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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 15 Recap

The witty Wang Ye used a drone to spy out the burning sun in Zhao’s warehouse, and told Li Manli to go to Lishui to find Aqiang to get the burning sun. Li Manli asked Tang Guoer to deal with the matter, and after it was done, she promised Tang Guoer to return to work every day, and Tang Guoer obediently did.

Sang Rong has been unable to find a job every day, and Sang Rong complained constantly, and even had a bad idea to beg Tang Guoer to let her return to work in the Li family. Every day she didn’t want Sang Rong to ask Tang Guoer by herself, but Tang Guoer was about to pass this time Security went to Lishui, and hung up the phone.

Secretary Wu accompanied Tang Guoer to find Aqiang. Aqiang confessed that he gave Mingyuan and Tiantian the gold from the scorching sun, causing Tang Guoer to misunderstand that Tiantian and Mingyuan were secretly colluding with each other, but she changed her mind if she was naive After betraying Li, Mingyuan will not lose the festival, and still chooses to believe in Tiantian.

Secretary Wu lied that Tiantian asked her to help Aqiang apply for the patent for the burning of the sun, which made Aqiang overjoyed, but the vigilant Aqiang wanted to call Tiantian and Mingyuan to confirm the matter, and Tang Guoer deceived him Mingyuan and Tiantian. When preparing for the wedding abroad, I couldn’t get through the phone, and this was a wedding surprise prepared for Mingyuan every day. I had to keep it secret from Mingyuan. A Qiang, who liked adult beauty, readily signed the authorization letter.

After Mingyuan learned that Li had obtained the authorization of the burning sun, he hurriedly called Aqiang to inquire about the matter. Aqiang said that this was arranged every day, which was a bolt from the blue for Mingyuan and caused his misunderstanding of Tiantian. Growing deeper and deeper, he slammed the phone with anger.

Mingxin ran away from home, but Zhao Lange deceived Mingyuan that she was taken to the hospital. He also hinted that Mingyuan could only come back and be a normal person by marrying Tang Guoer obediently. Then, Zhao Lange satirized Mingyuan’s two consecutive defeats to Li Manli, which brought down the company, and angrily threatened Mingyuan to leave if he didn’t listen to his arrangements.

Ming Yuan, who didn’t want to be caught but was helpless, came to the gym to vent and adjust his mentality to accept the marriage party arranged by Zhao Lange. Mingyuan and Tang Guoer were together, and Zhao Lange wanted them to get married quickly. This made Li Manli aware that Zhao Lange was calculating her, so she refused to discuss the marriage on the grounds that Mingyuan had been cold to Tang Guoer. Zhao Lange had to give orders. Mingyuan used all means to pursue Tang Guoer, so that Li Manli could rest assured.

Li Manli told Tang Guoer that as long as Mingyuan loses trust and affection for Tiantian, she can get Mingyuan’s heart, marry Mingyuan smoothly, and Tiantian can return to Li’s work, she can use Mingyuan to cooperate with Shanye Group , This is a happy ending for everyone.

Tang Guoer obeyed Li Manli’s suggestion to be a reserved lady, and rejected the flowers sent by Mingyuan. Wang Ye told Tiantian about Mingyuan’s pursuit of Tang Guoer, and every day he asked Mingyuan with the flowers what he wanted. Ming Yuan said that he would completely break up with Tian Tian and pursue Tang Guoer, making Tian Tian heartbroken.

Tang Guoer didn’t want to see Wang Ye, so Mingyuan asked Wang Ye to work overtime and took Tang Guoer to the lakeside party. He personally barbecued Tang Guoer. He also eagerly sent Tang Guoer flowers and asked Tang Guoer to give it. Tang Guoer contentedly agreed to his dream come true.

Wang Ye accused Ming Yuan of not allowing him to meet Tang Guoer as despicable, while Ming Yuan disdainfully fought back against Wang Ye as an undercover agent and leaked the scorching sun to Li Manli to be even more despicable, but Wang Ye defended himself frankly. But Mingyuan remembered that the drone operator hired to spy on the warehouse told him that someone was framing Tian Tian, ​​so that he could misunderstand him. An angry Mingyuan took off his coat and wanted to fight Wang Ye.

Wang Ye satirized Mingyuan’s exhaustion, but the gain was not worth the loss, so angry that Mingyuan smashed the documents at him. Wang Ye, who was hiding in Tibet, realized that Mingyuan could not let him go, so he brought the topic to Tiantian. He confessed that Li Manli was taking apart Mingyuan and Tiantian, and he was willing to investigate the matter for Mingyuan, and Mingyuan stopped. .

Wang Ye confessed that he had revealed that Mingyuan was going to have dinner with President Ou at the Hyatt Hotel, and Tiantian would never be an undercover agent. That is, Li Manli asked someone to deliberately act for Mingyuan, so that Mingyuan would hate Tiantian. Mingyuan didn’t believe it, so Wang Ye called Tiantian to confirm the matter, and Tian Tian denied that he had been to Hyatt. Only then did Mingyuan realize that he had been tricked by Li Manli.

Therefore, Mingyuan dated Tang Guoer again and invited Li Manli and Tang Guoer to have dinner at Hyatt to test Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer was slightly flustered and refused to eat at Hyatt on the grounds that Hyatt dishes were not acting. This convinced Ming Yuan that Tang Guoer had participated in Li Manli’s treacherous tricks and had to separate him and Tiantian.

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