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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 14 Recap

Tang Guoer did not understand why Li Manli deliberately dismantled Tiantian and Mingyuan. Li Manli confessed that she was worried that once Mingyuan with strong funds and Tiantian with top-level design teamed up, Li would no longer have a foothold, but Tang Guoer I haven’t been involved in the world, I didn’t think of this layer. In a few words, Li Manli convinced Tang Guoer that Tian Tian would not be her shadow willingly, and advised Tang Guoer to open the bow without turning back arrows, and to suppress Tian Tian at all costs, so that Tian Tian had no chance to turn over.

Tang Guoer didn’t dare to go upstairs at Mingyuan’s house, but Mingyuan who suddenly appeared generously invited Tang Guoer to drink at his house. Tang Guoer teased Mingyuan again, but Mingyuan, who had no feeling for her, directly rejected her. Tang Guoer had to change the subject and discussed every day. At this time, Tian Tian also came downstairs at Mingyuan’s house. Li Manli, who was secretly observing Tian Tian, ​​asked Secretary Wu to transfer Tian Tian to prevent Tian Tian from destroying her treacherous scheme tonight.

Jessica was furious with her colleagues in the design department, humiliating Tian Tian for not contributing and dragging them down, making Tian Tian feel wronged. At this time, Li Manli pretended to be Tiantian and Mingyuan, so he asked Tiantian to resign and stay with Mingyuan, which made Tiantian overjoyed. However, Li Manli proposed to keep the shadow designer secret every day, and she was not allowed to participate in commercial activities every day, but the kind-hearted Tiantian agreed to them one by one. But Tang Guoer regretted having pitted every day, but there was nowhere to go back.

Tiantian, who is about to join the Zhao family, excitedly told Mingyuan that Li Manli agreed to be together, but Mingyuan sneered at it. He thought that Li Manli was not qualified to interfere in his love and marriage. Tiantian was very curious about why Mingyuan had such a big deal with Li Manli. Ming Yuan asked Tiantian and Li if he was in love with his family, and he nodded in acquiescence.

Ming Yuan recalled the trap set by Li Manli for him last night. He thought he had exposed the secret that Tian Tian wanted to spy on Zhao’s secrets as an assassin. In fact, he had misunderstood Tian Tian, ​​and Tian Tian was confused when he heard it. Yuan was deeply saddened by these words, but Ming Yuan still wanted to send Li Manli a message every day that he wanted to liquidate the old account that Li Manli had cheated on his sister.

After Tian Tian resigned, Sang Rong also quit her job as a gardener in the Li family. Tang Guoer was very reluctant. She wanted to persuade Sang Rong not to move, but she saw her and Tian Tian’s photo album, and recalled their wonderful moments. Sad Tian Tian returned home, Sang Rong thought Tian Tian was having trouble with Ming Yuan again, but Tian Tian was very disgusted with Ming Yuan being mentioned.

Tian Tian told Tang Guo’er of the unhappiness between this morning and Ming Yuan. Tang Guoer comforted Tian Tian on the surface, and he was delighted in her mother’s trickery. Every day, she was frustrated to learn that her mother had resigned and had to move. She didn’t want to move, so she invited the workers who had moved.

Zhao Lange told Mingxin about Mingyuan’s marriage. Mingxin was so excited that he chose Tang Guoer’s photo. Zhao Lange took the opportunity to ask Mingyuan to consider the marriage for Mingxin’s sake, but Mingyuan Still refused the matter, he came here to tell Zhao Lange that he was going to sell the scorching sun, but Zhao Lange was worried about Li’s trouble.

Mingyuan did not agree to join the Zhao family every day, and every day could only apply for jobs in order to make a living, but was rejected by Party A on the grounds of plagiarizing the Guoer brand. Depressed Tian Tian returned home. It happened that Wang Ye came to help clean up. Wang Ye returned to Tian Tian the 20,000 he had called him before. He also told Tian Tian Li Manli to let him go as an undercover agent to find evidence of Zhao Lange’s manipulation of the Yan Zhaomen incident. , Tiantian realized that Wang Ye had deliberately made a fuss at Zhengxi Department Store.

Wang Ye reported the situation of Tiantian’s family to Li Manli, and Li Manli asked Wang Ye to investigate what Mingyuan and Mr. Deng of the Morai Group were doing. Wang Ye did not want to interfere with the commercial war between Zhao and Li. , But Li Manli told Wang Ye that he and Tang Guoer could only go bankrupt, and Wang Ye agreed for Tang Guoer.

Wang Ye heard from his colleague that Mingyuan had transferred the security to the underground warehouse, and guessed that the dye Li Manli wanted was there, but the warehouse was heavily guarded, so Wang Ye had to find another entrance to find out.

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