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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 13 Recap

Under the accidental collision, Lu Yiyao and Cai Siyu had a dialogue again. Although brief, Cai Siyu could not help but fall into the illusion of love again. After leaving Cai Siyu’s public position, Lu Yiyao received that his subordinates found a factory to replace Jiangcheng Group, and hurried back to the office to continue understanding.

Lu Fangning remembered Ling Rui’s words about his favorite home cooking, so he decided to exercise his cooking skills. With careful preparation, Ling Rui could not speak for a while watching the dishes at the table. Fang Ning warmly served Ling Rui’s soup, but Ling Rui still couldn’t see Lu Fangning’s so-called sincerity. He was on the way back. Ling Rui accidentally caught a glimpse of Fang Ning’s takeaway box. Such a small lie made Ling Rui suspicious of all Fang Ning’s actions, but Fang Ning could no longer bear the feeling that his sincerity was denied.

Ling Rui’s sharp language made Fang Ning no longer want to hold his sincerity. Fang Ning slammed the door and left. Ling Rui, helpless in the empty room, received Fang Ning’s express, a humanoid doll with Ling Rui’s head attached. Looking at the band-aids in the trash can and the burnt pot, Ling Rui seemed to wake up suddenly and ran out to call Fang Ning’s phone. But at this time, Lu Fangning suffocated his stomach and vented in the Taekwondo gym alone.

After delaying in guessing Ling Rui’s heart, Lu Fangning sat silently on the sponge mat in the boxing gym. Lu Yiyao walked in at this time and looked at Lu Fangning’s silent expression, and he was no longer there. Ask more, just staying with Lu Fangning quietly, and the two of them just looked at the night view outside the window. Ling Rui ran all the places where Fang Ning might appear, but when he found the gym, there was only air left…

On the second day of the free clinic, Ling Rui happened to be near Jiangcheng Group. Thinking of Lu Yiyao and Cai Yujiang’s past and the dispute between Jiangcheng Group and Luming Group, Ling Rui found Cai Yujiang. Cai Yujiang originally thought Ling Rui This time I came here only as a lobbyist, but Ling Rui smiled lightly, and secretly warned Cai Siyu to let go of her inner attachments with the “principle of fever” and stop angering with the Lu brothers and sisters. Ling Rui was very meaningful when she heard At the words, Cai Siyu also fell silent and thought to herself.

Lu Yiyao found that the data in the replaced factory was wrong. This is the so-called manager Wang who took bribes and provided the factory with problems. The soldiers did not tire of fraud. Lu Yiyao found the inner ghost and submitted a series of evidence. Legal process.

Cai Yujiang proposed a new contract to Lu Fangning, but Lu Fangning did not compromise. Cai Yujiang’s rebellious behavior broke the rules of the game. Cai Yujiang, who knew he was at a loss, provided a new supplier’s business card. Lu Fangning ignored the past and accepted it calmly. .

Before Cai Siyu left, mentioning Ling Rui’s name, Lu Fangning bounced like he was suddenly irritated, knowing that Ling Rui’s credit was behind all this, Lu Fangning did not answer, but just answered. When asked about the possibility of the relationship between Cai Yujiang and Lu Yiyao, Cai Yujiang mentioned mysteriously that Lu Yiyao belonged to him, but he should not reveal the secret.

Cai Yujiang proposed to talk with Lu Yiyao again. The two returned to the place where they used to date. The past came to mind. Cai Yujiang pretended to be relaxed, and Xiang Lu Yiyao made it clear that his feelings for Lu Yiyao had not yet been eliminated. At this moment, Just need Lu Yiyao to take a step forward, and he will no longer be stubborn. But everything is as Cai Yujiang knows, what Lu Yiyao really misses in his heart is Lu Fangning, who shows a bright smile on the photos in his wallet.

Looking at Cai Yujiang’s decisive back, Lu Yiyao felt that his steps were heavy and he could not push his body for a long time. Yu Guang glanced at the figure of Lu Yiyao Dingding, Cai Yujiang also understood that everything could not be forced anymore. Those in the past must be left behind and march towards a new life. However, Cai Yujiang still couldn’t restrain the tears from the corner of his eyes.

Lu Fangning put the new supplier documents on Lu Yiyao’s desk, but accidentally saw Lu Yiyao’s wallet with his own photo in it. Thinking of Cai Yujiang’s pretentiously mysterious words and the past, I once cried in Lu Yiyao’s arms, and Lu Yiyao left without saying goodbye for many years. Lu Fangning raised a bold guess in his heart…

After bidding farewell to Cai Yujiang and returning to the company, Lu Yiyao found that Lu Fangning was hiding from him everywhere. Whether it was a conversation, meeting, or eating, the two people who had been talking very happily now have an embarrassment. Lu Yi Yao guessed that his secret might have been discovered, so he deliberately invited Cai Siyu to eat together in front of Lu Fangning, in order to dispel Lu Fangning’s guard. Hearing what Lu Yiyao said, Cai Siyu stayed on the spot, wondering, she didn’t do anything, but the overbearing director came to the door out of thin air?

Lu Yiyao, who came to the underground garage to pick up the car, met Manager Wang who wanted to get revenge. Several gangsters quickly surrounded Lu Yiyao and fisted together. Cai Siyu looked at the horrifying scene before him and quickly shouted out. Seeing this, people ran away, leaving the injured Lu Yiyao empty.

Cai Siyu carefully drugged the wound on Lu Yiyao’s mouth. The faces of the two of them were constantly approaching, and the sniffles that were close to each other. At this time, the atmosphere was perfect. Cai Siyu eagerly awaited Lu Yiyao’s confession, but Lu Yi Yao was not used to it. Seeing that a good opportunity was about to slip away, Cai Siyu decided to take the initiative and raised his courage to speak to Lu Yiyao.

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