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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 7 Recap

In the hospital, Zhang Xiaoya’s family held a memorial service in the hospital, playing mourning, music, masturbation and filial piety, chasing after the hospital leaders to discuss the explanation. The hospital leaders couldn’t resist the pressure and asked Wenbai to think about whether he violated the operation during the operation. Wen Bai said that he and the nurse had carefully recalled many times and there was nothing wrong with it.

Just when Wen Bai put down the phone, Jin Ling found Wen Bai and told him not to blame herself too much. Jin Ling had already found Tan Jingtian. They found that there was a rare insect on the plants of Zhang Xiaoya’s family. They wanted Tan Jingtian to come over and take a look. It was said that Tan Jingtian would resist the case of falling from a building. Wen Bai said that it made Jin Ling a little surprised.

Tan Jingtian did resist the case of falling from a building, but how did Wen Bai know about it? At this time, Dr. Xie went to Wenbai’s office and called Jin Ling or stayed away from Wenbai. Otherwise, he would be photographed and posted online, which would not affect anyone.

When Jin Ling came home and saw Tan Jingtian message herself, Tan Jingtian saw the video of Jin Ling beating someone on the Internet, and sent a message to Jin Ling asking her what was going on, so she went downstairs to Jin Ling’s house and wanted to see Jin Ling to learn about the situation in person.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling went to the scene of the crime. Looking at the place where Zhang Xiaoya fell from the building, Tan Jingtian recalled his unbearable past, and still had lingering fears. Tan Jingtian went back to the police station to check the photos of the scene and found that Zhang Xiaoya didn’t know the plant very well. The corpse of the microprickly bug beside the insect-catching tree was killed and placed next to the insect-catching tree.

Tan Jingtian guessed someone Killing Miligus is the person who doesn’t know how to breed insect-catching trees. Zhang Xiaoya’s daily watering of insect-catching trees proves that Zhang Xiaoya does not know how to breed insect-catching trees, but Zhang Xiaoya’s insect-catching trees are well taken care of. People, Tan Jingtian thinks that Zhang Xiaoya waters the insect-catching tree every day. The insect-catching tree will definitely die.

However, it is clear from the monitoring that Zhang Xiaoya waters the insect-catching tree every day. How should we explain it? At this time, Officer Li wondered if someone pretended to be Zhang Xiaoya. Watering the insect-catching tree, there is only one possibility that this person will create an illusion for the neighbor, that is, Zhang Xiaoya’s illusion that he will fall down sooner or later when he waters the balcony every day.

Wen Bai finally couldn’t stand the social pressure and called the hospital director, saying that he died of Zhang Xiaoya due to a surgical error, so the hospital found Cheng Penghui and Wen Bai, hoping that the two could sign an 800,000 compensation agreement. At this time, Cheng Penghui He said he didn’t want the money, he just wanted to give Zhang Xiaoya a statement. If you want to give it to Zhang Xiaoya’s family, the hospital decided to give Cheng Penghui the title of deputy chief physician. Cheng Penghui agreed and signed the agreement.

Captain Chen checked the surveillance and found that Zhang Xiaoya was wearing a mask every time he was watering the water. If someone who wants to murder Zhang Xiaoya uses this unreliable method of killing, what should he do if Zhang Xiaoya is not dead, even if he falls downstairs He was still alive when he was sent to the hospital. Zhang Xiaoya would not have died if it were not for a medical accident. At this time, Tan Jingtian said he wanted to watch the surveillance video again.

Jin Ling knew that Tan Jingtian was afraid of falling from a building and wanted to tell Tan Jingtian that he could not watch it, but Tan Jingtian said that this case is related to the literary white and also to himself.

A man named Master Li with burn scars appeared in Wenhui’s ward, but after seeing him, Wenhui’s temperament changed drastically, saying that if it weren’t for him, Wenhui wouldn’t fall to this level, so Master Li hurriedly left.

Tan Jingtian checked the video of Zhang Xiaoya’s falling from the building many times, which reminded him of the past that he didn’t want to look back, so Tan Jingtian couldn’t help but ran out of the monitoring room. Wen Bai went to see Wen Hui and said that a Master Li had visited Wen Hui today, which surprised Wen Bai.

Tan Jingtian ran to the top of the building, and Jin Ling chased him up. Tan Jingtian told Jin Ling that his mother died because of falling from the building. Tan Jingtian often dreamed about how his mother fell. Tan Jingtian’s father also died in a car accident. Grandma and Uncle Xu took care of him. big. He often wondered what the truth was about his mother falling from a building.

Officer Li followed Cheng Penghui to a woman’s place. This was a lover of Cheng Penghui. Officer Li took a photo of Cheng Penghui’s lover Gu Panpan back to the police station and investigated Zhang Xiaoya’s mother who left a large amount of property to Zhang Xiaoya before her death. In this way, the biggest beneficiary of Zhang Xiaoya’s death is Cheng Penghui.

In addition, Cheng Penghui’s figure is really similar to Zhang Xiaoya. If Cheng Penghui is dressed up as Zhang Xiaoya, it is very possible to wear a mask to water the insect catching tree every day. Captain Chen asked Li Did the police officer check Meng Jiangyue’s identity, but Officer Li and the others still failed to find out. Meng Jiangyue’s identity was fake. Captain Chen got angry and asked them to investigate Meng Jiangyue quickly.

Tan Jingtian went to Zhang Xiaoya’s crime scene and performed an imaginative restoration of the scene. When Jin Ling came home, his mother asked him why he hadn’t mentioned Wen Bai recently. Jin Ling remembered that Wen Bai wanted to call him, but Wen Bai’s phone had been turned off. At this time, Jin Ling and her mother talked about Tan Jingtian who used to have such a In a tragic experience, Jin Ling lay on the bed alone, thinking about the dripping mouth with Tan Jingtian with a sweet smile.

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