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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 3 Recap

Jin Ling went to the place where Jin Ling met on the Internet. This man was wearing a mask, but he was very short, like the body shape of Tang Shaopeng’s friend Shen Sanxiang. At this time, this person asked Jin Ling if she wanted to be more mature and stronger. Jin Ling said she Yes, so this person wanted to press Jin Ling on the insects. At this time, Jin Ling tripped this person to the ground, but was ran away by this person. Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling hurried to chase them, not far from Captain Chen. He arrived and arrested Shen Sanxiang and brought him to justice.

At this time, Officer Li said that Shen Sanxiang threw a bunch of small snakes on him. Tan Jingtian said that things were not good, but he was not sure that he had to rush to Tang Shaopeng’s house. However, Tan Jingtian was very foresighted. Before the people arrived at Tang Shaopeng’s house, the 120 emergency number was called. When they arrived at Tang Shaopeng’s house, they found that Tang Shaopeng’s parents’ bedroom had been given a lot of snakes by Shen Sanxiang, Tang Shaopeng’s mother.

He was bitten by a snake and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Tang Shaopeng’s grandmother and father asked Shen Sanxiang why he wanted to kill Tang Shaopeng, but Shen Sanxiang said that he didn’t want to kill Tang Shaopeng, but it was Tang Shaopeng’s parents who Shen Sanxiang wanted to kill.

Tang Shaopeng died. Tang Shaopeng always wanted to grow up to protect his mother and prevent his father from beating his mother. Shen Sanxiang only wanted to help Tang Shaopeng grow up quickly. At this time, Shen Sanxiang found that Tang Shaopeng’s mother appeared in front of the door. Tan Jingtian and the police set up a set, and only then told the truth, so they scolded them for using tricks to trick him into telling the truth.

Tan Jingtian and Captain Chen said that Shen Sanxiang’s killing of Tang Shaopeng was manslaughter, but the killing of Tang Shaopeng’s parents was an attempted murder. Officer Li and Captain Chen explained that Tan Jingtian was aware of all this. Tan Jingtian checked Tang Shaopeng’s house that day and found that his non-venomous snake was replaced with a venomous snake, so he rushed to Tang Shaopeng’s house and saved Tang Shaopeng’s parents. Also put out Shen Sanxiang’s words.

On the second day, Shen Sanxiang went to the scene of the killing and identified. Shen Sanxiang recalled that he and Tang Shaopeng were there together. Shen Sanxiang carefully prepared an adult ceremony for Tang Shaopeng. The two entered the Ferris wheel in the playground and started the machine. At this time, Shen Sanxiang wanted to complete Tang Shaopeng.

Tang Shaopeng’s wish to grow up quickly made Tang Shaopeng put his hand into a bag containing bullet ants, but Tang Shaopeng died of poisoning, so Shen Sanxiang was scared away, leaving Tang Shaopeng’s body in the Ferris wheel.

At Tang Shaopeng’s memorial service, Tan Jingtian handed a phone book to Tang Shaopeng’s grandmother and asked her to call him if she had anything to do. After that, Tan Jingtian went to his mother’s tombstone and worshipped his mother.

Officer Li dressed up Shen Sanxiang as a construction worker, and entered Tan Jingtian’s laboratory to watch the surveillance broadcast. Shen Sanxiang put the Fiji iguana in a barrel in the bullet ant petri dish in the laboratory, and then put the Fiji iguana’s The bones were taken out and thrown into the yard. Later, the migrant workers picked up the bones of the Fijian iguana.

At this time, the director of the institute used the question and said that the monitoring system in the institute that he had paid attention to long ago should have been installed in a dead corner. At this time, Police Officer Li told Director Chen that he just wanted to restore Tan Jingtian’s reputation, and the Institute would also reward Tan Jingtian.

In order to thank Tan Jingtian for helping to solve the case, Jin Ling took the initiative to invite Tan Jingtian to have a meal. Officer Li could see that Jin Ling had a good impression of Tan Jingtian, so she told Tan Jingtian not to be too dull. The goddess’s initiative to invite the appointment must be a play.

Here Jin Ling called Dr. Wen and told him to go out for a meal with Tan Jingtian, but this meal was prepared for Tan Jingtian. Tan Jingtian’s favorite dishes did not match Dr. Wen’s appetite, but Dr. Wen said he could. Eat other things, or have a meal together to get to know you.

The places Tan Jingtian went to eat were all Japanese cuisines, but it was reserved by others. At this time, Tan Jingtian’s elder Uncle Xu just passed by. It turned out that he was the one who booked the restaurant. Uncle Xu brought Tan Jingtian into the restaurant and waited for Jin Ling and Doctor Wen. .

On the Japanese food table lies a beautiful woman. The beautiful woman is a good Japanese food. The chef said that the owner of the industry group likes this dish. Jin Ling introduced Dr. Wen Wen Bai to Tan Jingtian. Tan Jingtian said that the organizer of the charter today was his father’s classmates and told them to be polite. Wen Bai asked Tan Jingtian whose surname was Tan.

Tan Jingtian said that he was originally surnamed Jing, but later adopted his grandmother’s surname Tan. This makes Wenbai feel a little different. During the chat, Wenbai and Tan Jingtian both liked the same team, so the two added WeChat, and they fell in love with each other.

Jin Ling also joked that I wish their long-lost brothers can reunite and have a drink. Wenbai wanted to go to the bathroom after drinking, and then Wenbai took out a necklace from the bathroom, recalling what happened when he was a child, Wenbai fell down while running, and happened to meet Jin Ling when he was a child. Jin Ling helped him up and gave him away. Give him a stone and tell Wen Bai that he called Jin Ling to get to know Wen Bai, but Wen Bai ran away.

After Wen Bai grew up, he replaced the professor in the school to teach the students. When Wen Bai was calling, he found a person named Jin Ling. This reminded him that the little girl who helped him when he was a child was also named Jin Ling and developed a good impression of Jin Ling.

When Wen Bai returned to his seat from the bathroom, he saw that today’s organizer was explaining the origin of the women’s sports event. The Japanese master explained that the women’s sports event is a dish that can serve the most distinguished guests. Tan Jingtian asked Jin Ling to go over and take a look. Jin Ling said that he was abnormal, but Tan Jingtian said that he saw this naked woman’s skin seems to have problems.

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