seeing his grandpa won so many awards, he was even more convinced that he was Chu Ying. After returning, he told everyone that Chu Ying was the grandfather of time.

After that, Time succeeded in reaching the top eight in a group. Happy he ran out to play a game to celebrate, but found that he only had Go in his heart and then played the game. This day Fang Xu found Yu Liang to show him the cubs list. Yu Liang found himself and Shi Xiao’s names on it. He secretly vowed to let Shi Xiao know that the gap between him and himself was too big to imagine.

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