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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 9 Recap

Seeing such sincere Zhong Kui, Meng Xinyu couldn’t help but want to kiss him, but Zhong Kui’s mouth was right beside her mouth, but instead of actively kissing herself, he kept talking and apologizing, which made Meng Xinyu’s beating heart hard to calm down. Meng Xinyu watched Zhong Kui get stronger and stronger and took her home.

Early the next morning, Zhong Kui told Meng Xinyu to move to his own house, but he was afraid that Li Enxi was unhappy. They went to the bakery and continued to wait for Wu Qingyuan to appear. Unexpectedly, it was Li Enxi who went and told Granny Wu that Wu Qingyuan was dead, which made it difficult for Granny Wu to accept, so Zhong Kui used divine power to show Granny Wu to the scene when the incident happened.

At that time, Wu Qingyuan was threatened by the company, but Wu Qingyuan told them that he would not go back after he had left the company, but he would keep secret the company’s drug production, but those people didn’t believe his words and took them away and tied stones and threw them in. Into the water.

Granny Wu was heartbroken when she saw that Wu Qingyuan was dead. She begged Zhong Kui to save her son, but Zhong Kui couldn’t help her. Granny Wu didn’t suspect that Zhong Kui was a lie. She knew that Zhong Kui was not an ordinary person, and she also knew that Zhong Kui had been doing her best to help herself, so she believed in Zhong Kui.

Meng Xinyu went back to the shop and explained to Li Enxi that she had always been her best friend, but it was not the right time to tell her who it was.

Granny Wu was worried about Wu Yuhan’s safety and took her home to live. Grandma told Wu Yuhan about Wu Qingyuan’s death, but Wu Yuhan, who was already mentally deranged, did not respond. Zhong Kui asked Meng Po to make Requiem for him, but she encountered evil spirits halfway through, but her spells were not high, and she was afraid that she could not deal with Wu Qingyuan. At this time, she remembered the spells Zhong Kui had handed over to him and started to use it. , I didn’t expect to really beat the evil spirits away, and when Po Meng was overjoyed, he saw Zhong Kui standing behind him.

Po Meng prepared three cups of Requiem Abstinence Herbs for them. If they were not sure that the one was authentic, they would be called Zhong Kui Chenghuang Ye and Xiaogui to taste them separately. They were not right. Meng Po must find the real recipe.

Li Enxi liked Lu Boya in her heart, but she couldn’t be depressed if she loved it. However, when she saw that the person she liked liked others, she couldn’t love it just as much as she did, but she didn’t want to make the person she likes sad, so she took out Tarot fortune telling. Unexpectedly, getting the world card should mean making her brave to confess.

When Meng Xinyu was waiting for the bus, some people also saw Chen Zexuan’s video, but they were all disheartened. The clock also rushed to know about it. Several people went back to discuss it and decided that mortals should solve it by themselves.

Li Enxi knocked on Lu Boya’s door in the first sentence and said that she liked professors, but looked at Lu Boya’s surprised expression and said that she was joking, but Lu Boya had discovered that she was not joking but serious.

Lu Boya invited Li Enxi into the room and persuaded her not to be discouraged. If you like someone, as long as you work hard, it should be rewarded. This sentence made Li Enxi see hope. At this time, Meng Xinyu knocked on the door to find Lu Boya, and Li Enxi hurriedly avoided .

Meng Xinyu asked Lu Boya to talk about Chen Zhexuan’s video, which made Li Enxi feel that Meng Xinyu should not go to Lu Boya but Zhong Kui. Unexpectedly, when Lu Boya prepared information for Meng Xinyu, Meng Xinyu saw the herbs on his table. She felt that Wu Yuhan’s illness should be effective and hurried back. Lu Boya watched Meng Xinyu leave in such a hurry and wanted to chase him, but Li Enxi Asked him not to leave him but was rejected by Lu Boya, which made Li Enxi very angry.

After Meng Xinyu went back and brewed the herbs to Wu Yuhan, Lu Boya also went there. He was going to test the medicine for Meng Xinyu first. Zhong Kui saw this scene. Zhong Kui hoped that Lu Boya could process the video. He didn’t expect him to be true. Yes, I found the publisher of the work, but I still don’t know who that person is. Just delete the three-second spell in the audio and it should be fine. Lu Boya also found other accounts of that person. He probably didn’t want to just spread that spell. He had other conspiracies.

Wu Yuhan suddenly lost control of his emotions. Everyone hurried over to check. Unexpectedly, Wu Yuhan recovered after drinking the soup prepared by Po Meng. This made everyone very happy. Granny Wu thanked Meng Xinyu. The clock stopped the time. After smelling the herbs, she felt that Lu Boya had such rare herbs. Later, Lu Boya gave the herbs to Meng Po and also recorded the audio The backup was given to Zhong Kui.

After Lu Boya left, Zhong Kui and Meng Po went back to see Wu Yuhan and knew that her memory was only with her father, and they didn’t know anymore.

Zhong Kui asked Granny Wu’s memory of Wu Yuhan and I said it would be related to her father, so Granny Wu told Zhong Kui that Wu Yuhan was sent to the nursing home. It was Wu Yuhan who kept saying why his father didn’t help her and shouted. Like crazy, Wu Yuhan understood Zhong Kui’s conversation and knew that his father was gone.

This article is the original plot, please do not reprint without permission!

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