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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 5 Recap

After Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian simulated the crime, they said that Master Li was lying in a police meeting. Jin Ling found some meat residue in Wu Qianling’s stomach, but the female body was not allowed to eat these things, and she and Tan Jingtian simulated The mark of Wu Qianling is completely different from Wu Qianling’s, so Jin Ling believes that Wu Qianling was strangled in the car, because the leather fiber found on Wu Qianling’s back is a kind of car seat cover fiber, and the murderer was behind Wu Qianling who attacked Wu Qianling. dead.

Tan Jingtian went to Jin Ling and gave her a set of cosmetics as compensation for strangling her neck yesterday, and told Jin Ling that he was going to help Jin Ling find the American cockroach. Wen Bai saw Dr. Xie and told her not to deliberately change the duty time in order to see Wen Bai asked, but Dr. Xie did not admit that it was because the doctor on duty took a leave of absence yesterday and replaced her on duty.

Police Officer Li and Captain Chen were looking for Wu Qianling’s daily whereabouts monitoring, and found that Wu Qianling was missing in the monitoring between the two roads. This might be a car. At this time, only Master Li’s car was on the monitoring screen. At this time, police officer Li said that the fingerprint of Master Li’s apprentice Zhong Liang was found on Master Li’s key. They took Zhong Liang to the police station for questioning. Zhong Liang said that he was going to confront Master Li.

Tan Jingtian was called by Captain Chen to the interrogation room to investigate together. Just when Officer Li took Zhong Liang to the interrogation room, Master Li saw that Zhong Liang was also brought in, so he hurriedly said that everything was done by Master Li himself. It’s okay for Zhong Liang, but Zhong Liang’s pornographic magazine was given to Zhong Liang by Li Nian, Master Li’s son, and it was discovered by Officer Li in Zhong Liang’s locker.

Zhong Liang said Master Li’s son has been in Japan. Every year, Master Li would return home to visit Master Li on July 20th for his birthday. At this time, Officer Li took a leather belt to Zhong Liang and asked him if he knew it, was it Master Li’s. Zhong Liang’s answer was definitely not Master Li’s. ,

Because Zhong Liang and Master Li’s apprentice have known the belt used by Master Li for so many years. Officer Li and Captain Chen said that if Master Li’s son Li Nian has been unable to contact Master Li, would he be aware of it? Officer Li wanted to use Zhong Liang to lure Li Nian back to China, but in case it was not Li Nian killing someone, it happened. Tian Li Nian is taking an exam, which will affect Li Nian’s future.

Zhong Liang took Li Nian back to the country and said that his father was waiting for him in the hospital. At this time, Officer Li was monitoring their whereabouts at the airport.

Tan Jingtian received a call from Jin Ling saying that Master Li committed suicide by hitting the wall in the morning, but he was sent to the hospital for rescue. After investigating, police officer Li learned that Wu Qianling was Li Nian’s girlfriend. Wu Qianling’s classmates knew Li Nian. Wu Qianling’s classmates said that Li Nian was very good to Wu Qianling. All supplies were brought back by Li Nian from Japan, but Wu Qianling was a female body. Sheng, because she saw the circle of friends posted by the manager on duty, she went to become a female sports player. It seems that Li Nian did not have time to commit crimes.

Police officer Li asked Li Nian after seeing him. Wu Qianling’s picture was shown to him and asked if it was his girlfriend. Li Nian’s answer was a bit far-fetched. At this time, Master Li was pushed out of the operating room. But Master Li saw that Li Nian was taken back to China and was furious. He picked up a scalpel and held Wen Bai. Master Li asked Officer Li why they were alarming Li Nian. He was about to take the master’s degree. Wu Qianling was Master Li. Why did you want to catch his son?

Jin Ling thought that Li Nian had gone to Japan on the 20th, and Wu Qianling died on the 21st, but it is possible that the fresh-keeping function of the fresh-keeping cabinet affected the dead time of the body. Wu Qianling was specific The time of death is probably the 20th.

Master Li asked the police to buy Li Nian a plane ticket and send him back to Japan immediately, or he would kill Wen Bai. Li Nian asked Zhong Liang to go to the airport together. Tan Jingtian followed them all the way. Tan Jingtian told Li Nian that he had obtained evidence that Li Nian killed Wu Qianling, which was the eggs of the American cockroach.

Li Nian didn’t want to hear Tan Jingtian’s theory and only wanted to go. Boarding the plane, Tan Jingtian told Li Nian what he had done, but he knew the best, but Master Li’s head was now being targeted by a sniper. If Li Nian left like this, he and Master Li would never see him again, Li Nian heard After Tan Jingtian said these words, he quickly ran back to the hospital to save his father.

On the way, Li Nian recalled that his mother left him and his father when he was a child. The father always cared for him. Li Nian also thought that he was discovered because Wu Qianling was a female body. Later, I was going to ask why Wu Qianling did this, but Wu Qianling did not repent, and Xing and Li Nian fought in the car, so Li Nian strangled Wu Qianling to death in the car. After Wu Qianling died, Li Nian made this matter. Called and told his father.

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