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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 1 Recap

In the 27th year of Tonghe, in Yanyuntai, Youzhou, Emperor Sejong, Yeluruan, regardless of the ancestral system, set up a southern woman’s empress Zhen as a queen. He showed everyone his determination to imitate the Han system, but he did not realize that the old powers were against The opposition to reform, the sacrificial ceremony soaked in blood, disturbed everyone’s destiny.

Eighteen years later, the grassland is rich and full of laughter and laughter. A young woman with cardamom stands proudly and confidently on the grassland. She is the young daughter of Beifu Prime Minister Xiao Siwen and the princess of the Kingdom of Yan, named Xiao Yanyan. She is loved by her parents and two sisters, so she is enthusiastic and optimistic, passionate about everything, and does not give up easily.

In order to prove that women are not necessarily inferior to men, she competed with her suitor, Mo Lugu, the son of Yeluhu Gu, and saw Xiao Yanyan on the grassland as light as a swallow. He fell heavily to the ground and won the cheers of everyone.

Liaoyou Army Barracks, Han Dezheng, son of Changle Palace envoy Han Kuangsi, is training soldiers. He has thick eyebrows and is handsome, standing on the field watching the soldiers subdue their new horses. At this time, an out-of-control military horse rushed towards Han Dejang, and Han De let the horse tame the horse with extraordinary skill. Seeing that the horse was jet-black and its four hooves were white, it looked like a dark cloud was pressing against the remnant snow under the mountain, so he took this horse.

Named “Dark Clouds Covering Snow”, there was another letter from the same army. The letter was his friend Ye Dejang who went to Beijing. Ye Dejang hoped that he could return to Beijing quickly. Handejang couldn’t help but remember his childhood by Mo Lugu and his party. People bullied, it was Yadjean who came forward for him and became his only friend.

Xiao Yanyan met Handerang on the street. She took a fancy to Handerang’s horse, so she used a small trick. Despite Handerang’s persuasion, she forced herself to buy the horse for ten taels of silver. Han Derang reminded Xiao Yanyan repeatedly that Xiao Yanyan believed that there was no horse on the grassland that she couldn’t control, so she turned on her horse without hesitation. The horse has a fierce temperament.

Xiao Yanyan can’t control the horse at all. She rushed along the way on the horse, and rushed to the field for abruptly. She was regarded as a robber. Fortunately, Han Deran arrived in time and he protected Xiao Yanyan. , Xiao Yanyan also showed her own waist card and identity, and rescued Han Derang from the hands of the supervising officer.

When the two left the court, Han Derang returned twelve golds and was unwilling to sell the horse. Xiao Yanyan insisted on buying the horse. With her extraordinary judgment, she judged that Han Derang was the guard in the south. He entered Beijing without authorization this time. After listening to Xiao Yanyan’s words, Han Deran gave a dumb smile and gave the horse to Xiao Yanyan.

On the grassland, Xiao Siwen’s second daughter, Xiao Wuguli, played a guessing game with a group of famous girls. They gambled on gold hairpin jewelry, but a woman lost but was unwilling to hand over the gold hairpin. Wuguli stepped forward to compete with the woman.

Tuan, Xiao Hunian came to stop at this time, she first returned the golden hairpin to the black bones, and then convinced everyone with the profound knowledge of the Xiao Mansion to win back the face for the Xiao Mansion.

Han Derang came to see Yelvxian, and they hugged each other after a long absence, cherishing each other’s affection very much. Back then, Yelvjing’s mutiny seized Yelvxian’s father’s throne. Yelvxian had endured the humiliation for so many years in order to take revenge on this day. Now Han Dejang is back, and with the help of Han Dejang, his vengeance will soon be avenged.

In order to take revenge, win the shooting contest, get the command of Lang Junjun, have the opportunity to accept the power center. To regain the throne, Ye Luxian must get the support of his descendants. He took out a piece of jade pendant and prepared to meet someone before the willow shooting competition.

The three sisters of the Xiao family offered sacrifices to the tree by the side of the tree, and Xiao Yanyan also mentioned the willow shooting competition in the near future, intending to shine in the competition. This time many people in the willow shooting competition were eye-catching.

In Yelvlihu’s house, the emperor’s uncle Yelvlihu repeatedly asked his son Yelvxiyin to win the willow shooting competition. This was an important step for them to seize military power. Deliberately win over Xiao Siwen, let Xiao Siwen help him during the spring time.

Xiao Wensi burned the letter. He repeatedly instructed the three females in the mansion not to go out at will during the spring bathing period, including the willow shooting contest. After that, Hande asked Dai Yelvxian to come to see Xiao Siwen, and Handerang ran into Xiao Yanyan in the courtyard.

Xiao Yanyan mistakenly thought that Handejean was here to ask for a horse. She yelled at Handejeong. Han De came to see Xiao Siwen, he took out Yelvxian’s jade pendant, Xiao Siwen couldn’t help recalling the sacrificial ceremony that year. Back then, Yeluruan insisted on implementing the Han system and the house quality was persuaded, but Yeluruan insisted on going his own way. change.

Halfway through the conversation between the two of them, Xiao Yanyan broke in and pulled Handeran out. She was willing to return Lie Ma, but hoped that Handerjan would let her wait for the Liu Shooting Contest before returning. Seeing that Xiao Yanyan loved the horse so much, Han Derang gave Xiao Yanyan the dark cloud and snow with a smile, and asked Xiao Yanyan to remember that he was going to the Xiao Mansion today to beg for a horse.

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