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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 38 Recap

Xiaoxue told Qin Zishu that she remembered every letter her father wrote to her and read it back to Qin Zishu. Su Wenqian also remembered every word in Xiaoxue’s reply, and every word of thought came from Su Wenqian’s mouth, making Chi Tiecheng feel complicated. Xiaoxue did not agree to let Su Wenqian take care of them at first, but later accepted him and asked her father to make herself a kite, because Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian both said he was the most powerful person in the world. Su Wenqian made a kite instead of Chi Tiecheng and accompanied Xiaoxue.

Su Wenqian read the fourteenth letter and stopped abruptly. Because the way of meeting was in the fifteenth envelope, Su Wenqian’s condition was that Chi Tiecheng gave up the assassination mission and exited the assassination team, and took Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue to leave Songjiang to Hong Kong or the United States. Chi Tiecheng obviously didn’t agree, and quibbly said that he didn’t want to kill Qin Henian, but just wanted to recognize Xiaoxue. Su Wenqian wants Chi Tiecheng to complete the conditions, otherwise he will never want to recognize Xiaoxue, he can only wait for Chi Tiecheng until ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

Xiaoxue used to get angry and refused to go home because her classmate Douzi lost the kite. The way she made an appointment with her father was to carry her on her shoulders, because she felt that Su Wenqian did everything her father did, so this was with her father. Agreement. Qin Zishu was sad to hear that Xiaoxue had read all the letters.

Section Chief Cao outside the door stopped Ouyang Xiangling. He couldn’t tell Xiaoxue about these things. Chi Tiecheng had no idea that there was a child like her, this pair of Xiaoxue. How severe the blow should be, not to mention Qin Zishu didn’t necessarily believe that this letter was true. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao thought that the truth will be revealed someday, but it is too cruel to reveal the truth when the child is reciting a letter from his father.

Principal Fang and Uncle Ge, the guard at the school, were both from Songjiang Station. Uncle Ge dealt with the police well, but President Fang did not find Xiaoxue’s school status form, and he took it that day. Principal Fang understood that the jellyfish group would prevent the completion of this mission, and only tonight did he learn that Muyu was Su Wenqian who came to pick up Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter every day.

Calculating the time, the time Qin Zishu was pregnant with Xiaoxue was the time when Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng assassinated Muteng. He also remembered that Chi Tiecheng used a beautiful boy in the mission, but Qin Zishu still needs to check the file. President Fang would not let Chi Tiecheng toss, and immediately sent a telegram to the bureau.

Mayor Wen told Qin Henian that the assassination team and the Tenth Corps had some close ties. It stands to reason that the jellyfish assassination team had completed its mission and should abscond, but suddenly attacked Qin Henian, and as soon as Chi Tiecheng arrived in Songjiang The Qin family was monitored through the attic opposite, which means that the initial target of the jellyfish assassination group was Qin Henian.

Qin Henian understood that he did not follow their wishes to attend Yin Qiansu’s funeral. Ouyang Xiangling guessed that they were afraid that the Chu army would not dare to assassinate them publicly, and that they must have follow-up actions. Liao Jie is the most critical part, Qin He Nian’s attitude will affect Liao Jie, so they regard him as the biggest hidden danger. But they don’t know what the enemy’s conspiracy is and what role Liao Jie has. Mayor Wen proposed to listen to the radio first to see the situation in Hengzhou.

As soon as Chi Tiecheng went back, he broke Li Bei-ra’s hand, and then asked Shan Leng to send electricity to the bureau, hoping that they would postpone the news of the Tenth Corps’ pacification so that they would have more time to complete the task.

But everything was too late. The news was broadcast. Liao Jie also officially became the commander of the Tenth Corps, but Liao Jie was thinking of retreating southward and publicly announced that the Tenth Corps would retreat south. Staff Officer Qian refused to agree and took out the president’s warrant, stating that the Tenth Corps would station troops in Hengzhou. Hearing the news that Tang Siyuan was killed, Mayor Wen was surprised, but Qin Henian felt that the news was not credible.

After all, Liao Jie was raised by him. His temperament was strong and the military order was overwhelming. It is not surprising that he was ordered to fight, but he took the lead and killed him in rebellion. Tang Siyuan arrested Zhuang Tingfeng, unlike what he did.

Ouyang Xiangling said that there must be a traitor in the 10th Corps. This man is scheming to force Liao Jie to station in Hengzhou step by step, but Qin Henian can’t make the Corps uprising anymore at this time. Mayor Wen proposed that Qin Henian should come forward to find out about the situation with Liao Jie to find out the truth. Liao Jie was struggling to ride a tiger at this time, and only then realized that they wanted to use the Tenth Corps for the safety of the direct line.

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