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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 24 Recap

Hao Pushi has been talking about Yi Shengli, because Yi Shengli drove into a car accident at both ends of the three days. Yi Shengli feels wronged. His driver’s license was obtained by Zhenger Bajing. The driver who had the accident was Brother Zhong, and he was just a partnership. In fact, Hao Pushi was more worried about the tuition and travel expenses for Yi Dongdong to study in Beijing, and the two made a lot of noise about it.

Ma Yingjun fell to the ground suddenly. Ma Xiaoxiao was very anxious and was about to cry. Neighbors from Mayang Street came to help, and the doctor came, but Aunt Niu went to the TV station and had not returned yet. Ma Yingxiao was diagnosed by the doctor as having acute myocardial infarction. After the operation, Ma Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while and signed. Yi Dongdong went back to find Aunt Niu in a hurry, and told Ou Xiaojian about it on the way. Ou Xiaojian hurried to the hospital on a motorcycle and saw that the big guys were there.

Ma Xiaoxiao took out the Beijing ticket bought by Ma Yingjun. She was very afraid of Ma Yingjun’s accident. When she thought of Ma Yingjun telling herself about going to Beijing yesterday, she couldn’t help crying when she saw Ou Xiaojian, and Ou Xiaojian hugged her on her chest. Aunt Niu is also back. Ou Xiaojian’s pager rang, but he thought that it was Ma Xiaoxiao’s matter. He did not leave the hospital and stayed with everyone waiting for the results of the operation. Liang Yuanchao heard the sound of the pager, and told Ou Xiaojian to call back.

It turned out that A Fei had been looking for Ou Xiaojian, but he couldn’t get in touch. Mapi told Ou Xiaojian that A Fei told him to go to the pier tonight, otherwise he would have to go to the small Hong Kong grocery store to find him. Ou Xiaojian had no choice but to agree first. At the hospital, Aunt Niu was anxious and sad, praying that Ma Yingjun would not have anything to do. Liang Yuanchao secretly went to help Aunt Niu pay for the surgery, and Yi Shengli and Hao Pushi also brought food to everyone.

After Ou Xiaojian arrived at the dock, A Fei blamed him for being late and suspected that there was an internal problem that prevented him from doing things smoothly. In the presence of many brothers, A Fei believed that only Ou Xiaojian was a newcomer would cause things to go wrong, Ou Xiaojian strongly refuted. A Fei brought out a man, saying that he was an internal traitor, and asked Ou Xiaojian to do him. When Ou Xiaojian was about to take the knife, Hua Ge brought many people to the dock to make trouble, threatening to kill Ou Xiaojian and A Fei and others.

Ma Yingjun’s operation consumes a lot of blood and is in urgent need of type B blood. Hao Pushi quickly mobilized his neighbors in Mayang Street to donate blood. Who knows that the Lin family is dizzy with blood. Fortunately, with your timely help, Ma Yingjun finally passed the operation safely. Ou Xiaojian was injured in the fight and happened to be sent to the hospital. During Ou Xiaojian’s operation, Mapi drowned because he was pushed into the river, and the police caught Hua Ge and A Fei. Ou Xiaojian was very guilty, and Mapi had always believed in Ou Xiaojian, but this time he died because of him.

Li Zhaohang came to visit Ou Xiaojian and told him that in order to prevent A Fei and the others from doubting, Ou Xiaojian must also go to prison for a period of time, so that he could also draw out the big guys behind the scenes. Regardless of his physical injury, Ou Xiaojian wanted to find Ma Xiaoxiao, because he promised Ma Xiaoxiao would go back after receiving the call, but was stopped by Li Zhaohang. Li Zhaohang said that he would help Ou Xiaojian and tell Ma Xiaoxiao.

After Ma Yingjun’s incident, Liang Yuanchao suddenly realized that he knew that no matter how much money he made was no more than spending time with his family, he decided to spend more time with Lin Jiahao. Liang Yuanchao bought a lot of food and thanked everyone for your help. He banqueted the neighbors in Mayang Street, but as long as Yi Shengli and his family came, because everyone else had things.

Yi Dongdong accidentally knew that this time Yi Shengli’s car accident was not due to overturning, but the truck being blackmailed. After A Fei and Hua Ge were imprisoned, Ang didn’t want to fish them out, perhaps because he felt that Ou Xiaojian’s identity and background were not simple. When Ou Xiaojian found out, his heart collapsed.

In order to lead Ange and the others, he offered to stay in jail. Li Zhaohang told him that this matter will come to an end for the time being, because it may not be as simple as imagined. Ou Xiaojian didn’t want to continue to deceive. He didn’t know how long this undercover identity would last. The last thing he wanted to deceive was Ma Xiaoxiao.

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