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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 28 Recap

All the ministers told the emperor that Shen Jin was missing, and Chu Xiuming was training more in the mansion, and he did not go to the court and did not return to the border. The emperor didn’t criticize him because he thought he was good at guarding the border in the past. Now Chu Xiuming is becoming more and more presumptuous.

Before the news reached Yongning Mansion, Xiao Su rushed to inform Chu Xiuming and told him to take Shen Jinyuan away. Chu Xiuming was determined to rebel and had to send the arrow on the string, but there was something he hoped Xiao Su would help.

Master Liu received the news from Chu Xiuming and agreed to act today. Chu Xiuming brought a group of soldiers, neatly dressed in helmets and armor, to the palace and went straight to the palace with the two teams of Master Liu. The strange thing was that there was no obstacle to the way into the palace. It could almost be said that it was a long drive, and the emperor’s palace was in front of him. Xiao Su suddenly appeared, lifting his sword to destroy the rebels, and Chu Xiuming’s blade turned to put a white blade on Master Liu’s neck.

In the Golden Palace, Master Liu knelt in front of the emperor, and the fake treasury army payment account was thrown in front of him. When his death was imminent, Master Liu insisted that Chu Xiuming did it. The ministers were afraid of death and pointed out that everything was arranged by Master Liu. But Master Liu couldn’t do such a big situation alone. As for who was behind him, Master Liu would rather die than tell.

After locating Master Liu, Chu Xiuming was naturally fine, and quickly went to see Shen Jin, but Shen Jin deliberately avoided seeing him. When I went out to see Chu Xiuyuan, Chu Xiuming thought about persuading him to let go of his hatred. The current emperor is indeed the ultimate beneficiary of the fire, but after all, it is absurd to speculate on the emperor without justification.

The emperor loves the people and is diligent in government. If they make a wave of hatred because of their own hatred, they are tantamount to sinners of the country. Chu Xiuyuan had no intention of murdering the emperor. What he tried to ask for was nothing but the truth.

Uncle Hua was serving herbs by the house, quietly listening to the whole conversation between the two brothers, came out with difficulty, and shouted Chu Xiuyuan’s name, An’er. The little habit of this child is well known to the father. He likes to hold his clothes and clasp his hands. Now he has grown up as an adult. He took off his mask, tears on his half-scarred face, and his brows were the eighth princes of the year.

It was not the Eight Kings who died in a fire that year, but a gardener not far from the Eight Kings. The Eight Kings got a rare object, it was a golden thing, and it was wrapped in Pulizhu. He didn’t see any use, so he rewarded it to the gardener Lao Qi.

Who knew that Lao Qi exploded before he got it in his hand before he went far. He was stunned by the bombing, and he woke up again, everything was messed up, and he was killed in an inexplicable fire. From then on, he passed on clues to Chu Xiuming through Princess Rui via Shen Jin, and Chu Xiuming found himself suspicious of the matter.

The Eight Kings did not know that his youngest son was still alive for these years. Chu Xiuyuan only remembered that the mother concubine hurriedly hid her in the closet and left. After waiting for a long time to open the door again, it was the current emperor who quietly sent him to Chu. Family army, renamed Chu Xiuyuan. Since the emperor was protecting the Chu family and was also secretly investigating the Eight Princes’ Mansion, Chu Xiuming felt that the emperor might not be the murderer.

In the palace, the emperor suddenly made an order to arrest Chu Xiuming for no reason. In the small village, Shen Jin rubbed the safety button, and felt sad after thinking about it. If the true identities of Chu Xiuyuan and Uncle Hua hadn’t been heard by her in the room, I’m afraid Chu Xiuming would never tell him in this life. Chu Xiuming didn’t believe her, and everything after that was because she didn’t want to involve her, but now her parents are in jail and fled by themselves.

In the future, the child will not be able to stand in front of others in an open manner. Isn’t it important to be involved? Shen Jin returned the safety buckle to Chu Xiuming, but Chu Xiuming would definitely not want to return the things that he sent out.

Even the servant girl in Yongning Bo’s House was imprisoned. Wu Ruonan only took the flesh. She must see Shen Jin as soon as possible. Please Wu Ruonan must help her.

The emperor’s wanted order came to Chu Xiuming, which was different from the content of his previous transactions with the emperor. He robbed Shen Jin from prison for the purpose of unearthing the man behind the emperor’s military payment.

As long as Chu Xiuming rebelled, the master behind the scenes would not let this opportunity pass. But Lord Liu has been found, and the emperor still wants him. It can only be said that Lord Liu has a boss behind him. The only clue now is the Pulizhu mentioned by the Eight Kings, which was given to him by the emperor back then.

As long as you find out where this thing came from, everything will become clear. This matter had to be asked by someone who knew what happened back then. Chu Xiuming sneaked into the residence of Prime Minister Situ during the night.

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