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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 14 Recap

This day, everyone was playing chess in the dojo, and time suddenly stood up happily. It turned out that he had won. This was his first victory in the dojo. Hong He took him to watch the new preliminary tournament. The so-called new preliminary tournament means that the newly scheduled professional chess players have to play against several major players. It is a kind of inheritance. Chu Ying was very excited after hearing this. I wonder if I can see Yu Xiaoyang. Time guessed that Yu Liang should also go.

When Shi Shi came to the chess house with Hong He, he saw some people walking and discussing winning or losing. He didn’t hear clearly and thought it was Yu Liang who lost. Hong He told him that today was a duel between Wang Chong and Sang Yuan Qisheng. Then Hong He took him to a more powerful place that was the Youxuan Chess Room, which was a holy place for all chess players to dream of. Hong He told him that this is the place where important games are held, such as Tian Yuan, Qi Sheng, Overlord and other titles. Chu Ying looked at the chess table and couldn’t help touching it. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time and wanted to play chess here.

Zhao Bingfeng, who successfully defended Tianyuan, also participated in the new preliminary. In an interview with the media, he said that the purpose of the new preliminary is to encourage newcomers. When the reporter asked him whether the matchup between him and Yu Xiaoyang’s son Yu Liang would be merciful, he said he would take the initiative. Lose him a half eye, so that the proud man of heaven can protect his reputation.

On the day of Yu Liang and Zhao Bingfeng’s duel, Hong He and Shen Yilang both went to watch the battle, and time wanted to go. He finally won the opponent in the dojo and was about to go but was dragged by the class teacher to resume the game. The duel between Yu Liang and Zhao Bingfeng was also going on fiercely. Zhao Bingfeng resorted to very powerful tricks, and he couldn’t help shrinking a bit in the face of Yu Liang’s aggressive offensive. In the watching room, Wang Chong tried to defend his teacher Zhao Bingfeng, and Hong He deliberately said that his master was forced by Yu Liang to make his ears blush.

At this time, time rushed, Shen Yilang looked at the chessboard and analyzed that as long as Yu Liang maintains the current advantage, then the chance of winning will be great. Suddenly Yu Liang’s tactics changed, and everyone was surprised that he could win if he stood firm. Chu Ying told Shiguang Xiaoliang’s chance of winning is less than 50%. If there is anything more important than victory, it is that he wants Shiguang to see his strongest strength.

Time only knew that Yu Liang was declaring war on himself, so he sat up straight and watched the changes of the chess game more seriously. Zhao Bingfeng saw through Yu Liang’s thoughts, instead of being fooled, he landed the chess piece elsewhere, and finally Yu Liang lost.

After the game, time was about to leave. Suddenly, when the reporter interviewed Yu Liang behind him, he couldn’t help stopping. Today, Yu Liang changed his old style of chess and seemed very radical. The reporter asked him why. Yu Liang said that if he didn’t make changes, he would be caught up. He also wanted to continue to improve and improve, saying he was going to move forward. But seeing the time, he hurried away without speaking. Chu Ying smiled and said that the two of them had already moved forward in this chase.

Hong He hurt his face when he fell into the ditch. Time rubbed medicine for him in the dormitory. Shen Yilang came back and he quit his part-time job to report to the professional team. Shi Shi and Hong He saw that he was struggling to call home and persuaded him to quickly change to a new mobile phone. Shen Yilang originally planned to wait for the professional team to pay his salary and then buy it. Unexpectedly, they were taken to the mobile phone shop by the two.

After Shen Yilang bought a new mobile phone, Shiguang and Hong He came to the professional team with him to see how they train. They found it strange to see Wang Chong sitting in it. It turned out that Shen Yilang hadn’t set the upper stage. The professional team manager felt that signing with him was risky and changed to Wang Chong. Shen Yilang has been relying on part-time work to earn tuition. This time the professional team signed a contract and he couldn’t return to his part-time job. He had to find another job.

In order to save money, he returned the mobile phone he had just bought, but the boss said that he could only refund the money at half the price, and Shen Yilang reluctantly agreed. Before retiring, he used this cell phone to call his mother and told her that he had joined the professional team. There were not only salary competitions but also bonuses.

Bai Xiaoxiao told Yilang to take a life-and-death test next Monday, and asked him why he hadn’t come to the game recently. Yilang said indifferently that he had something. Hong He introduced him to a job and asked him to pretend to be a professional chess player to teach his boss to play instructive chess. The word professional chess player once again hit his sore spot. Yilang said with some regret that he was not a professional chess player and couldn’t do it.

On the day of the life-and-death test, Yilang called Shiguang on his boss’s cell phone and asked him to tell Hong He to ask for a vacation. When Shimo put down the phone, he saw Hong He hurriedly ran over to look for Yilang’s homework. He asked Shiguang to call Jean Yilang. Come back, because the stern teacher wants to see people and dead bodies. Shi Shi made the call just now but was told it was a car wash. Hong He handed Yilang’s homework to the teacher, falsely claiming that Yilang had diarrhea in the toilet, and the angry teacher stopped Yilang from using it. This time he scored zero in the exam.

Time rushed to the car wash, and I saw Yilang wiping the car and being reprimanded by the boss from a distance. He was about to go but was persuaded by Chu Ying. He said that Yilang would definitely not want Time to see himself like this. Time suddenly thought of a way to help Yilang, he turned around and ran back. Then Yilang returned to his bedroom tiredly.

He saw a new mobile phone beside the recruitment notice on the table. He guessed that it was Hong He and Shi Shi who were helping him and felt warm in his heart. He picked up his cell phone and dialed the recruitment call. On the other end of the phone came the voice of Teacher Shirakawa of the City Children’s Palace. Ichiro said that he wanted to apply for the position of Go assistant teacher.

In the evening, Bai Xiaoxiao had been waiting in the chess room, and when he saw his hand hurt, he took out the ointment to him. At this time, time and Hong He walked in and saw the figure of Bai Xiaoxiao leaving. They laughed and said is this the power of love. Ichiro thanked them for their help, he would take care of his own affairs and concentrate on playing chess.

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