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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 31 Recap

The free version of the game developed by Su Yan will be launched on Jingqi Computer. On the board of directors, Kwong Mingchou proposed to continue the acquisition of Gaoke Technology. Most of the directors raised their hands in agreement because of Gaoke Technology’s price concessions. Jiang Cheng learned that Kuang Mingchou was using himself to force Gaoke Technology to reduce prices.

Although each was for the good of the company, it was already It was because they were different and did not seek each other, Jiang Cheng once again proposed to resign, but Kuang Mingchou did not hold back. Jiang Cheng convened the backbone of the sales department for a meeting in the office and announced to everyone that he had formally submitted his resignation. Jiang Cheng felt sorry for this.

Now he is going out to explore his own sky. If any of the backbones are willing to leave with Jiang Cheng, he is very welcome. He doesn’t make any demands, everyone considers his own situation before discussing it. Jiang Cheng went to the hospital to visit Xu Yibei and told him about his resignation. Xu Yibei was willing to follow Jiang Cheng to leave, which made Jiang Cheng very moved.

Kwong Ming bought gifts to Yao Kun as a reward for the successful acquisition of Hi-Tech. The couple’s ideals are always the same. Both think that Jiangcheng’s departure is a pity, but they are more worried that Chaoxin will lose most of the sales. Chaoxin is having difficulty temporarily recruiting qualified sales personnel and directors. Kwong Mingchoo takes over the position of Jiangcheng in charge of the sales department. There are still some backbones who did not leave with Jiangcheng.

These people will be reused by Kwong Mingchoo. Even if the company is in a difficult time, Kwong Mingchou Encourage sales staff, as long as you work hard, you can definitely create more glory for Chaoxin. After Jiang Cheng left, he and Kwong Ming-choo met at the former research institute. The institute had been demolished and replaced by high-rise buildings. Things are changing, but the brotherhood between Jiang Cheng and Kwong Ming-choo will not change.

Jingqi is the most popular computer on the market. Jingqi has finally come alive, and Chaoxin has also formally acquired Hi-Tech. Under the financial crisis, the Chinese government kept its promise and insisted on not devaluing the renminbi to help the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government tide over the crisis. All enterprises are about to start a new development path.

If the shares he left after Jiang Cheng’s departure are handled improperly, it will leave problems for Chaoxin. Yao Kun believes that it is too difficult to introduce a third-party investment company and find a like-minded investor who does not interfere in the daily operation of the company.

Kwong Mingchou met Hong Yuqiao on the way to find Jingqi to take over. After all, the brothers who used to be in the research institute had gone on their own, but when they were separated, they would still help each other if they had difficulties. Jingqi already holds 10% of Chaoxin’s shares. Wang Yong is unwilling to add any more. Yao Kun speeds up the time to collect a lot of investor information and Kuang Mingchoo stays up late for analysis.

Hao Bing interviewed a foreign PhD who graduated from the UK. This person came to China to meet a girl when he was studying. This person likes Chinese culture to study electronic engineering, and he has more research on high technology.

Yao Kun and Kuang Mingchou made an appointment with the head of Heifeng Investment Company. Heifeng Company focuses on investing in domestic high-tech companies and has injected capital into many famous companies. If there is no big problem here, the acquisition can be reached quickly. Hao Bing met with Yu Wenjing and Mei Zhaohe and talked about the issue of granting bonuses to company employees.

Hao Bing meant to spend 120,000 yuan from the company to equip each employee with Almighty. Almighty, as a substitute for mobile phones, has The function of the mobile phone is affordable. In the communication era, this is the best benefit for employees, and it is also very helpful for information communication between the company and the whole company. Mei Zhaohe agreed, and Yu Wenjing said that she would give more consideration.

Jingqi’s vitality was completely restored, and Wang Yong took the money from Mintong to help Zhou Dingbei release the equity, and returned the profit to Zhou Dingbei. Without Zhou Dingbei’s determination, Jingqi had not recovered so quickly. Mei Zhaohe looked around the house and increased stock investment to make money. He said that he wanted to marry a wife.

The person in charge of the investment company suggested to Mei Zhaohe to buy more to make a lot of money. Wang Yong was secretly writing the prenuptial agreement and was discovered by Ren Jie. In the prenuptial agreement, Wang Yong was responsible for all housework in the family, respected all the opinions of Ren Jie, and transferred all his property to Ren Jie. This article is a deep love for Ren Jie. , And this also moved Ren Jeu.

At this time, Wang Yong proposed to Ren Jeu. Ren Jeu did not hesitate to tear off the prenuptial agreement and agreed to Wang Yong’s proposal. The two hugged each other tightly. After Jiang Cheng left Chaoxin, he immediately started to form his own company. The new company was just established. Jiang Cheng showed extraordinary energy and confidence in front of employees, but he was worried when he was alone.

Su Yan went to Jiangcheng’s new company to see her sitting alone on the table with a lot of thoughts. She stepped forward to comfort Jiang Cheng. Life is full of many facets and possibilities. She bravely tries and is not afraid of the future. Jiang Cheng listened to Su Yan’s words and regained her spirit. .

Wang Yong and Zhou Dingbei returned to the former site of the Youth Club together. There have been great changes. Many old houses have been demolished, and the former site of the Youth Club is still preserved. Zhou Dingbei felt that it was time to hand over the banner to Wang Yong.

I’m getting older. Although the old man has aspirations for thousands of miles, he is really unable to move forward. No matter how much Wang Yong said he needs Zhou Dingbei to stay and continue to help and monitor himself, Zhou Dingbei has also made up his mind to retire. A successful company leader, the banner will be established forever under his leadership.

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