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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 29 Recap

Regardless of whether it was Po Lizhu or the Eight Princes’ Mansion 16 years ago, Lord Situ didn’t know anything about it. Chu Xiuming returned without success. Just when he was about to withdraw from the temple, Lord Situ seemed to have intentionally or unintentionally mentioned the father-in-law who was responsible for the purchase. Said that he also bought a house in Beijing. Chu Xiuming understood the hint and was grateful.

Flying into the house of the purchasing eunuch, Jia Ding lay down on the ground, and someone was carrying a box out of the house. He followed all the way to another courtyard. In the box was an elderly man who was very old. It must be the father-in-time Shi.

A group of people discussed how to deal with him. One of them called the boss Yun leader, and finally decided to take the father-in-time Shi at night. Take it back. Chu Xiuming followed the leader of Yun until he followed up with the palace and stopped following. He secretly hoped that this matter had nothing to do with the emperor.

At night, Chu Xiuming sneaked in to rescue Shi’s father-in-law. Suddenly the fire broke out and exploded. The officers and soldiers surrounded the small courtyard in the next moment, as if they were specially waiting for him.

Flesh’s life is at stake, but he didn’t talk to Wu Ruonan until he saw Shen Jin hurriedly fell. Flesh touched his stomach and was worried, so he wouldn’t break the fetus in his abdomen. Both Shen Jin and Wu Ruonan were startled and stagnated. When did Xiao Su know?

With anger and anger, Shen Jin asked Chu Xiuyuan to bring Xiao Su, without further ado, hurry up for the wedding. Shen Jin painted the fleshy eyebrows, and the red makeup face was beautiful and moving. The bride had the bridegroom married, but Shen Jin didn’t even know where Chu Xiuming was.

Chu Xiuyuan drew Xiao Su and sent him a happy suit. Shen Jin babbled and exhorted to the fleshy flakes, feeling like an old mother married her daughter. At this time, Rourou said in a low voice that he might not be pregnant, and Shen Jin and Wu Ruonan looked at each other for a moment, co-authoring this to cheat the marriage.

Finally, the wedding began. The children were holding red candles. Xiao Su walked through the middle and came to the fleshy side in front of him. The flower ball silk and silk were on one side. Shen Jin hoped that the two would always stay together, know each other, and be happy.

Looking forward to it, she couldn’t help but think of Chu Xiuming, she was very sad for a moment. The happy dress was brilliant red, the wall was in pairs, the children looked at the sky lanterns happily, and everyone had someone who could share the joy. Shen Jin took a look and quietly returned to the room.

Chu Xiuming returned to the village early the next morning, and Shen Jin left a letter and went to the palace to plead guilty. However, Xiao Su did not find out that Shen Jin had entered the city. It might have been robbed by the master behind the scenes. He wants to go into the palace and see the emperor to ask clearly, the eight kings accompany him, if the person behind the scenes is the emperor, he just went there, if not, his appearance will never be wrong. At the same time, half of his head protruding from the wall of the small courtyard quietly retreated.

After setting up Chu Xiuyuan, the Eight Kings and Chu Xiuming pretended to be gardeners and entered the palace. Lord Situ just sent a gift to the emperor. It was a transparent ball wrapped in gold nuggets. The emperor looked very familiar. As soon as Lord Situ left, Chu Xiuming and the eight kings met. After many years, the emperor finally saw his starling.

For a moment, he forgot that he still held a Pulizhu in his hand, but the eight kings would never forget. , Chu Xiuming saw this thing immediately raised his hand and hit it out, there was an explosion inside the hall, Lord Situ outside the hall was extremely happy, the culprit Chu Xiuming murdered the emperor, he ordered the guards to check the situation.

Chu Xiuming didn’t need him to see himself appear in front of him, and told him that the emperor had no choice but to act here. Chu Xiuming guessed that Shen Jin was also in Situ’s hands. The soldiers around were all bought by Situ, Chu Xiuming used both his fists and kicks, but he didn’t let others get a slight advantage. Seeing that these soldiers couldn’t help Chu Xiuming, Situ was also a little afraid.

He kept hiding behind him, and Xiao Su led people to surround these rebels, who knew that his back was attacked. In a hurry, Situ pushed all the charges on Chu Xiuming and Xiao Su. At this time, the emperor and the eight kings came from behind, and Situ was completely panicked.

Chu Xiuming was about to kill him with the gun, but Shen Jin was in Situ’s hands, so he could only put it down and let Situ proudly proud. Shen Jin woke up from the darkness. It was a small space surrounded by copper and iron walls. Only a dragon on the top slowly spit out sand to bury her. At this moment, Shen Jin really said that every day should not be called the earth is not working.

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