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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 8 Recap

Lu Boya and Li Enxi met Ouyang Kai on the way home from school, so he drove the two back home, but Ouyang Kai hoped that Li Enxi could sit in his passenger seat but Li Enxi refused, even Lu Boya thought It’s impossible to do it. That seat should belong to his exclusive girlfriend. He also said that if it’s a boy who would be misunderstood, he likes boys. Ouyang Kai thought it made sense, but Lu Boya said that the relationship between them was still It’s really good, this sentence makes Li Enxi a little unwilling to accept, because she also likes Lu Boya.

Zhong Kui asked Meng Xinyu if she had remembered other memories except Po Meng. Po Meng seemed to only remember 50 or 60% of the memories, and they were all fragments, and the specifics had not improved much. Zhong Kui felt that Wu Qingyuan’s disappearance might be related to his daughter and needed the help of Lord Chenghuang to investigate, but Lord Chenghuang appeared to explain that he could not find those clues temporarily. At this time, Ouyang Kai took Lu Boya and the others to Meng Xinyu’s shop. Lu Boya looked at Zhong Kui and Meng Xinyu being happy together and blessed them.

After Lu Boya went home, he received news from Li Enxi asking him to sleep well. Lu Boya ignored it after reading it. Li Enxi kept waiting for a reply with his mobile phone, but he was depressed. So I went to trouble Ouyang Kai, no matter what he said, he was stunned, making it very difficult for Ouyang Kai to help.

Meng Xinyu looked at Zhong Kui’s pictures with her mobile phone and laughed all the time. This made Li Enxi wonder why she liked a Zhong Kui who didn’t understand style, but Meng Xinyu said she had liked Zhong Kui for a long time. Li Enxi knew that Meng Xinyu must have recovered her memory, but Meng Xinyu didn’t explain who she was, making Li Enxi a little angry.

The next day, Ouyang Kai accompanied Li Enxi to read. She was still so impatient. When Li Enxi entered the classroom, she saw that some of her classmates were dumbfounded and silent. They were listening to piano music wherever they went, as long as they heard the music. People would be like losing their souls, Lu Boya quickly taught Li Enxi’s soul to let them plug their ears.

Ouyang Kai hurriedly went to the bakery to find out what was going on with them, so Xiaoqi explained to Ouyang Kai not to let the videos in Nian’s brain continue to spread. She went outside to watch the playground where many people were watching piano music with their phones. It should only be spread on campus, not spread outside. Zhong Kui guessed that it must be related to Wu Qingyuan.

Zhong Kui went back to the underworld and asked King Qin Guang to report the matter. Only with her approval could he let him go. Meng Xinyu and Lu Boya went to Chen Zexuan to find out about his piano music. It was the one he played last year and won the first prize. Unexpectedly, he stopped talking about piano anymore, because his mother was in a bad mood soon after he passed away. Calm down, he couldn’t face this matter.

Zhong Kui knew that Meng Xinyu and Lu Boya went to Chen Zhexuan and was a little angry, but he still gambled that Meng Po couldn’t help it because Meng Xinyu felt that mortals should do their best for mortals.

Meng Xinyu found a ghost and asked him what was going on in the video. The ghost said that the piano music was cursed, called Chaos Heart Curse, that could only hurt ordinary people. So Meng Xinyu told Zhong Kui what had happened, but he had known those things a long time ago, and Meng Xinyu had to take a vacation and have fun for a few days.

Meng Xinyu didn’t want to just let go and investigate the matter again. She went to Lu Boya for help. This clock Kui and Xiaoqi appeared on the school playground and put their palms on the ground, and those people regained consciousness. This scene was seen by Po Meng, the problem was solved, Meng Xinyu walked away without Lu Boya’s help.

Zhong Kui looked at the five grandmothers in the bakery as anxiously after receiving the call, guessing that Wu Yuhan must have taken a taxi with her when something happened. Meng Xinyu also arrived at this time, but the car was thrown away after failing to keep up with them.

Granny Wu saw that her granddaughter was mentally abnormal and needed care. It turned out that her girlfriend had put Wu Yuhan’s photo on the Internet and was attacked by everyone and caused her mental breakdown.

Po Meng searched for a long time before she found the hospital Zhong Kui went to. She did not expect to encounter the evil spirit who held her in the underworld at the entrance of the hospital. Fortunately, Zhong Kui appeared and beat him away.

Two people sent Granny Wu home to ask her to rest. Originally, Zhong Kui wanted to tell her five mother-in-law Wu Qingyuan was dead, but he was stopped by Meng. Looking back, Zhong Kui and Meng Po were arguing about whether to tell Granny Wu the reality, but Meng Po said that the matter has not been found out, it is best not to let Granny Wu get a blow.

Zhong Kui told the Lord Chenghuang about Wu Qingyuan’s appearance. He wanted Lord Chenghuang to continue to wait for the rabbit, but the Lord Chenghuang asked the Lord Die out to help him guard.

Meng Xinyu was worried about Zhong Kui and went to the bakery to see him. It happened that Li Enxi also wanted to have breakfast and went to the shop. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Kai took some people to take the house to Granny Wu’s shop. When he saw Li Enxi in Ali, he quickly changed his words and said that he was going to buy things for Granny Wu, but Granny Wu was still worried that the house might not be kept before her son returned home. Meng Xinyu told Li Enxi about Wu Qingyuan’s death, so she was going to tell Granny Wu the truth.

Ouyang Kai went to Meng Xinyu’s shop to apologize for taking people to open the shop today, but Li Enxi refused. Just after their shop Dayang got stuck at Zhong Kui waiting at the door of her shop, before Meng Xinyu could speak, Zhong Kui drove her away. Ouyang Kai thought Zhong Kui was too handsome, but Li Enxi thought Zhong Kui was not worthy of Meng Xinyu.

After Zhong Kui took Meng Xinyu away, she went to the restaurant and asked her to drink a drink for herself. Zhong Kui drank more than a dozen cups in a row, which made Meng Xinyu feel a little distressed and stopped him, so Zhong Kui hoped that Meng Xinyu would not be angry with him.

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