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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 3 Recap

Yelv Xiyin was rejected by Xiao Huyan, but turned around but a black bone came to him, and black bone fancyed Yelv Xiyin’s heroic martial arts, and Yelv Xiyin’s sweet words came out, and he cast sugar-coated cannonballs on black bone, Wu Guli put on the earrings that he hadn’t delivered just now, and invited Wu Guli to dance with him. The black bones face was full of the shame of the little daughter’s family.

Xiao Hunian handed Jade Pei to Han Dejang, and he was very surprised that Han Dejang would assist Ye Luxian, and Han Dejang took Jade Pei and said that he was his choice. On the other hand, the Chinese medicine doctor Xiao Gu met the Lord before, and the Lord mentioned the spices that Xiao Gu had paid tribute before. He had nightmares since he stopped the spices. Although the spices were difficult to pick, the Lord asked Xiao Gu to pay tribute to them as soon as possible.

Xiao Yanyan came to compete with Han Deran. Han Deran responded with a smile. The two of them stepped forward to compete. After the move, Han Deran accidentally kissed Xiao Yanyan’s soft lips. The two of them faced each other, even Darin and Hugh on one side were both Incredible. Han Derang quickly apologized to Xiao Yanyan, Xiao Yanyan ran away with a little shame in her eyes.

Wu Guli knew about this, and Wu Guli hurriedly came to inquire with Xiao Yanyan. The two sisters played a little bit in the room, but Xiao Hunian was calm and mature and talked with Xiao Siwen on the other side. Xiao Siwen asked Xiao Hunian to take care of it. Two younger sisters.

Ye Luxian drove along, and he learned that Xiao Siwen would like to see him, so he asked Han Derang to deal with it so that Ye Luxian could come to see Xiao Siwen. When Xiao Simwen saw Yelvxian, he couldn’t help but remember Yelvruan. The former king was as ambitious as Yelvxian, but they were too young to notice the chaos of division. Ye Luxian was here to persuade Xiao Siwen to help him. He wanted to follow the path of the first emperor and imitate the Han system.

Seeing Yelvxian’s maturity, Xiao Siwen decided to help Yelvxian. Although Hande was well-planned, the whereabouts of Ye Luxian was still known by King Taiping Wang Sage. King Taiping led the horse team to the encampment of the descendants. First, Hande let Xiao Hunian try to stop King Taiping. He came alone to inform Ye Luxian.

Ye Luxian and Han Derang left the camp, and King Taiping led the horse team to chase after him. Xiao Yanyan on the grassland saw that Han Derang was in trouble, so she released the horses to help the two escape. Later, Xiao Yanyan found Yelvxian who was alone. She looked at Yelvxian’s weak appearance and did not recognize Yelvxian’s identity. She kindly sent Yelvxian to Wang Account. She was a little surprised that Yelvxian lived in Wang Account.

Xian only claimed that he had made an appointment with a friend to meet at Wang Account, and did not reveal his true identity. Han Derang couldn’t find Yelvxian in the account of the descendants. He was quite anxious. After learning that Xiao Yanyan had sent Yelvxian to Wang’s account, Han Derang let out a sigh of relief, perhaps promising to give Xiao Yanyan a favor.

King Taiping looked around for Yelvxian’s whereabouts. He came to the Lord’s account and found that Yelvxian was already with the Lord in the account. The King Taiping deliberately brought up the fact that Yelvxian went to see Xiao Simwen today, but Yeluxian denied it.

The Lord did not want to startle the snake and only asked the King Taiping not to mention it again. Just after Yelvxian left, the Lord asked the Taiping King to thoroughly investigate the matter, and they would set off to return to Beijing tomorrow. If Yelvxian had any disagreements, the Taiping King could deal with it directly.

Yelv Xiyin had already enveloped Wuguli’s heart, he made a promise to Wuguli, and kissed the black bone on the endless grassland. The King Taiping always wanted to give Xiao Hu Nian a gift. Hu Nian was not like a southern girl who liked silk, so she only asked the King Taiping to keep this gift. In the future, she thought of asking the King Taiping again. The King of Taiping allowed Hu Nian to enter the palace more when he had time.

The gate of the King Taiping was always open for Hu Nian. Second, Hu Nian had to plan for himself in this cardamom years, not only worried that his sister would ignore herself. At the same time, on the other side, Han Derang sat on the grassland with Xiao Yanyan and chatted. Xiao Yanyan mentioned what she was thinking. She only wished that one day she would be as smart and effective as the Queen of Shulu.

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