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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 7 Recap

After school, Li Enxi caught up with Lu Boya and asked him if he really liked Meng Xinyu. Li Enxi said that if he likes it, tell him her past. He didn’t want to be married or have children, and he didn’t want to be afraid that his birth would not match Lu Boya. Only refused him all the time. Lu Boya answered seriously that he didn’t care about Meng Xinyu’s past, but only liked her at this moment.

In fact, what Li Enxi and Lu Boya said was a lie to him, just to test Boya’s sincerity, but he didn’t expect him to be really infatuated. So Li Enxi wanted to bring the two together. When it was time to deliver the goods, Li Enxi and Meng Xinyu were supposed to go, but she asked Ouyang Kai to go to work with herself and asked Lu Boya to accompany her. Meng Xinyu had no choice but to agree.

When he arrived at the bakery, Lu Boya generously gave all the desserts they made to the customers. Zhong Kui looked a little angry when Lu Boya and Po Meng went with him, so he paused the time with magical powers to make a prank for Lu Boya. Master Shi Chenghuang went to persuade him to use positive means to compete, so he paused his movements, but Zhong Kui hugged Po Meng to his side, and Master Chenghuang put a fart beside Lu Boya and left, waiting for Zhong Kui.

After letting go of the time, many people avoided Lu Boya when they smelled the fart, and Zhong Kui watched Meng Po happily giving her a loving bread by his side. Wu’s mother told Zhong Kui to fight back, and Lu Boya chased her home. Up.

Meng Xinyu went home and saw Zhong Kui peeking at herself, so she told Zhong Kui in the past that she had always known that Zhong Kui looked at herself in secret every day, and she would feel it whenever Zhong Kui appeared. Even if Zhong Kui is unwilling to tell him who he is, Po Meng is also willing to believe him. As long as Zhong Kui is with her, she will feel safe. Zhong Kui watched her mother Meng take the initiative and went home with her. After returning home, seeing Li Enxi’s absence, Zhong Kui wanted to accompany her because she was afraid that Po Meng would be unsafe at home.

After the two went back, Zhong Kui still had nothing to say. He didn’t know how to talk about love, so he had to ask Meng Po to make him a drink. After drinking a lot of coffee, he still had nothing to say, but he asked Po Meng to cook for him. After eating seven bowls of rice, he still had nothing to say. He didn’t know how he could stay and used his divine power to spread clouds and rain, and he barely kept it until dawn. Unexpectedly, Meng Xinyu received Lu Boya’s news and asked her to go out to meet, Zhong Kui left, but Meng Po hoped that he would pick her up after get off work.

Li Enxi was asked by several female classmates not to go too close to Professor Lu, and Lu Boya passed by when they were about to do it, and asked the two to apologize to Li Enxi. Later, Lu Boya comforted Li Enxi that no one dared to bully her when he was there, and Li Enxi was very moved by this sentence. So Li Enxi and Lu Boya apologized to her for deceiving Lu Boya by trying to deceive Meng Xinyu. In fact, Meng Xinyu was not married and had no children, but Lu Boya never minded those things.

Meng Xinyu dressed herself very delicately after work and wanted to accuse her of picking her up from get off work. He didn’t expect Li Enxi to send her a message asking her to meet, but when he arrived, he didn’t see Li Enxi, but Lu Boya prepared a candlelight dinner for her. Meng Xinyu watched Lu Boya’s love for herself and wanted to explain it clearly to him, but Lu Boya confessed to herself. Meng Xinyu told Lu Boya that she already had a sweetheart.

He didn’t expect him to know that she liked Zhong Kui, and Lu Boya was very much. Open-minded blessings Meng Xinyu can be happy, as long as she is happy. Meng Xinyu rejected Lu Boya’s pursuit and Zhong Kui went to pick her up. Meng Xinyu was very happy to see Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui told Meng Xinyu to only ask him for help no matter what trouble he encountered in the future.

A teacher asked Lu Boya to see Chen Zhexuan. He had been in the piano room for three days. Lu Boya went to the piano room to see what happened.

Just as Lu Boya watched Chen Zexuan fall to the side of the road, he helped him back home, just as Li Enxi and Meng Xinyu passed by. Several people watched Chen Zexuan wake up, but he didn’t know anything. Meng Xinyu wanted to send Zhong Kui a message to ask him what happened to Chen Zexuan, but after thinking about it for a long time, he still didn’t send it.

Several people looked at Chen Zhexuan in the middle of the night, thinking that he was going to be fine, but suddenly saw Chen Zhexuan’s mother sitting in front of the piano. Lu Boya could also see the ghost because he used bull’s tears. Chen Zexuan’s mother asked Meng Xinyu why his son hadn’t practiced the piano, so she knocked Lu Boya down. Zhong Kui appeared when she was about to do her hand to Meng Po and blocked the female ghost, but Meng Xinyu was still knocked out by the female ghost, so Zhong Kui shot. Conquer the female ghost and let Xiaoqi take away.

After Zhong Kui carried Meng Xinyu and took home, Li Enxi asked Lu Boya to give up like it was a pity, but Lu Boya still thinks that it is better to love someone as long as she is happy, even if not with herself.

After Po Meng was injured by a female ghost, Zhong Kui wanted to enter the soul for her, but Lord Chenghuang told him not to be impulsive, otherwise the people in the underworld would know the location of Po Meng, but Zhong Kui could not care too much and could not watch Po Meng in pain. Go down. After Zhong Kui input the air to Meng Po, Po Meng magically restored her memory, which made Zhong Kui ecstatic. But Po Meng only remembered that she was Po Meng, and everything else was fragmentary, which had not been fully recovered. Po Meng wanted to know the whereabouts of the evil spirit who held her, but Zhong Kui has not found Wu Qingyuan’s whereabouts.

Po Meng wanted to report back to the underground palace, but Zhong Kui hoped that she could continue to stay in the world. At this time, Lu Boya was passing by. Zhong Kui asked him about his skills and expertise in catching ghosts. It was not as simple as a hobbyist. But Lu Boya explained all Zhong Kui’s questions. Po Meng asked Zhong Kui not to embarrass Lu Boya. He cleared the siege and told him to go. When he walked back, Zhong Kui and Meng Po explained that Lu Boya was just a mortal, and it was best to take away the memory of seeing him catching ghosts to avoid getting into trouble.

Zhong Kui returned to the bakery and saw that she was holding a picture with her daughter. Zhong Kui wanted to talk about her daughter but was abruptly passed by Wu’s mother. It seemed that she didn’t want to talk to outsiders about her daughter.

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