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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 16 Recap

After the case was over, Qiao Nuo started busy work. Every day, he was busy delivering indictments, receiving clients, contacting lawyers to hold court sessions, and all kinds of work, which made him almost exhausted. Yang Boqing told her that this is the real court life. Not every case is so interesting.

Jono, who was lying in bed after get off work, received a call from the landlord, urging him to pay the rent. Jono reacted and realized it was him after a while. The house has not yet paid the rent, and the landlord asked him if he didn’t need to live for so long. Qiao Nuo wanted to ask what he thought. An empty house is a waste of money, so it is better to return it.

Jono went back to move, running upstairs and downstairs alone to pack things. After a while, he was tired and sweating profusely. The neighbor, Uncle Shi, came back with a pocket to see her, and quickly helped. The two men cleaned up for a while, and finally finished moving the things at home.

Qiao Nuo helped Uncle Shi carry things home. He found that Uncle Shi had a lot of health products. Jono. Some doubts, he asked about the health products. Uncle Shi explained that his health products were bought from the venue of the Tidefeng Health Products Company. Speaking of this company, Uncle Shi could not help but praise. At first, Tidefeng Health Products Company called him to give free consultations to all the elderly in their communities, and anyone who participated in the free consultations could get two boxes of protein powder for free, Uncle Shi felt.

Very cost-effective, very caring. But Qiao Nuo’s misgivings grew. He took out his mobile phone to check the name of the health care product, but there was no information at all. He began to worry that Uncle Shi was being deceived, so he lied that his mother was going to have her birthday, and wanted to go to the lecture with Uncle Shi, so he could choose a few boxes of suitable products to give to his mother. Uncle Shi did not have the slightest doubt in the next health lecture. At that time, Uncle Shi appeared with Jonuo.

The staff of Tidefeng Health Products Company immediately became serious when seeing Qiao Nuo’s face. Every one of them guarded Jonuo like a thief, except Mao Fengzhen, the CEO of the health care company. Mao Fengzhen enthusiastically talked about the change of the group’s membership like Qiao Nuo, and gave Qiao Nuo a copy of each product, Mao Fengzhen.

Hearing that Qiao Nuo said it was to choose her mother’s birthday present, she asked about her mother’s health. Qiao Nuo felt that her mother’s health had been good, but Mao Fengzhen smiled and said that this was just what Qiao Nuo had imagined. A businessman like Joe Nuo’s mother must have a stomach problem.

Mao Fengzhen really agreed. Qiao’s mother suddenly suffered a stomach ailment and was taken to the hospital during a meeting. Qiao Nuo called her mother, but no one answered. Although Mao Fengzhen comforted Qiao Nuo, he was not at ease, so he sent someone to follow Qiao Nuo to find out his home address. But Jono was very alert, he found someone following her halfway, and wittily dumped that person.

Li Xuyao ​​met Fan Jiayi at his workplace and wanted to tell him about his relationship with Qiao Nuo. Fan Jiayi guessed what he was going to say and sent Li Xuyao ​​with two sentences. Knowing that he might be broken in love, Fan Jiayi was in a very bad mood, and he went out to drink alone. I kept thinking about what Li Xuyao ​​wanted to tell him.

Fan Jiayi, who is slightly drunk, received a call from her father. Her father has been persistently trying to introduce him to a very outstanding young talent. Now Fan Jiayi is not willing and has no intention to comfort her father. He hung up the phone. Staggered away, went out and called for driving. What he didn’t expect was. The driver who appeared turned out to be Wei Yutai. Fan Jiayi’s first reaction was that Wei Yutai was following him.

Wei Yutai applied to confess that he was worried that Fan Jiayi would be drinking alone, and he won the qualification for the price 5 years in advance, just for this day. These words seemed beautiful and made Fan Jiayi stunned for a while, but he suddenly realized that if he wanted to control his drinking and be able to do it, Wei Yutai had recently followed him. Wei Yutai saw that he hadn’t avoided it, so he changed the subject hesitatingly. Fan Jiayi smiled and warned him softly not to take an example.

Fan Jiayi woke up from her parents’ house, wearing pajamas. He ran downstairs in a panic. Mom and Dad were already having breakfast. He pretended to inadvertently ask who sent him back and who changed his clothes. Dad said that someone honked the horn and he didn’t want to go out to check, but only found that Fan Jiayi was sitting on the co-pilot alone, and his mother had changed clothes.

When her parents asked him who brought her back, Fan Jiayi said that she was just a friend, and her father asked her to introduce young talents to her again. A child was subjected to school violence at school…

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