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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Yanyan went home and asked Xiao Siwen about Xianggushan. Xiao Siwen’s expression changed when he heard the words, so that Xiao Yanyan should not guess wildly. When the second daughter of the Xiao family heard the movement coming, Xiao Yanyan was still fighting to participate in the willow shooting competition, Xiao Siwen’s face was already a bit sulky, and Xiao Yanyan was quickly taken away in her black bones. Xiao Hunian knew the reason for Han Dezheng’s arrival. She asked about Xiao Siwen’s plan.

On the one hand, the common people in the world, on the other hand, the three branches of the Taizu family were fighting for power.

Xiao Siwen was difficult to choose, for fear that the Xiao family’s descendants would usher in extinction. Disaster. Compared with the common people in the world, the descendants of the Xiao clan are nothing. After some consideration, Xiao Siwen asked Xiao Hunian to find the opportunity to return the jade pendant to Han Dezheng, and he was willing to meet the owner of the jade pendant.

In the shooting contest, a good man with agility came on stage one after another. Xiao Yanyan couldn’t help but be pleased when he saw Han Deran, thinking that Han De was very powerful, while Wu Guli cheered for Da Lin from the Taizu family, and sighed with emotion. Yu Yelv Xiyin’s heroic martial arts. At the beginning of the game, Mo Lugu was too late. Xiao Yanyan rode dark clouds and covered snow, and entered the arena with Mo Lugu’s waist card, competing with the remaining six men.

The competition was enthusiastic and extraordinary. One after another, people dropped out of the competition. Even Darin also dropped out of the competition. Yelv Xiyin also dropped out of the competition. Only Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang were fighting for the first place.

Even though Yelv Xiyin fell from the horse, he moved his hands and feet from it. He shot Xiao Yanyan’s horse. Xiao Yanyan almost fell. Fortunately, Han Deran helped Xiao Yanyan a horse. Although Xiao Yanyan did not fall, Han Deran still got the willow branches first and became the player in the field. Winner.

Xiao Yanyan lost the game but was not convinced. Han Derang reminded Xiao Yanyan to leave quickly. This was a crime of deceiving the emperor, but Xiao Yanyan was unwilling to leave.

The two were summoned by the Lord, and Han De asked the winner to personally match the swords and named him the commander-in-chief of Langjun, while Xiao Yanyan was assassinated on the spot because of the appearance of Mo Lugu. Xiao Siwen hurriedly stepped forward to protect Xiao Yanyan, and the second daughter of the Xiao family quickly blamed her for herself, hoping that the Lord would let Xiao Yanyan go.

The lord was very afraid of Xiao Yanyan’s deception, but Xiao Yanyan got up. She mentioned her desire to be loyal to Daliao. The lord was impressed and offered wine on the spot, but the lord beside him was right. Xiao Hunian took a different look and personally stepped forward to help Xiao Hunian.

The Lord is very vigilant, he thinks there are countless people around him who want to murder him. Now the three branches of the Taizu family want to replace the throne. The Lord came to Yelvxian’s mansion. Yelvxian was discussing with Han De. Han De was hearing the Lord’s coming and quickly hid to the side, although Yelvxian has been acting for so many years.

It is weak, but the Lord has never let down his vigilance against Yelvxian. In the name of delivering medicine, he asked Yelvxian’s friends to deliver the poison to Yelvxian. Yelvxian took the poison, and the Lord was relieved to leave, but Han Dezheng accidentally dropped a scroll in the dark, which aroused the suspicion of the Lord.

Fortunately, Han Dezheng’s father Han Kuangsi dealt with it, and this allowed the two to escape. After the Lord left, Han Dezheng mentioned that he was only the heir of the first prince. Ye Luxian did not reveal the true identity of the only one. He thought it was not the time now, and they still need to swallow their anger.

The Ningbo Moon Jumping Conference is the most anticipated event for the young women. As the leader of Lang Jun, Han Dejang was ordered to inspect the camps and serve the Lord and the maidservant. She was only frightened by the Lord’s murder and crazy suspicion. Run out to let the other king rescue her as soon as possible.

At the jumping moon meeting, Yelvxi faintly remembered his father’s instructions that he must be close to the three daughters of the Xiao family in order to win over Xiao Simwen, so he gave sweet words to Xiao Hunian, but Xiao Hunian was indifferent.

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