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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 17 Recap

Yunqing left a suicide note to Zhao Lange. She told Zhao Lange that Li Manli killed the employee and blamed her on her, but she did not want Zhao Lange to avenge her. After Zhao Lange left Ono to Liu Taili, he went to work in Shenzhen, paid Yunqing’s compensation to the family of the deceased, and vowed to revive the garment factory.

But eight years later, Liu Taili and his wife disappeared without a trace, and the clothing factory was also occupied by Li Manli. The police had always suspected that the murderer was Li Manli, but they were unable to convict Li Manli because of the disappearance of evidence. At this time, Li Manli forced Mingyuan’s parents to death, causing Mingyuan’s sister and brother to become beggars. Zhao Lange adopted Mingyuan. He wanted to use Mingyuan to defeat Li Manli and avenge Yunqing on his behalf.

Wang Ye returned home and asked about his life experience. The adoptive father Liu Taili confessed everything as soon as he couldn’t hide it. Although he was very reluctant, he still hoped that Wang Ye would live a rich life, while his adoptive mother cried into tears, emphasizing affection. Wang Ye of Wang Ye was also reluctant to abandon his adoptive parents and decided to continue living with them.

Wang Ye was very resentful that Zhao Lange even spent a lot of money to bring down Li Manli to cultivate Mingyuan. He even warned his biological father not to hurt Tang Guoer. This made Zhao Lange very angry, but warned Wang Ye not to forget how his mother died in Li Manli’s hands. . Wang Ye, who fell in love with the enemy’s daughter, couldn’t let go of Tang Guoer, and felt ashamed of his mother. He nearly collapsed this rugged fate and roared angrily.

Wang Ye couldn’t get through Tang Guoer’s phone, so he came to Tiantian, but Sang Rong gave a severe lesson. Fortunately, he showed up in time every day and told Wang Ye that Tang Guoer was taking wedding photos in Hemingyuan. Wang Ye ran to make trouble. Wang Ye discouraged Tang Guoer from marrying Mingyuan. Because Tang Guoer was also the daughter of Mingyuan’s enemies, Mingyuan would spare no effort to avenge her and Li Manli, but Wang Ye could not vent these secrets to his chest. Because he promised to keep his dad secret.

Wang Ye wanted to take Tang Guoer away, but was overthrown by Mingyuan. Tang Guoer was completely bewitched by Mingyuan’s sugar-coated shells. She firmly believed that Mingyuan loved her and had always maintained Mingyuan. Tang Guoer said that Wang Ye had no family property and could not give her the life and happiness she wanted. He wanted Wang Ye to recognize reality as soon as possible and let her survive.

Every day when he saw the situation, he wanted to pull Wang Ye away, but he was pushed to the ground by Wang Ye. Mingyuan helped Tiantian up with distress and sent Tiantian to the hospital, making Tang Guoer jealous and mocking Tiantian. Unexpectedly, he broke his hand bone every day, Ming Yuan was very concerned about Tian Tian, ​​and Tang Guoer, who was jealous, pretended that he was also injured, trying to arouse Ming Yuan’s concern.

The drunk Wang Ye begged Li Manli not to let Tang Guoer marry Mingyuan. He would make Tang Guoer happy for a lifetime, but was ruthlessly humiliated by Li Manli, lying on the side of the road and crying, recalling the harm he had suffered because of lack of money . Every day he persuaded Wang Ye to put down Tang Guoer, but Wang Ye insisted on getting Tang Guoer.

Sister Li, the Zhao family nanny, was fired by Zhao Lange. Mingyuan knew the favor and gave Sister Li a sum of money. Sister Li asked Mingyuan to look for his sister to remind Mingyuan to be careful of Zhaolange. Mingyuan realized this deep meaning, so he didn’t accompany Tang Guoer to choose a diamond ring, just to see her sister.

Wang Ye told Zhao Lange about Mingxin at his house. Uncle Sun immediately came to pick up Mingxin, but Mingxin was unwilling to follow them, and was eventually dragged into the car. When Mingyuan heard Mingxin’s voice on the phone, he let go of his guard, and then agreed to buy a diamond ring with Tang Guoer.

But here, Tang Guoer could only try the diamond ring alone, but she was taunted by the cabinet sister that she was a mistress, making Tang Guoer so angry that she bought the most expensive diamond ring. Tang Guoer thought it was Tian Tian that had hooked Ming Yuan, so he came to Tian Tian’s family dignitaries angrily, warned Tian Tian not to contact Ming Yuan, and personally tore up the girlfriend’s love.

Unable to accept all this, Wang Ye lost his temper to Zhao Lange. He complained that his father had given Zhao Mingyuan everything that originally belonged to him, causing him to fall to this point and losing his favorite woman in his life. Zhao Lange persuaded Wang Ye that he should let Tang Guoer marry Mingyuan, because Mingyuan would ruin Tang Guoer’s family and live on the streets. Tang Guoer would definitely hate Mingyuan, and Wang Ye would be able to get Tang rightfully. Guoer has stabilized Wang Ye.

Zhao Lange took Wang Ye to visit his mother Yunqing, and revisited the former residence by the way, and missed the beautiful past of the family of three. Wang Ye also remembered the warm moments when his adoptive parents took care of him. Zhao Lange also told Wang Ye that once Mingyuan and Tang Guoer were married, he announced that Mingyuan had no right of inheritance, and that Wang Ye was the only heir to the Zhao family, leaving the Li family to ask for trouble.

Every day when Zhao came to look for Wang Ye, Mingyuan suddenly appeared. Tiantian first complained that Mingyuan didn’t buy a diamond ring with Tang Guoer, which caused Tang Guoer to come to her house to make a fuss. Then she told Mingyuan that Wang Ye had lost contact. When Wang Ye had an accident, Ming Yuan had to accompany Tiantian to report to the Public Security Bureau to find Wang Ye.

Tiantian and Mingyuan heard that a male corpse similar to Wang Ye’s age had been recovered, and they rushed to the river. When waiting for the red light, Tang Guoer happened to see Tiantian sitting in the Mingyuan car, heartbroken.

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