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No Worries It’s Youth (2020) 没关系是青春啊

No Worries It’s Youth (2020)
Other Title: 没关系是青春啊 / Mei Guan Xi Shi Qing Chun A / t’s okay to be youth / 沒關係,是青春啊!

Genres: Drama, Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Huo Suiqiang
Release Date: 
Nov 4, 2020
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  • Wu David as Xia Bai
  • Zhang Ji Jun as Lin Ri Jiu
  • Ke Bo Lun as A Xin
  • Liu Qin Shan as Tang Jia Jia

“It’s okay to be youth” is an inspirational drama for urban youth. It is reported that the drama is currently in preparation, and the cast information will be updated in the future, so stay tuned!

It tells the different impacts of the barbaric growth of grassroots celebrities on their own personalities, behaviors and values ​​in the environment of live broadcast by the whole people. At the same time, it also tells the inspirational story of a popular star, Xiaohua, who recognizes himself, learns and grows steadily, and finally becomes a real star.

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