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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 37 Recap

Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian returned to the father’s place, and the father prepared a table of wine and food, thinking they had made up. However, Chi Tiecheng said that he had not said clearly what the letter Su Wenqian said, and what was the meeting method mentioned in the letter, Su Wenqian kept silent. Ouyang Xiangling got the letter from Su Wenqian to herself, and thanked her in the letter.

During this time, everyone understood and forgotten him, except for a thank you, but what he wanted to say next was sorry, and I wish them in the future. Everything goes smoothly. Another letter hopes that Ouyang Xiangling will pass it on to Qin Zishu.

That letter will bring great pain to Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue’s mother and daughter. I hope Ouyang Xiangling can support them both, and all the answers are in the other In the letter. Ouyang Xiangling then opened another letter. Su Wenqian said that Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu gave him the courage to reinvigorate and confessed the truth that they had concealed over the past three years. The lies began ten years ago. It was not accidental that Chi Tiecheng saved Qin Zishu back then. .

Chi Tiecheng said that Su Wenqian agreed to use Qin Zishu at that time. How could he push all on himself? Su Wenqian really couldn’t find the opportunity at that time. At that time, he also said that it was only to inspire Qin Zishu’s patriotic feelings, but he did not expect Chi Tiecheng to use the love Qin Zishu takes an adventure for Chi Tiecheng. It’s ridiculous that Su Wenqian thought that Chi Tiecheng couldn’t help falling in love with her, but in fact Chi Tiecheng had no love for Qin Zishu. He could only use or even ignore her life and death. At that time, Su Wenqian desperately shouted not to shoot, but Chi Tiecheng did it for the mission. Blind Qin Zishu’s eyes.

Chi Tiecheng suddenly realized that Qin Zishu’s eyes were blind that time? At that time, Su Wenqian didn’t know what Qin Zishu paid for the task. He didn’t know what happened three years ago until he met Yang Zhiliang three years ago. At that time, the Japanese army monitored Qin Zishu. Qin Zishu was blind because of the pressure on the nerves of glass fragments. Qin Henian was furious when he learned that Qin Zishu was pregnant. Qin Henian could not let Qin Zishu’s child be born to ruin the reputation of the Qin family, but Qin Zishu committed suicide.

Threatened. At that time, the Japanese army was dissatisfied with Qin Henian’s attitude and wanted to assassinate him. Qin Zishu did not tell the truth, and the father and daughter broke up. Qin Zishu left the Qin family and changed from a well-dressed young lady to a woman with a big belly and blind eyes.

After Qin Henian returned to Songjiang after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Yang Zhiliang found Qin Zishu and learned that she had given birth to a daughter alone. At that time, Yang Zhiliang gave Qin Zishu money and gifts for Liao Jie, but Qin Zishu refused. She refused all the help related to Qin Henian.

She wanted to prove that her love was worthwhile. Su Wenqian was moved to learn this. They waited for many years. The result was finally obtained. Because Chi Tiecheng was in Songjiang at that time, Su Wenqian felt that Chi Tiecheng would definitely take on the responsibilities of his father and lover, so he made a promise to Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue.

Originally, Su Wenqian wanted to tell Chi Tiecheng the truth, but when Chi Tiecheng saw him, he scolded him, because he was late, the two agreed to meet after the mission and tell him the matter. But in that action, Chi Tiecheng deceived Su Wenqian to kill Yang Zhiliang, and Su Wenqian was extremely frustrated with Chi Tiecheng, because he didn’t remember Qin Zishu at all, and only used her as a tool to complete the task.

The two things were intertwined, so that Su Wenqian could see through Chi Tiecheng, and broke off with Chi Tiecheng in a fit of anger. That night, Su Wenqian hid in the corner and watched Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter in the heavy rain all night, but did not have the courage to go out and tell them the truth. Su Wenqian was entangled with despair, regret and pain overnight, like a walking corpse who lost his soul.

When Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue returned home, Qin Henian felt relieved when they saw the two men and said that they would take them home. Qin Zishu was a little unwilling and hoped that Qin Henian would respect their wishes. Xiaoxue didn’t want to go with Qin Henian either, she wanted to stay with Qin Zishu. Qin Henian was very sad. The director asked Qin Henian to go back and said that Mayor Wen had important matters to discuss with him.

The 10th Corps had achieved great success in Hengzhou and wanted to discuss follow-up measures with him. The director said that he would protect Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and Qin Henian had to leave. Xiaoxue took out the note that Su Wenqian gave to herself. Su Wenqian said that if he saw the kite at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, he would leave in the name of returning to Qin Henian’s house. He took them to see his father.

Chi Tiecheng asked Su Wenqian again about the letter that Xiaoxue said. Su Wenqian said that it was a temporary lie. Su Wenqian who was hangover met Qin Zishu that day and followed her back to find Xiaoxue who was in a coma with a high fever. That night, Xiaoxue had a high fever and turned into pneumonia in order to see her father who had been in the rain all night. Xiaoxue couldn’t drink the medicine, and called his father in his sleep. Su Wenqian made up a lie to make Xiaoxue get better, saying that Chi Tiecheng asked him to bring a letter to Qin Zishu and the unconscious Xiao Xue. Su Wenqian left all his money to Qin Zishu and her daughter. This is the origin of the first letter.

Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao were very sad when they saw the truth in the letter. Su Wenqian then told Chi Tiecheng that Xiaoxue found Su Wenqian and replied to him at the time. Su Wenqian couldn’t bear to break Xiaoxue’s hope, so they pretended to be Chi Tiecheng. Write letters and strive to weave their dreams. But no matter how perfect a lie is, it won’t be true. Now it’s time for them to face the truth.

Ouyang Xiangling couldn’t bear to expose the truth to Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, but instead of letting them live in lies, it would be better to uncover the truth early. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling came to Qin Zishu’s house. They were about to knock on the door and heard Qin Zishu tell Xiaoxue that seeing his father again can’t be like today. Chi Tiecheng wanted to get the letter, otherwise he didn’t know how Xiaoxue said to meet, Su Wenqian said He remembered the content of every letter, and Xiaoxue also remembered it.

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