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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 23 Recap

Ma Xiaoxiao went to the Mayang Street vegetable market to buy vegetables. It felt good to see the old couple enjoying each other. Suddenly, a group of small gangsters stopped Ma Xiaoxiao and their brother Tian wanted her. Ma Xiaoxiao was about to call for help, a little bastard approached her and said something, Ma Xiaoxiao heard that it was related to Ou Xiaojian, and obediently followed the bastard to see Brother Tian.

Brother Hua tricked Ma Xiaoxiao into trying to scare her by using the name of Ou Xiaojian. Unexpectedly, Ma Xiaoxiao had a big temper and turned around to leave, but the gangsters surrounded him. Yi Dongdong passed by on a bicycle and saw Ma Xiaoxiao surrounded by punks. He was anxious to be wise and wanted to take Ma Xiaoxiao away on the grounds that Ma Yingjun approached Ma Xiaoxiao. The gangster reminded Ma Xiaoxiao to ask her to go back and bring a message to Ou Xiaojian, not to be too greedy, otherwise she would die easily.

Ma Xiaoxiao told Yi Dongdong not to talk nonsense and did not want Ou Xiaojian to know what happened today, and thanked Yi Dongdong for his actions today. After Yi Dongdong sent Ma Xiaoxiao home, he was still very worried about her. He ran to the grocery store to find Ou Xiaojian and asked him if he knew Hua Ge. When Ou Xiaojian heard about it, he was very excited and worried about Ma Xiaoxiao’s safety. Yi Dongdong relayed what Brother Tian said to Ou Xiaojian intact, hoping that they would not trouble Ma Xiaoxiao.

Da Pang wanted to find someone from the repair shop to help Ou Xiaojian teach Brother Tian, ​​but Ou Xiaojian refused. After Yi Dongdong left, Ou Xiaojian called Mapi and asked him to help release the goods, but Mapi didn’t understand. Ma Yingjun accidentally found the book in Ma Xiaoxiao’s room, which was given to Ma Xiaoxiao by Ou Xiaojian.

He saw Ma Xiaoxiao’s mind and wanted to have a chat with her alone, fearing that she would hurt her body. Ma Yingjun has bought tickets to Beijing, and wants to accompany Ma Xiaoxiao to Beijing to report. Ma Xiaoxiao is considerate of Ma Yingjun’s hard work. After the two talked, Ma Xiaoxiao felt a little bit cried.

Every family in Mayang Street organized a college farewell banquet for them. Aunt Niu and Grandma Ou were busy. Grandma Ou was very happy and gave them red envelopes. Sun Benyan, Yi Shengli and others were also busy killing chickens. Sun Yan regrouped and washed out the photos everyone had taken. Yi Dongdong was very satisfied after seeing the photo with Ma Xiaoxiao. Everyone in Mayang Street was very happy, sitting around to eat and drink, everyone was talking and laughing, and they were very happy.

Just when everyone was happy, Brother Hua led people into Ou Xiaojian’s grocery store and messed up everything in the store. After Ou Xiaojian saw it, he hurried in to stop him, and started fighting with the punks. Sun Benyan, Yi Shengli, Liang Yuanchao and others all followed in to help, because their children also ran in.

After the public security organs arrived and arrested the relevant personnel, the director reprimanded Sun Benyan. Yi Shengli and Yi Dongdong were both injured. Liang Yuanchao showed his abilities in front of his family. Lin Jiahao listened and dismissed them. Ma Yingjun was slightly injured, and Aunt Niu accused him of failing.

Ou Xiaojian and Mapi found Hua Ge to settle the account. Hua Ge was very angry and thought that before Ou Xiaojian deliberately gave him the problematic goods, Hua Ge jumped over the wall and reported to Ang. Ang heard that he was from A Fei, and recognized a capable person like Ou Xiaojian so that Brother Hua would stop hurting himself. Ang contacted A Fei and asked him to try Ou Xiaojian again. If Ou Xiaojian is indeed okay, let him do more business.

Yi Dongdong waited for Ma Xiaoxiao at the gate, asked her about going to Beijing and reminded Ma Xiaoxiao to bring her clothes, because Beijing’s winter is very cold, so he gave Ma Xiaoxiao a pen as a souvenir.

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