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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 16 Recap

Wang Ye rushed to tell Tian Tian that she was framed by Li Manli, causing her relationship with Ming Yuan to break, but Tian Tian only felt that Ming Yuan deserved it, and she didn’t want to be entangled with Ming Yuan again.

Tang Guoer told Li Manli that she was worried that Mingyuan and Tiantian already knew about their framing Tiantian, Li Manli asked Tang Guoer to continue to frame Tiantian in order to get Mingyuan willing to be an undercover agent, and she would not let them discover the flaws, Tang Guoer Only then did he relax.

Zhao Lange once again brought Mingyuan to Li’s family to talk about the marriage. Tang Guoer was happy to hold Mingyuan all the time. Li Manli said that she would give Zhao the permanent right to use the burning sun’s gold as a dowry, and make her children’s wedding a Chinese style. For the big show, Zhao Lange must not only increase the bargaining chip, but also support Li Manli in the big show.

Tiantian became the design assistant of the Guoer brand. When she came to work, she happened to ran into Tang Guoer holding Mingyuan away. She resisted tears and came to the design department, but was maliciously humiliated by Jessica. She took time off and went home on the grounds that she was unwell, but Jessica was still slandering Tian Tian behind her back. It turned out that Li Manli deliberately arranged all of this. She wanted to corrupt Tiantian’s conduct in front of everyone so that Tian Tian could only rely on Tang Guoer.

As soon as he heard that Tang Guoer was going to be engaged to Mingyuan, Wang Ye pulled Tiantian to stop them. Tian Tian advises Wang Ye not to destroy Tang Guoer’s happiness, but Wang Ye thinks that the Zhao family is going to entrap Tang Guoer, and Tian Tian thinks that Li Manli is not so easy to be calculated. She has her own clever plan to deal with Zhao Lange, without them interfering.

Mingxin was molested by a gang and was rescued home by Wang Ye. Mingxin told Wang Ye that Mingyuan was her younger brother, Wang Ye took out the photos of Mingyuan and Zhao Lange to show Mingxin to confirm that this was Mingyuan’s sister, and that Zhao Lange was only Mingyuan’s adoptive father, and he did not let Mingxin see Mingyuan, and their biological parents were killed by Li Manli.

Li Manli asked Tang Guoer and Mingyuan to invite Tiantian to dinner together. She wanted to confirm that Mingyuan was completely committed to Tiantian and that Tang Guoer could face Tiantian with integrity. Although Tang Guoer was reluctant, she had to agree. Tang Guoer couldn’t face Tian Tian naturally, she was thinking about how to start, Tian Tian suddenly appeared, and Tang Guoer jumped.

Tang Guoer turned around and saw Ming Yuan who was holding the rose. She snatched the rose in excitement, but she endured heartache every day and still blessed them with a smile. At the dinner, Mingyuan intimately wiped Tang Guoer’s mouth and poured wine. Tang Guoer laughed from ear to ear. These intimate actions made Tiantian sad, and he was very unhappy.

Tian Tian left first in order not to disturb the two on the date, but Ming Yuan put on a necklace for Tang Guoer behind her. Tang Guoer liked to hug Ming Yuan, and the lost Tian Tian decided to completely withdraw from the painful Shura. Field, never disturb their happy married life.

Wang Ye wanted to tell Li Manli that Mingyuan was only the adopted son of Zhao Lange and had hatred with her, but Li Manli was discussing the wedding guest list with Zhao Lange. She thought Wang Ye was here to obstruct the marriage and refused to see Wang Ye. Zhao Lange said that he was willing to come forward to resolve the matter, and Li Manli allowed Wang Ye to come in and talk.

Zhao Lange invited Wang Ye to his high-level club for a private chat. Zhao Lange confessed to Wang Ye all the evil things he had done to Li, and that he was Wang Ye’s biological father. It turned out that Wang Ye’s grandfather was a tycoon in the clothing industry. He did not agree with his daughter Lu Yunqing to marry Zhao Lange, a poor and white man. However, Lu Yunqing was pregnant and she decided to elope with Zhao Lange. Unexpectedly, Li Manli informed the case, causing Wang Ye’s grandfather and Yunqing to sever the relationship.

Zhao Lange went to Shenzhen to work in order to make money to support his family, and Wang Ye’s grandfather was about to die. Yunqing had to go home to inherit the family business, but Yunqing devoted himself to Xiao Ye and gave the entire garment factory to Li Manli. Li Manli, who wanted to occupy the garment factory, deliberately purchased a batch of inferior production equipment, which caused the garment factory to catch fire and burned a large number of employees to death. A bunch of family members came to the factory to make trouble. Yunqing had to urgently call Zhao Lange back to help her.

Zhao Lange was worried that Yunqing would go to jail to escape with her family. Li Manli, who overheard, leaked the news to the family members of the employees and asked them to block the way of Yunqing and Zhaolange. Yunqing asked Zhao Lange to take Xiaoye to escape and face those family members alone. . Yun Qing, who was ashamed of everyone, couldn’t pay compensation, and desperately chose to apologize with death. Zhao Lange handed Ono to Liu Taili’s family and hurried to the hospital, but Yunqing had already taken a step first.

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