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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 15 Recap

In the evening, I was practicing chess in the chess room. The great teacher who was called the devil by the dojo classmates walked in. After watching his previous chess games, he scolded him for playing badly. Chu Ying listened to him and was unwilling to teach the great teacher. The great teacher continued He said that Shishi played chess like shit and wasted electricity here to make him roll, Shi Shi turned around and ran away.

Back in the bedroom, Hong He heard that he felt normal after being yelled at by the big teacher. He said that he would get used to one group in the future, but Time felt that he was currently ranked 13th in the second group. Thinking of one group would be far away Indefinitely. On the second day, the teacher took the poster of the Lion Cubs Tournament and pasted it on the wall.

The so-called Lion Cubs Tournament is a match between the youngsters from the three dojos in Fangyuan City and the new professional players who have just entered the stage. He said that there is only one group of top eight. Only qualified to participate. Time knew that Yu Liang would definitely participate, and there were still three months to go before the Cubs. He vowed to enter a group during this time. Chu Ying offered to help him, but Time said that he would advance to the group by his own strength.

This month’s round-robin tournament began, and the first time battle was lost. In order to get the guidance of the master, Hong He took him to see his master Lin Li 9th Duan. Lin Li ranked third in the hands of Nan Yu Bei Sang and Dong Lin Xi Zhao. The first place was Yu Liang’s father Yu Xiaoyang.

Unexpectedly, there would be no so-called master showdown after getting there, but the two of them helped Lin Li tidy up the garden. Time asked where his master had gone, and Hong He said he had gone to play chess. Time was very angry. It turned out that Hong He lied to him as free labor. Hong He smiled and asked him to help, and he would definitely repay him in the future.

When Lin Li came back, he told Hong He that he would not accept him as a disciple even if he came frequently. Hong He smiled and said that he would come even if he didn’t accept him as a disciple. He liked to come to Teacher Lin’s house to do farm work. Teacher Lin saw that he was so sincere that he would play a game with him, but Hong He gave up this good opportunity to time.

During the game, Lin Li found that Shi Shi’s chess was immature but he played a few steps very well, so he asked him if he had any other teachers besides playing chess in the dojo. Shi Shi said that he usually read a lot of Bai Ziqiu’s chess records and was influenced by him bigger. Lin Li pointed out that attacking is the best defense, making him more confident not to play chess with a burden.

He also said that he has the potential to continue to work hard. Time has heard of it and his confidence has increased. After time and Hong He were gone, Lin Li’s daughter asked her father why he didn’t accept Hong He as a disciple. She thought Hong He was good. Lin Li smiled and said that she had to take time to test him. Fortunately, she didn’t look away.

The next time he always loses chess, he almost loses confidence, Chu Ying encouraged him to turn fear into courage like Yu Liang. The next day he took a leave of absence in the dojo and returned to school. He walked into the empty chess club and looked at the pictures on the wall and couldn’t help feeling emotional. At this time, the two new members of the chess club came back and saw the time. Very surprised, he offered to play a game with him.

Jiang Xueming ran over immediately after hearing the news, but time has passed. She couldn’t help but feel a little bit lost. Looking at the chess game just played in front of her, listening to her teammates exaggerating the greatness of time, she couldn’t help showing a happy smile on her face. She believed in time. Soon he will be a great professional chess player.

In the taxi back home, Chu Ying said that seeing the chess club was like seeing the time before. There was no way to play chess at that time, but there was no fear. Now the time chess has grown, but the courage has grown. Minute. Shiguang still wanted to play chess. He pushed open the door of the dojo classroom and walked in. The teacher was in class. When he saw Shiguang, he said that he did not ask for leave and let him go out. Shiguang apologized to the teacher and said that he did not ask for leave.

The teacher took out the fake note and threw it to Shi Shi to let him go. Shi Shi quickly put the note in his mouth and swallowed it. The teacher was a little surprised seeing Shi Shi. When the time came to the teacher, he found a seat and sat down. The teacher turned around and played chess and left. Hong He smiled and walked over to praise the power of time, and asked him what the fake was like. Time said it was a bit bitter. Hong He said that if he played chess so boldly, he would have done it long ago.

On this day, the teacher wanted to lock the door of the classroom, and when he saw that time was still practicing chess, he would pass by and play against him. Time was a little frustrated. He picked up the chess piece he had just dropped and threw it away for him to play again. Time dropped the chess piece elsewhere. , Was thrown away by the big teacher and let him down again. After repeated many times, time was stimulated to fight. He fell heavily and said that it was all down. The big teacher got up and left the key and left. Time said to Chu Ying In the future, they will be afraid of his strength.

Since then, the trend of time chess has changed drastically, and the ranking has gone up. In fact, he didn’t know that this was the great teacher’s aggressive method. The great teacher had long seen that he was a good material for playing Go, and deliberately stimulated time to make him grow quickly. For this reason, the great teacher also made a bet with the class teacher. Soon Time became the first place in the second group, the teacher of the class lost, and he gave the teacher two bottles of good wine as scheduled.

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