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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 39 Recap

Mayor Wen asked Yin Qiansu’s secretary to contact Liao Jie. Qin Henian wanted to send a poem to Liao Jie. This poem was of special significance to them. At the beginning, he and Liao Jie’s father received two military emblems following Mr. Sun’s uprising. Although he gained military merit, what did the brothers and ordinary people who died on the battlefield gain? Qin Henian taught Liao Jie a poem about the age of eighteen years. The so-called military exploits are all piles of bones. Send this poem to Liao Jie and he will understand.

Liao Jie came to the telecommunications office to find a document, and it happened that the telecommunications office received a telegram from Songjiang. Liao Jie came before the staff member Qian and said it was a telegram sent to him by Songjiang. Liao Jie was bent on arranging the retreat. Qian Qian persuaded him to dispel his thoughts, but Liao Jie only listened to the order of the Ministry of National Defense.

Chief Qian simply sent a telegram to the Ministry of National Defense and told Liao Jie when he was waiting for the resumption that Qin Henian was there At Yin Qiansu’s funeral, Mayor Wen carried the coffin to remind him not to stand in the wrong team. Qin Henian’s life and death are in the hands of Liao Jie. After receiving a reply from the Ministry of National Defense, Liao Jie’s heart is more complicated.

As soon as Liao Jie came back and formally took over Hengzhou, Staff Qian found that Qin Henian’s secret report of persuading him was almost delivered to Liao Jie and was very angry. Chi Tiecheng received a telegram from the chief, asking him to clear the hidden danger within 24 hours. Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling told the director that Chi Tiecheng was Xiaoxue’s biological father and that it was not appropriate to confess this to Qin Henian. The director asked Ouyang Xiangling to monitor Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and be more vigilant not to miss any clues.

Dad and Su Wenqian mentioned that they had made kites for him and Chi Tiecheng when they were young. Chi Tiecheng has always been domineering, and his father asked Su Wenqian to let him, but he didn’t expect to let it become a habit. A kite doesn’t matter, but a loved one can’t let it. My father understands that Su Wenqian has a deep affection for Xiaoxue. He has taken care of Xiaoxue for three years, just like his biological father. Now because of Chi Tiecheng’s words, is Su Wenqian really willing to cut off the meat in his heart?

Su Wenqian sighed, in his heart Xiaoxue was his daughter, how could he be willing. But there was Xiaoxue in Chi Tiecheng’s assassination plan. He was forced to tell him the truth. Su Wenqian admitted that he was very selfish, but Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue waited for Chi Tiecheng for nine years. How could he stop him because of his selfishness. Their family reunited. Dad persuaded him to think about it. It is impossible for Chi Tiecheng to give up sniping because of a child who just emerged. Is it really the best arrangement for Xiaoxue to follow him?

Chi Tiecheng thought that Xiaoxue used to call his father in his sleep, and his heart was also very tangled. Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu couldn’t sleep, they played Chi Tiecheng’s favorite song together, and their thoughts turned into melodious songs. All night, Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng had no sleep. Early the next morning, Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng and Duan Zhenpeng to implement two messages for themselves. Qin Zishu called Principal Fang early in the morning to ask for leave. Ouyang Xiangling guessed that it was because of Su Wenqian or Chi Tiecheng. Shan Leng and Duan Zhenpeng went to Principal Fang to ask for a list of potential personnel, and people related to the shipping industry were on standby. Principal Fang was puzzled but could only agree.

Xiaoxue was not in the mood all day, and kept looking out the window to see if there were any kites rising. President Fang arranged for Zheng Dejiang of the Intelligence Office to meet with Shan Leng and Duan Zhenpeng. He and the director asked for instructions to view the files of Chi Tiecheng, but only received the news that he had waited until nine o’clock this morning. It seemed that he believed in Chi Tiecheng more.

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