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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 6 Recap

So Master Li took a taxi to the place where Li Nian killed Wu Qianling. Master Li told Li Nian to pack his luggage and return to Japan. If the police asked him, he would say that he had returned to China to accompany his father on his birthday, and he would pass Li Nian’s belt. Li Nian was arranged by his father to return to Japan.

When Li Nian returned to the hospital, Master Li saw that his son had gone back, so he told him to go back to Japan as soon as possible. However, Zhong Liang and Li Nian said that the police had new evidence to prove that Li Nian was guilty, and it was useless if Li Nian left. Officer Li and Master Li said that although Li Nian is his son, Wu Qianling is also someone else’s daughter. Anyone whose children are the hearts of parents. Li Nian knelt down to Master Li and begged him. Maybe they would have hope if he let him go. Master Li heard his son’s plea and threw down the knife in his hand.

Master Li recalled that he took Wu Qianling’s body to the fresh-keeping warehouse on a cart, and then used a belt to create fake marks on Wu Qianling’s neck. Later, he created some fake clues on the scene that he killed Wu Qianling. He wanted to do this in this way. Cover up the evidence of the murder of his son Li Nian. When Li Nian was taken away by the police car, Li Nian saw Tan Jingtian and bowed deeply to Tan Jingtian. Wen Bai said to Tan Jingtian whether he saw it. Tan Jingtian was right.

Wen Bai is in the hospital for rehabilitation training for her mother. Wenhui seems to be conducting oral training on the nurses. Wenhui is a very demanding person. Although she has mental problems, she is still very professional and requires nurses who do not perform well. Leaving alone for guidance made Wen Bai feel very sorry for the nurses.

In the middle of the night, Wenbai received an emergency call from a person who fell down and wanted to return to the hospital for surgery. The family members of the injured arrived just outside the operating room and said it was because the injured Zhang Xiaoya watered the flowers on the balcony that he fell from the building.

Officer Li went to the scene to investigate eyewitnesses. The eyewitness said that they had called the police many times because they watered the flowers every nine o’clock upstairs, and the noise was so loud that they were so noisy that they found the police station to coordinate many times. No solution, the man in his family is a doctor, and he hired a nanny, because the flower was a testimony of their love.

It was brought back from South Africa. He had to water the flower every night, which had a great impact on the neighbors. , So they went to the police station many times, but they couldn’t solve Zhang Xiaoya’s problem of watering the flowers at night. At this time, Officer Li received a call from the hospital saying that the person who fell from the building had died.

The family of the deceased attacked the NPC in the hospital outside the operating room, saying that Wen Bai was a murderer and that Wen Bai caused the medical accident. Wen Bai gave them an explanation. At this time, the deceased’s husband also questioned Wen Bai. He and Wen Bai were colleagues. Why was Wen Bai unable to get out of the operating room for such a simple operation? The words of the deceased’s husband even more irritated Zhang Xiaoya’s family and attacked Wen Bai as the main one.

At this time, Jin Ling rushed to the scene and told her family not to beat others. , But how could the family members who were provoked by the deceased’s husband easily let go of Wenbai, Jin Ling subdued the people who were in trouble, and the deceased’s husband took a video of them and posted it online.

Captain Chen received a call from her superiors saying that Jin Ling had beaten the people. Captain Chen had to admit her mistake on behalf of Jin Ling and said that he should teach Jin Ling well. Captain Chen put down the phone and looked at Jin Ling and asked Jin Ling to go back to the meeting quickly.

Officer Li introduced the deceased Zhang Xiaoya, a nurse at Furen Hospital. He resigned and went home half a month before his death. After falling from the building, he entered his original hospital for rescue. The attending physician was Wen Bai and died during the rescue.

The hospital leader found Wen Bai to talk. Wen Bai, who should have been in the position of deputy chief physician, had to let him go for the time being. Ask Wen Bai not to think too much about cooperating with the hospital and police investigations.

Officer Li reported that the husband of the deceased was named Cheng Penghui, who was also a doctor at Furen Hospital. Zhang Xiaoya took the initiative to pursue Cheng Penghui. It seems that Cheng Penghui was still very popular at the time.

The hospital leaders found Cheng Penghui and conducted some understanding of Zhang Xiaoya’s pre-death affairs, and asked him what was wrong with Zhang Xiaoya’s mind before his death, and whether it was caused by Zhang Xiaoya’s death that was not discovered, but Cheng Penghui did. He believed that the hospital was covering Wenbai and the hospital’s negligence.

He could only guarantee that he would not influence the police to do an autopsy on Zhang Xiaoya, but Zhang Xiaoya’s family could not guarantee it. When Cheng Penghui returned home, he received a call from a person who said about Zhang Xiaoya’s planing. He hoped that the other party could influence the police’s planing of the corpse and not let the police plan the body.

Officer Li checked the surveillance video outside Zhang Xiaoya’s house and saw that Zhang Xiaoya fell off the balcony while watering the flowers that day. Officer Li introduced Zhang Xiaoya that this tree is a symbol of love between her and Cheng Penghui. The tree is carefully cultivated.

The family members of the deceased firmly believed that the deceased was a medical accident. They were afraid that the police would treat the corpse unfairly in order to favor plaintiffs. The family members of the deceased had very good reasons.

The police learned about the family of the deceased Zhang Xiaoya. His father died early and his mother passed away half a month ago. At present, only her husband Cheng Penghui and a cousin Zhang Guodong and cousin Zhang Yufeng are in this city. But the two cousins ​​were unwilling, unless the police could give evidence that Zhang Xiaoya did not die by accident. In addition, they also have a nanny, Meng Jiangyue. Meng Jiangyue went out when Zhang Xiaoya had an accident, so she was not there. Captain Chen could only tell the family members that Zhang Xiaoya did not fall accidentally.

Captain Chen found Jin Ling and showed him a picture of a Zhang Xiaoya-like plant with some insects on it. This requires Tan Jingtian to go back and ask Tan Jingtian to go back quickly. So Jin Ling called Tan Jingtian, but Tan Jingtian hung up the phone when he heard that the case was because of falling down. Tan Jingtian didn’t want to be involved in the death case.

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