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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 20 Recap

Xia Rui was in class. During class, Xia Rui was reading English texts. Nan Xi was in the laboratory at this time. After a while, Nan Xi waited for Xia Rui. Xia Rui came to the laboratory to find Nan Xi and brought them food. Xia Rui also gave the food to Gao Ting. Gao Ting looked at Xia Rui in surprise, and then took it. Xia Rui went to class with Nan Xi again. During the class, Xia Rui was about to fall asleep. Nan Xi dragged Xia Rui’s chin without letting her knock on the table.

Xiao Meishu went to the basketball court and greeted the people on the basketball court. Cheng Erluo thought that Xiao Meishu came to find her, but did not expect Xiao Meishu to walk to the other side and be with another person. After a while, Wan Ling and Xia Rui went to class together. Looking at the freshmen on the road, they said that he was so innocent and lively a year ago.

Then Wan Ling said that if you don’t leave, everyone will be late. Then the two hurriedly ran. When I went to the classroom, Nan Xi was already waiting for Xia Rui in the classroom. Nan Xi was sitting in his seat. Xia Rui asked Nan Xi how he was here. Nancy said that she missed him. Then the English teacher asked Xia Rui to get up and read the text. , But Xia Rui did not read well. The teacher told Xia Rui that if she did not do well anymore, points would be deducted and she would have to study again.

Later, the English teacher let Xia Rui go out and Nan Xi out. Then Nan Xi asked the teacher how many texts Xia Rui had to memorize in order not to re-edit. The teacher said six times. Then Nan Xi told Xia Rui, Xia Rui said, It’s better to repair it again, and then Nan Xi said that you have yourself, don’t be afraid. After a while, Nan Xi asked Xia Rui to choose elective courses for herself. Xia Rui said, “Whatever he chooses, will he take it?” Nan Xi said yes, and then Xia Rui said, if it is an open class, do you want to go?

Then Nan Xi said, don’t, so Xia Rui said that she had to think about it. Cheng Erluo and Sibo senior met, and Sibo senior asked Zhao Yishu. Cheng Erluo said that Zhao Yishu has been busy on public welfare tours most recently. It. Afterwards, the senior thinker said that he thought Zhao Ziyishu was the kind of very cold girl. Cheng Erluo said that Zhao Yishu actually looks quiet and quiet, but in fact he can accept heavy tastes, very spicy, and like it. She eats ice cream, and she is very understanding and kind.

Xia Rui bought a duck neck and went to Nanxi’s home to find him, but Nan Xi said that there were a lot of spices in the duck neck, but Xia Rui still stuffed the duck neck into Nanxi’s mouth, Lanxi’s mouth, Nan Xi said, Xia Rui feeds what he eats, and he has to eat it. Later, Xia Rui and Wan Ling are studying in the library. Xia Rui is choosing courses for Nan Xi. When Nan Xi went to the class Xia Rui chose for him, he ran into Fat Tiger.

Fat Tiger said that he gave up the flower arrangement class for Nan Xi, and followed him in the future. Then Nan Xi walked into the classroom and Xia Rui said to Wan Ling , I chose a social development course for Nan Xi, thinking about how important social interaction is, I will definitely use it when I go out of society, and then Wan Ling said, but can Nan Xi accept it? Xia Rui said that he arranged eyeliner at any time Reporting to himself, the teacher in social class asked Nan Xi to choose a girl to dance with. Nan Xi said, “I can dance alone, but I can’t do it alone. Then Yang Yufei said, “I want to dance with Nan Xi.” Cheng Erluo and Xia Rui ate together. Xia Rui kept looking at the words.

Then Cheng Erluo looked at the phone and wanted to hide it, but was discovered by Xia Rui. Xia Rui saw the photo of Yang Yufei and Nan Xi dancing together. Xia Rui said that she knew about this. Sibo senior came to drag Zhao Yishu with luggage, and then Xiao Meishu thought that Cheng Erluo let the Sibo student come, the Sibo senior said, no, the Sibo senior also brought something Xiaomeishu likes to eat, but , Xiaomei said that what she likes to eat is the hot sauce in Chenghua City, and she already has someone she likes, Cheng Erluo.

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