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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 27 Recap

Lord Liu searched the whole house under the emperor’s verbal order, and left if he could not find it. This time, fortunately, Chu Xiuming came back in time, but the consequences would be unthinkable. Flesh was worried about Shen Jin, but there were too many people and she couldn’t follow Chu Xiuming to visit, so he took care of the general’s house and waited for Shen Jin to return.

Shen Jin was struggling to live in the small village, worried about the safety of his mother, and also worried about Chu Xiuming. He was not at ease drinking the antifetal medicine. Master Liu waited in the teahouse and didn’t see the mysterious person. Finally, a subordinate came to say to follow the plan, and the story was finally about to reach the most exciting place. When Chu Xiuming was still thinking about the phoenix and the sky lantern, an arrow shot from outside the door, with a note rolled on it, saying that it was related to the Eight Kings. He avoided Chu Xiuyuan and went to the Long Street Bridge alone. Master Liu had been waiting for a long time.

He deliberately provoked Chu Xiuming and the emperor. Since the emperor wanted to arrest him, Chu Xiuming might as well attack the emperor first. But these Chu Xiuming had no interest. Until he talked about the Eight Kings, the Eight Kings were buried in the sea of ​​fire in the past, and the current saint was able to succeed. There are many doubts in this. What’s more, Chu Xiuming always guards the border, and the emperor wants to place him now. To death, why are you still foolish. As the old subordinate of the Eight Kings, Master Liu will rehabilitate the Eight Kings and Chu Xiuming can keep his family safe if the two of them join forces. But only one person’s words were not enough to be believed, and Chu Xiuming wanted to see other subordinates for confirmation.

Chu Xiuyuan had been following Chu Xiuming. Master Liu’s words and expressions forced him to rebel. His persuasion was useless, and Chu Xiuming made up his mind, so he had to go to the small village to find Shen Jin. Shen Jin drank Uncle Hua’s anti-fetal medicine, and received a bunch of flowers that the uncle picked for her. She looked at these and thought of her mother. She has been protecting her from growing up, but now she is still implicated in her. . At this time, Chu Xiuyuan led the horse to bring clothes. Seeing that his expression was not good, Shen Jin repeatedly pressed to find out that Chu Xiuming was going to find out why the Eight Kings died, so he hurriedly asked Chu Xiuyuan to take a letter back.

After being led to a courtyard, everyone was seated in twos and threes. They were all the noble officials in the court. These years, they were secretly investigating the cause of the death of the Eight Kings. When the first emperor was alive, he ordered the eight kings to investigate the corruption of the treasury, but it was only discovered that the eight kings’ mansion was on fire on the second day. The personal evidence was in front of him, and the material evidence was subsequently submitted. Several accounts detailed the collusion between the current emperor and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, resulting in a deficit in the national treasury and even military payments. An account records the whereabouts of the military pay, which was used in the construction of the new palace. Due to the lack of troops in the capital, they have been waiting for Chu Xiuming’s chess piece. Chu Xiuming listened to their plan, but did not immediately agree.

Chu Xiuyuan took a letter back to Chu Xiuming, and also told him the news that Wu Ruonan found out that the sky lantern of the Eagle tribe is the phoenix. In the letter, Shen Jin urged Chu Xiuming not to do stupid things. If he is not safe, then Shen Jin’s mother and son will never live alone. There was a safety button along with the letter. Shen Jin asked Chu Xiuming to return the safety button to him personally. If something happened, he would live and die together without seeing the safe button.

Chu Xiuyuan pulled away many eyeliners in the mansion, and Chu Xiuming went to see Shen Jin at night. In the small village, Wu Ruonan chatted with Shen Jin. The business of the cloth shop was getting better and better, but the purchase of the palace was suspended. It was said that the Jinxiu Huazhang was sold by Wu Ruonan alone, and Wu Ruonan must not be implicated by Shen Jin. Chu Xiuming came at this time and returned the safety deduction to Shen Jin. Shen Jin was still reminding him to beware of Master Liu’s trap, but Chu Xiuming just didn’t listen and asked her to leave everything alone. In the end, everyone will be fine. of.

Shen Jin didn’t want him to take risks. The rebellion was settled and there was no room for recovery. Finally, she used herself to force Chu Xiuming to stop. If Chu Xiuming left today, she immediately appealed to the emperor. Chu Xiuming couldn’t, so he had to deliver Shen Jin to Wu Ruonan, and left in a hurry. The night was destined to be difficult. Chu Xiuming didn’t know what to do in the city, and Shen Jin was worried by the safety button.

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