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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 18 Recap

Tang Guoer saw Tian Tian sitting in Mingyuan’s car. She was so jealous that she was looking at Tian Tian while calling her. Tian Tian told Tang Guoer that he was going to find Wang Ye, so he hung up the phone and told Tang Guoer. Misunderstanding that she was deceiving herself, Tang Guoer was almost so angry that she decided to go to Wang Yejia to find out.

When she saw Wang Ye appearing in front of her, she mistakenly thought that Wang Ye and Tiantian were uniting her and Mingyuan to dismantle her and Mingyuan. Being dizzy with jealousy, she not only accused Wang Ye of distorting Wang Ye, but also warned the Wang family not to climb her high to save others from gossiping. This angered Wang Ye. Wang Ye always regarded money as dung, he only loved Tang Guoer’s people, not her money, so he angrily drove Tang Guoer away.

Knowing that Wang Ye, who had been looking for him every day, rushed to the river to report his safety to Tiantian. Tiantian still persuaded Wang Ye to let go of Tang Guoer. Wang Ye asked Tiantian if she had done so. Tiantian said that Mingyuan and Tang Guoer were both The person she loves, she sincerely blessed them both. She knew that Mingyuan had other plans, but this would make Tang Guoer happy, and she would protect Tang Guoer well. Only then did Wang Ye discover with conscience and realized that every day is So pure and great.

When Zhao Lange came to Wang’s house, he gave Liu Taili and his wife five million yuan, asking them to perform a good show for him, forcing Ono to recognize his ancestors. According to Zhao Lange’s instructions, Wang Taili and his wife left Shanghai quietly after leaving Wang Ye with a farewell book. Wang Ye collapsed and cried after seeing the farewell book. He complained that he should not fall in love with Tang Guoer, which made him lose his support. parents.

When he got home every day, he saw Tang Guoer who came to reprimand her. Tang Guoer preemptively condemned Tiantian for deceiving her for illicitly with Mingyuan. Tiantian immediately explained what happened and apologized to Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer didn’t. After listening to the explanation, he then blamed Tian Tian for breaking up her and Mingyuan. Such groundless accusations made Tian Tian very sad.

Mingxin was once again locked into Zhaolange’s clubhouse. She took the opportunity to stun the security guard, slipped out of the clubhouse disguised as a security guard, got in a taxi smoothly, and fled to the Public Security Bureau. The police called Mingyuan, but Mingxin refused to go home with him. Helpless Mingyuan had to ask for help every day to rent a house, so that Mingxin can recover from the illness, the kind-hearted Tiantian agreed and said this was the last time to help him, and hoped not to contact him again.

Mingyuan was busy comforting Mingxin, and had no time to pay attention to Tang Guoer. He began to waver in the idea of ​​destroying Li’s family. He didn’t want to lose his relatives anymore, so he planned to take Mingxin and Tian Tianyuan to fly high. But Tang Guoer, who couldn’t find Mingyuan here, went to harass Tiantian again, causing Sang Rong to complain again and again.

Wang Ye was very guilty of his fault that Tian Tian broke his hand, so he decided to pick him up and down to get off work every day. Tian Tian saw Wang Ye returning to his former vigor and was very happy. At this time, Mingyuan once again begged Tiantian for help. Tiantian bought what Mingyuan wanted as agreed. When he left, Mingyuan stopped him. Mingyuan grabbed Tiantian’s arms and said that he wanted to bring Tiantian and her sister. The idea of ​​flying away, because he didn’t love Tang Guoer at all, he only loved Tiantian, and didn’t want to get involved in the endless war between Zhao Lange and Li Manli.

Seeing that Mingyuan has changed so much every day, she can’t believe what Mingyuan said easily. She needs time to think carefully. After all, she and her mother, Tang Guoer, and Li Manli are inextricably linked, not just for a while. It can be cut off. Every day at night, thinking about elopement, she couldn’t understand why she encountered such a thing. She was really at a loss for a while.

Tiantian asked Wang Ye for help, and confided that Mingyuan was going to take her and his sister away, and Wang Ye persuaded Tiantian and Mingyuan to stop. Subsequently, Wang Ye coerced Mingyuan to come to the high-level club of Zhaolange on the grounds of informing Tang Guoer, and told Mingyuan that he was Zhao Lange’s biological son, Mingyuan was stunned. Then, Wang Ye revealed that his father imprisoned Mingxin and wanted Mingyuan to destroy Li Manli’s ugly face for him.

Wang Ye threatened Mingyuan to obey him with Mingxin’s personal safety, because Zhao Lange would take Mingxin away even if he arrived at Mingyuan, so he asked Wang Ye to stare at Tiantian and took Mingxin away through Tiantian. Knowing the truth, Mingyuan nearly collapsed and completely lost his trust in Zhao Lange. He begged Wang Ye to release his sister. He was willing to give him everything that Wang Ye should have received, and persuaded Wang Ye to give up revenge for Tang Guoer, but Wang Ye has decided to destroy the Li family.

Mingyuan asked Zhao Lange angrily why he concealed the truth from him and asked Zhao Lange to surrender Mingxin. Zhao Lange was still pretending to be a loving father and said that he would give Mingyuan certain inheritance rights, but Mingyuan had decided not to retaliate against Li Manli for Mingxin. He didn’t want the right of inheritance either. After he planned to achieve Zhao Lange’s father and son’s goal, he would take Mingxin and Tang Guoer to fly away, but Zhao Lange satirized him and the enemy.

Mingyuan advanced the wedding date according to Zhao Lange’s father and son’s instructions. Wang Ye immediately hinted to Tang Guoer that Mingyuan would elope with Tiantian. Tang Guoer, who was flustered, rushed to the airport, but Tian Tian was alone at the airport because Mingyuan was under control. , Can’t come.

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