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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 32 Recap

At the beginning of Jiangcheng’s venture, a former customer, the No. 1 dealer in North China, came to the door. This person values ​​Jiangcheng as a person, and will give full support no matter what Jiangcheng sells in the future. Jiang Cheng and Su Yan made up for the regrets they had when they were young, and began to talk about love seriously. Seeing Jiang Cheng talking about the future of Yancheng, Su Yan was very happy and trusted. Mei Zhaohe watched the price increase of the stocks recommended to him last week, and then was moved by the persuasion of the investment manager.

Mei Zhaohe didn’t have enough money, so the person in charge persuaded Mei Zhaohe to use Chaoxin’s money as his capital. Gold, wait until you make money and then secretly return the principal. President Lin planned to go to Germany to develop. Before leaving, she met with Yu Wenjing, and then checked for the last time whether Yu Wenjing liked herself and whether she would keep herself. However, Yu Wenjing tactfully refused Lin’s confession, and the two finally agreed with their friends. Hug as farewell.

The embrace of President Lin and Yu Wenjing was seen by Mei Zhaohe. Mei Zhaohe thought that Yu Wenjing and President Lin were completely together. She was sad but did not show it. He secretly asked Lin to meet and told him a lot of Yu Wenjing’s preferences until President Lin tells the fact that Yu Wenjing has rejected herself.

President Lin told Yu Wenjing on the phone that Mei Zhaohe was sincere and hoped that Yu Wenjing would give more consideration to Mei Zhaohe. Yu Wenjing was also a little tempted to get along for many years. The branch company had a sum of funds to be transferred to the head office, but he took the draft under the pretext of Mei Zhaohe and failed to issue it.

Although Jiangcheng’s computer sales volume for the low-end market is considerable, the profits are very small. The dealers below will not cooperate with Yancheng if they see no profit. It is the time of distress that Xu Yibei returned to Yancheng . The development of Chaoxin is also difficult and more complicated than imagined.

Kwong Mingchou decided to cooperate with Jiangcheng again. Jiangcheng was unwilling to continue relying on Chaoxin, but Kuang Mingchou’s condition was that Yancheng had mastered Chaoxin’s East China market agent for three years, and Yancheng could complete the company’s original capital accumulation within three years. You must help bring Chaoxin sales teams in other regions. This condition is in line with Jiangcheng’s meaning, and the two people cooperate and hit it off.

Hong Yuqiao fulfilled his promise and redeemed the house, and also bought a unique ring for Guan Tao. The relationship between the two has gone through many tests and became stronger. Mei Zhaohe could not be contacted, but when he reappeared, he was escorted back to the company by the police. Mei Zhaohe was suspected of financial fraud and embezzlement of public funds. The relationship between Mei Zhaohe and Yu Wenjing once again stagnated. Yancheng is also thriving because of its cooperation with Chaoxin. In a blink of an eye, in 2005, Hong Yuqiao went to foreign countries to exchange game technology and discovered the shortcomings of Chuangkai.

Although he could not surpass the established foreign game companies for a while, he should also have his own game technology. After spending a month abroad, Hong Yuqiao missed Guan Tao very much, and Guan Tao is implementing the hope elementary school plan started earlier, and Hong Yuqiao is very supportive of this. Kwong Mingchou is going to the research institute temporarily on business trip, hoping to meet some experts to discover some new technologies during this period.

Chaoxin’s stock has been falling. Chaoxin’s major shareholders personally came to pressure Yao Kun. If the bottomless pit of Hi-Tech Technology can no longer be brought to the market, the board of directors will stop the project. Not only this, it also threatens Kuang Mingchou’s failure to keep the chairman. In the position, Yao Kun faced so much pressure alone, only to get a limited time limit.

However, the chief technical engineer of Hi-Tech Technology did not give Yao Kun a definite answer as to when the server software and hardware compatibility problem could be solved. When Yao Kun called Kwong Mingchou, he considered that Kwong Mingchou was under great pressure and did not inform him of the situation facing the company.

Yu Wenjing went to visit Mei Zhaohe. Before that, Mei Zhaohe had been reluctant to see Yu Wenjing. When she saw it, she persuaded Yu Wenjing not to wait for herself. It used to be Mei Zhao and guard Yu Wenjing, but Yu Wenjing has long changed her mind. She feels that Mei Zhaohe is optimistic, positive, considerate and meticulous, and she is willing to wait for Mei Zhao and her release to start together.

Jiang Cheng heard about Xu Yibei’s initial end-of-elimination mechanism for sales staff in the company, and the recent situation of the sales business is not optimistic. After a brainstorming night, Su Yan has been married to Jiang Cheng and has become Jiang Cheng’s strong backing.

My own thoughts told Su Yan, what do people need in the future? Small household appliances should be the necessities of every family in the future. Therefore, Yancheng’s business scope should not only focus on computers, but also think about some other things. Su Yan supported the idea unconditionally.

Jingqi also focuses on software updates. Chuangkai’s board games have a high market share, but China has now entered a dividend period for Internet development. Chuangkai should also continue to create revenue points and guide gamers to enter the membership system. It can include a lot of soft income. For this immeasurable prospect, it is necessary to increase investment.

Yao Kun anxiously awaits the research and development results of Hi-Tech. Zhou Dingbei enters a casual old life, but Wang Yong still loves to talk about the company. Zhou Dingbei also cares about Chaoxin. I heard that the stock of Chaoxin has been falling. The internal shareholders have big opinions. Zhou Dingbei did not expect.

A project can bring down the tide of news, and raising banners can help. When Kwong Mingchou came back from a business trip abroad, he learned that several company directors had forced Yao Kun to make military orders, but Yao Kun had no choice but to do so in the face of directors’ pressure.

The relationship between Jiangcheng and Su Yan is getting better and better, and the career is also developing well. A famous foreign brand AME found a cooperative agent, but Jiangcheng refused to act as Chaoxin. Kwong Mingchou received a call from Mr. Thomas to meet him, and at the same time AME Company proposed to buy Chaoxin.

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