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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 33 Recap

On behalf of AME, Michael approached Kwong Mingchou to propose a plan to acquire Chaoxin. Kuang Mingchou would never allow Chaoxin to be sold to others. However, the AME acquisition plan has spread to the ears of the directors. Director Li is the representative who has a strong interest in the acquisition. In terms of interests, the acquisition by AME is the best result.

Kwong Mingchoi firmly disagrees. The reason why AME wants to buy Chaoxin is because it feels that the server poses a threat to it, and the server is precisely the most important independent technology in China’s future. The representative of the Black Front Investment Company persuaded the directors to give Yao Kun and Kwong Ming some more time. We all wait for the server’s results. Misfortunes never double.

Some companies who bought Chaoxin’s computers felt that there was a problem and wanted to return the goods. These companies first found the agent Yancheng and strongly demanded the return. Jiangcheng had to agree to stabilize the customer. Chaoxin can only issue a profitable quality inspection report to the Internet, and declares that it will pursue the legal responsibility of the rumors.

Jiangcheng met with Wang Yong and talked about the current situation of Chaoxin. Although he was a little worried, Wang Yong had an intention to cooperate with AME before and was striving for it. He happened to learn that Yancheng had contact with AME, so he asked Jiangcheng to introduce AME. Jiangcheng Agreed. Wang Yong met with Michael and put forward a request to purchase equipment, but AME only agreed to rent it, and seeing that Jingqi has a useful value, he also asked Jingqi to install AME’s server and help it open up foreign markets by the way. This condition is attractive. ,

Wang Yong promised to give more consideration. The directors of Chaoxin are anxiously waiting for the news of the server test failure. These directors no longer give Yao Kun and Kuang Ming a chance to raise the opportunity, and firmly demand that the server research and development be suspended immediately to avoid continuing to expand the company’s losses. Yao Kun disagreed with anger, Kuang Mingchou was impatient and could only agree to the requirements of the directors.

Yao Kun and Kwong Mingchou continued to argue in the office, but if Kwong Mingchou did not agree to the request in front of the directors, he would be removed from the chairmanship of the board, and there would be no room for recovery. Yao Kun and Kuang Mingchou quarreled for a while and broke up, but fortunately, Yu Wenjing came to Yao Kun to solve Yao Kun and strengthen her confidence.

After Yao Kun returned home, Kuang Mingchou took the initiative to seek peace, and the couple still believed in each other firmly and never gave up the server. Huangtian has paid off. Kwong Mingchoo has been searching for technology to help the high-tech server to complete the test faster and found it in a small company, and has basically negotiated a cooperation with this company.

Wang Yong once again met with AME to discuss the buyout of WSSC technology. Jingqi still wanted to own its own technology and not just the right to use this technology. Michael directly rejected Wang Yong’s proposal at the moment.

Chaoxin directors are pressing Kwong Ming-chiu to become tighter and tighter, and Kwong Ming-chiu will be removed from the upcoming board of directors. In order to retain the position of Chairman Kwong Mingchou and enable him to continue to complete the server plan, Yao Kun asked Heifeng Technology’s Chai to vote against the board of directors. Chai was also under pressure and would not readily agree to the benefit. Yao Kun Only when he offered to sell his 3% shares, Mr. Chai completely agreed. Yao Kun originally wanted to have a candlelight dinner with Kwong Mingchoi after returning home.

The two were thinking about spending more time on the family in the future, but the success of the server will only postpone this vision forever, especially Kwong Mingchou again. While purchasing a key technology, Yao Kun could no longer bear the feeling of aggrieved heart, and broke out that he had been aggrieved by the pressure of directors and R&D results during this period of time. The two broke up again.

Yao Kun saw that Kuang Mingchou had set aside a portion of the funds to purchase technology, and knew that he could not stop him and could only agree. Mr. Kwong and Mr. Li of Hi-Tech Technology went to finalize the contract with Mr. Wei. As a result Mr. Wei sat on the floor temporarily and raised the price. Chaoxin couldn’t make such a large sum of money. However, people had the technology.

It also showed that someone was competing with him. Yao Kun calls, can only express that he will consider it again. At the end of the negotiation, Kuang Mingchou, Yao Kun and Mr. Li analyzed together, the competitors are obviously coming for the tide, and it is the key to understand the competitors.

Chaoxin’s direct sales system is gradually improving, and it is open to grab business with Yancheng on the market. The price is low and the quality is guaranteed. Many old Jiangcheng customers have great opinions on Yancheng, and Yancheng’s sales performance has plummeted. Jiang Cheng was also very distressed. He left early every day and returned at night. He wouldn’t stay at home for long, and he ignored Su Yan.

Su Yan is very sad about Jiangcheng’s current attitude. There are only companies and performance in Jiangcheng’s world, ignoring Su Yan’s feelings. In fact, Su Yan has been helping Jiangcheng to find ways these days, and has also collected a lot of information to organize online and offline sales.

Su Yan always wanted to talk to Jiang Cheng about the plan of transformation, but Jiang Cheng didn’t give her this opportunity. After Su Yan took out the information, she stopped talking to Jiang Cheng. On the second day, Jiangcheng met with Michael. Michael continued to entice Jiangcheng to cooperate with him. He also promised to help him create his own brand. Jiangcheng did not agree at the moment. He returned to the company and seriously considered the online sales plan.

Directors of Chaoxin are in a meeting to remove Kwong Mingchou. Even though Yao Kun said many real truths, these directors still demanded the removal. Fortunately, Mr. Chai was saved by Yao Kun’s work in advance. Jiangcheng agreed to cooperate with AME, but requested to use AME’s e-commerce model. AME only requires Yancheng to run AME’s computers. Kwong Mingchou continued to encourage Chaoxin’s internal sales team to reach an agreement with President Chai, who helped persuade other directors.

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