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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 34 Recap

Jiangcheng cooperated with AME to establish Dacheng Technology and Trade Company, with the help of Thomas and Michael. After the opening ceremony, I met with Kwong Ming-chiu and Yao Kun. The relationship between them seemed a bit awkward. Kuang Ming-chiu did not expect Thomas to be on the same front with AME. However, Thomas appreciates Kwong Ming-chiu’s business talents, and Kwong Ming-chiu continues to regard Thomas as his own. teacher. Jiang Cheng and Su Yan celebrated the establishment of the company together.

Although Su Yan was very happy for Jiang Cheng, when asked if Jiang Cheng had a discussion with Kwong Mingchou, Jiang Cheng said that there was nothing to discuss with Kwong Mingchoo. Now the two belong to different camps. Kwong Mingchou was too free to pick up his son to lead the collar. The collar felt that his parents could not accompany him to dinner at the same time when his parents quarreled. Kuang Mingchou comforted the collar. There was no problem between the father and the mother, but the work was relatively busy. Looking at the collar, Kwong agreed Yao Kun led the lead together.

Thomas also figured out a way to acquire the shares of Chaoxin, using Wang Yong’s psychology of wanting to obtain the AME security system, and let him exchange 10% of the shares of Chaoxin. Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun finally accompanied the leader to a reunion dinner. Wang Yong went to Michael to sign the contract as scheduled, but Thomas came forward to suspend the cooperation. Zhou Dingbei was concerned about the progress of the contract. Wang Yong told him that he did not understand the idea of ​​AME, but the contract could not be signed temporarily.

Hi-Tech’s server was finally successfully developed, and Kuang Mingchou requested that the board of directors be notified immediately. Wang Yong met with Kwong Mingchou and talked about the signing of the security system purchase with AME. AME’s condition was to exchange 10% of the shares of Chaoxin. Wang Yong said that he would not sell his friends in exchange for benefits, but Kwong Mingchou asked him to agree after thinking about it. , Wang Yong immediately signed with AME.

Thomas confessed to Jiangcheng that he was willing to help Jiangcheng open up China’s e-commerce market, but in exchange it should still revolve around Chaoxin. Wang Yong told Zhou Dingbei about his contract with AME. Zhou Dingbei also felt that he should not betray the Chaoxin shares easily, because it should be a bit of national integrity. Heifeng Technology Chai also sold his shares in Chaoxin to AME, saying that all this was for the good of Chaoxin.

Hao Bing is paying for the company’s employees’ Almighty Pass. He learned that the telecommunications company would stop Almighty Pass’s services. Hao Bing and Yu Wenjing discussed that they could use this matter to sue the telecommunications company. However, the telecommunications company is a state-owned enterprise. Both Bing and Yu Wenjing couldn’t make up their minds, so they had to wait until they asked the head office.

Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun were accompanying the leaders on an outing. Mr. Li of Gaoke Technology suddenly called to inform the server to stop suddenly. Kuang Mingchou returned to Gaoke and learned that the small company that had sold key technologies had gone to the building, the server was stopped, and the technology was paid for. The directors of the company can no longer bear the trouble. Kwong Ming-chiu also knows that he can’t avoid it.

Faced with director Li’s question, director Li feels that Kwong Ming-chiu is transferring the company’s funds. If Kuang Ming-chiu does not voluntarily propose to resign, he will announce his removal on the board of directors. Kwong Mingchou. Kwong Mingchou wanted Yao Kun to inform Mr. Chai to help him at the meeting, but Mr. Chai had already transferred his shares to AME. Kwong Mingchou had to temporarily remove the position of chairman due to physical reasons and was replaced by Yao Kun.

Yu Wenjing and Hao Bing are looking for someone with the right to speak to help them decide whether to sue the telecommunications company. It just so happened that Director Li of the Foreign Trade Bureau came to Shanghai. He was very supportive of suing telecommunications companies. Any technology company would We must act according to the contract, otherwise how to develop for a long time. Jiang Cheng knew about Kwong Mingcho’s resignation. He had already sighed all night. It happened that Kwong Mingcho asked Wang Yong to have tea with Jiangcheng.

If the tide is swallowed, AME will not let go of other companies that have already cooperated with him, including Jingqi and Jiangcheng’s newly established company. Jiangcheng understands this reason. The first generation of AME technology is suspended. Once AME enters the market, the joint venture brand machine under his own name will no longer have a foothold. Therefore, this is also the reason why Kuang Mingchoo has been determined to develop independently and can not be controlled by others.

Yu Wenjing reached an agreement with the telecommunications company, and the telecommunications company proposed to compensate five thousand and sign a confidentiality agreement. Hao Bing disagreed with this agreement and made a statement on the market, saying that Chaoxin wants to recycle Almighty Communication, but in fact it does not really want to recycle. It only achieves the effect of being a soldier and makes the telecommunications company afraid to come and continue negotiations with Chaoxin. Wang Yong started to counter AME in accordance with Kuang Mingchou’s method and acquired Chaoxin shares in the second-hand market.

AME was also acquired under the command of Thomas. The two sides raced against time to seize the stocks of Chaoxin, while Wang Yong did not take advantage of it, and Michael was triumphant. Sitting in the car, Hong Yuqiao heard the news of the broadcast of Chaoxin stock change. Wang Yong and Kuang Ming made a confession. On the first day, he had blocked all the funds and barely tied with AME. Next, he had to count on Jiang Cheng. Jiangcheng is still considering the issue of e-commerce. On the second day, Wang Yong continued to contend with the well-funded AME and barely supported it.

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