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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 4 Recap

Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian went to check the female body Sheng and touched the girl’s body with their hands. They confirmed that the woman lying there was a corpse, so Jin Ling decided to report the matter to Captain Chen. Captain Chen brought people to the scene and was stopped by Uncle Xu. Uncle Xu thought they were sabotaging his banquet, but Captain Chen told Uncle Xu that he was performing official duties and not to affect his office, and that everyone on the scene could not leave. The first person to be questioned was Uncle Xu.

Jin Ling had a preliminary understanding of the surface of the corpse. The deceased had been dead for about thirty-two hours, and there was a mark on the neck that was suffocated. Officer Li asked one of the boys. He said that the girl was named Wu Qianling, a junior. Wu Qianling had to receive training with Master Li every day.

In order to keep the female body prosperous, only Master Li had to contact the female body. Officer Li found Master Li When asked, Master Li said that he went home to sleep after training at 9pm last night. When putting ingredients on the female body at 5 this afternoon, he found that the female body was indeed a bit cold, but it should be normal, because the female body needs to treat the body.

To cool down, Officer Li took Master Li’s belt back for inspection, and asked everyone at the scene and brought their belts back for inspection. Tan Jingtian told Captain Chen that everyone on the scene should be released. He found a tobacco caterpillar on the body of the female body Sheng.

This tobacco caterpillar likes to eat vegetables, but the tobacco caterpillar was indeed frozen to death, indicating that the tobacco caterpillar felt it. It is cold to drill under the person’s body, which means that before the death of the female body, there must be vegetables and particularly cold places. In this way, the first thing to check is the cold storage where the vegetables are stored. Captain Chen asked his subordinates to keep the information of all the people on the scene and let them go, and then went to the fresh-keeping warehouse where the vegetables were stored for inspection.

Wenbai kept reminiscing about what Tan Jingtian had said on his way home, as if they had a certain relationship. Captain Chen went to the scene and found a footprint on a vegetable leaf. Officer Li told Captain Chen that the key to the fresh-keeping warehouse was owned by the security department. Only the duty manager and Master Li had them, but after Master Li was released I couldn’t get in touch anymore. Captain Chen called the technical department to call for monitoring to investigate where Master Li’s car was going. With the cooperation of everyone, Master Li was trapped in the car and captured.

Wen Bai’s mother, Wen Hui, is a person with mental problems. She always imagines that she is a news anchor. Every time she requires doctors and nurses to record news programs with her, Wen Bai tells everyone that Wen Hui is his sister. Don’t take this matter. Poke through.

After Master Li was arrested, Officer Li placed some evidence on the scene before him. Master Li said that he did not intend to kill Wu Qianling, but just missed it for a while.

Master Li recalled the last time they practiced. Master Li looked at Wu Qianling’s body and couldn’t help her desire, so he had evil thoughts towards Wu Qianling, but Wu Qianling couldn’t do it. The two struggled, Master Li strangled Wu Qianling with a belt. Master Li said that if Wu Qianling did not shout, she would not strangle Wu Qianling. Because Master Li knew that the monitoring on this floor of the hotel was broken, and Wu Qianling could not leave the hotel these days, he wanted to put Wu Qianling in the fresh-keeping warehouse, wrap the corpse with plastic wrap, and wait for the female body to finish before processing the corpse, anyway When the female body is in full swing, the model can’t move, no one can find that the model is a dead body.

Wen Bai invited Jin Ling to dinner again, but Jin Ling took Tan Jingtian with him. Because there was no successful banquet for Tan Jingtian last time, no one could rob her when Jin Ling paid the bill. Just when Jin Ling picked up a piece of meat, she suddenly had some thoughts in her mind and said that he was going back to the police station.

When Captain Chen and Officer Li ate together, he felt that when Master Li was making transcripts, he said that the body of the female Tisheng was a little cold, and he deliberately led them into the fresh-keeping warehouse. No other murderer took the murder weapon with him after killing. At this time, Police Officer Tang said that he had found Wu Qianling’s information in a campus loan record, which made everyone think that the case was not that simple. Jin Ling returned to Wu Qianling’s corpse depository, and the corpse was re-planed again, and it seemed that there was a new discovery.

Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian went to watch the game together. At this time, Jin Ling called Tan Jingtian and asked them to go to the unit. Tan Jingtian asked Jin Ling what was going on. Jin Ling gave Tan Jingtian a cockroach he found in Wu Qianling’s mouth. Tan Jingtian knew this. The cockroach is a large American cockroach. Jin Ling wanted Tan Jingtian to help her re-enact the rape of Wu Qianling, but Wen Bai felt that this was a bit wrong, but they both insisted on simulating it again, and Wen Bai couldn’t say anything.

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